This is another tidbit that was probably written between 1995 and 1998.  While I would consider this to be pure and utter crap compared to what I write today, sometimes we need to understand the developmental process.  The overall theme is something I still use today.  Make it dark.  Make it disturbing. This qualifies as both.  But this is also quantifiably terrible, and it also qualifies as poetry, which I wouldn't write today. In my writing process, especially when I was younger, I wrote poetry to make sense of my own thoughts. These types of things were written when I couldn't string two words together. I do not read or write poetry today because if I wrote it due to being unable to write..... well, uhhh . . yeah.  That's the long and short.



Understanding the Darkness






Can you understand anything, my dark companion

Do you love?

Do you hate?

Do you feel for me what I feel for you?

Can you cry?

My sadness blinks in the darkness

What I have, my friends, isn’t what I thought

And if you walk with me, here, in the darkness

Do not forget the light.

Because I thought I was lonely when god had forsaken me,

But I found myself screaming blood into the night when the devil had forsaken me.

Now I know that true loneliness is the understanding that I can never go back.





I understand the Darkness

Do you understand me.