From what I can tell, this is a mosiac essay.  Do I remeber what that is?  Nope.  Did I write it for a master's level English class about10 years ago?  Yep.  is it any good?  Hell if I know.  I can't even remember what a mosiac is...  



Scott toilet paper. It’s Softness done right according to the package. Twenty four rolls equals 48 regular rolls. Those 24 rolls are divided into packages of four and wrapped it plastic. Then they are wrapped in another layer of plastic. It’s a waste. There’s no reason for those rolls of toilet paper to be double wrapped. The toilet paper rolls have been over packaged. They are just another reason why we have a 1000 mile island of plastic 1000 miles off the coast of California.

One broken down dark brown dress shoe rests next to a pile of black cloth. I’m sure the pile of cloth is a shirt. I probably wore it to the gym earlier. The other broken down shoe resides on the other side of the shirt. They were wonderful shoes when I first bought them. New. Shiny. Comfortable. They’re still comfortable, but the heel is worn down. There’s a crack above the toes. They no longer fall into the “gently used” category. They are well used and in need of replacement. I’d like to replace them, but they don’t make those shoes anymore. So I keep them and wear them.

On top of the overstuffed dark red couch pillow sits two pairs of black underwear, a pair of green underwear. I think they used to be grey. They got in a battle with a bottle of bleach and lost. There’s another black t-shirt, a white one, a black sock, a black hand towel, and a grey t-shirt. They are remnants of a washed and dried load of laundry that I have yet to fold and put away. The jeans lay separate from the pile yet still near the pillow are part of the same load – size 13. I need to go to the gym more often.

A 24oz Diet Dr. Pepper sits on a cheap Wal-Mart tray table. It’s an annoying pale shade of wood. I would have gotten black, but thy don’t sell black tray tables. Dr. Pepper was once a cure for stomach ailments. A small four by three hardcover blank notebook sits on the other side of the table. Under that, Lee Child’s “The Hard Way”. It’s an annoying book. I’ve tried to read it twice. I got farther the second time, but it’s still a terrible book. The first 10 pages are a circular argument between Reacher and an unknown man. I hate circular arguments and false bravado. It’s not believable. The author failed to pull me into Jack Reacher’s world.

Next to that stack of books resides Cover Girls’ Aqua CG Smoother ivory foundation. It’s makeup I only wear for job interviews. I hate having slime covering every inch of my face. It smudges, rubs off on Kleenex, but it doesn’t completely come off. Residue is still left behind even after a good soap and water face scrubbing. It requires special wipes to remove completely.

Red lace hangs down from four pillars. The design is intricate with roses and leaves, scalloped edges that hang to the floor. It’s 80 inches by 57 inches. I know because I measured it three times to ensure the size of the custom canopy. The Greek style columns are bear huggable. The headboard is solid wood. It weighs 80 pounds. The mattress is extra thick. It has a pillow top. The entire bed is a Queen. It could easily fit three of me. A black and red comforter is piled is the center. Beyond it, two pillows covered with black pillowcases. The décor and style could be used for ritualistic or satanic sex in a movie or for a scene in one of my own stories, but for now, I think I’ll just sleep in my semi-gothic bedroom buried under a pile of comforters and pillows.