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I think I wrote this in 1995 or 1996.  I am fairly certain this was an English assignment in high school.  I'm also pretty sure I got an "A".  Imagine turning this in today.  You or your kid would probably be shoved off to the nearest psychologist. However, I am not posting this because I think it's good.  I'm posting this to let you know that we all start somewhere.


This is unedited and uncorrected from the text that was in the notebook, which means it's not perfect (in fact upon skimming this, it has developmental errors out the ass), and not the stories I churn out today, but you as you can see, I was fucked in the head even back then.


Just wanna be your fucked-up author!


"Hey, have you read that fucked up author?"

"What one with those drug running pilots and crazy vampire shit?"

"Yeah, that's the one."

"Man, her shit is fucked up..."


House of Malay


"Yeah. Sure. You ask me if I was there that day. I was there that day. I saw the whole goddamned thing. No. I didn't try to stop it and yes, I could have. Why didn’t I? That’s like asking me why I didn’t try to stop the car from crossing the railroad tracks. The train was coming. Did they die? Some of them. Some died right then. Some were loaded into a coach. Others. Well, others just sorta turned and walked away.” He inhaled. “Was who there? Yes. He was there. Performing… Look, I was there just like everyone else. Watching the performance. Well, until I saw her.” He looked at the carved tabletop. “No, I didn’t know her before then. Of course, I’d heard the rumors. Everyone’s heard the rumors.” He paused. “She’s evil. Don’t look at me like that. Until you’ve stared into the eyes of Satan himself.” Another pause. He looked up. “They’re true. Rumors can be the undoing of man and myth alike, but this is no myth. This is real. How do I know? Well, you didn’t see her did you?” He shook his head. “A succubus in disguise. That’s what she is. You expect me to tell you her name? Are you daft? You don’t speak her name. Ever. She’s from that Family. You know the one. Large Victorian on the hill overlooking the square. Overgrown yard. Too many trees. Except in this case, her yard is immaculate, siding freshly painted, windows heavily curtained. ” A pause. “Excuse me? She speaks to me nightly. Come Sebastian. Come to me. I do not listen. I curse and tell her to stay away. Get out of my head. It does no good. Eventually, she will come for me.”


Taylor Lexas closed the Marques Book of Enchantments and stood. Everything was going to plan. She stretched and walked over to the window. In the square Merchants peddled and old women haggled prices. Men didn’t have to haggle. They always got the best price.

She turned her attention to the large crystal ball in the center of the room. It was glowing. “Shit.” Opening her mind, she could sense the trouble. She cursed again. It might have happened yesterday, maybe the day before. Never today. She needed a crystal that warned her immediately. Maybe they didn’t exist. She’d look harder.

Lexas gasped as she peered inside the glowing depths of the Crystal. “Sebastian is here.” She said to no one.

Glance Peterson walked before the massive crowd. They had gathered for the Ceremony of the Light Carnival. Hundreds of men, women and children stood before the town square. Glance was the main attraction, the town magician.

He stood before them, arms open. “Welcome! Welcome everyone. Whiteness my spectacles, spells, and incantations.” The crowd cheered and whistled.” They loved him. “And now for my first spectacle. I will make that bench disappear.” He motioned. Glance waved his hands in an extravagant fashion and spoke one word so inaudibly that the crowd never heard.

"Seuqram." The bench disappeared leaving empty air in its place. The crowd cheered.

“Cigam.” The bench reappeared. "And now for my second feat I shall appear a hawk from nothing.” They clapped. “Rolyat.” The hawk appeared. Ohhhs and ahhhhs.

Glance proceeded with his magic for several more hours while Taylor stood in the background; watching, waiting. "And now for my grand finale.”

Everything was going perfectly. In moments the townspeople~. would be hers, or at least most of them would be- "House Of Old! I call you! "

While the first half had been inaudible the last was a scream. A brilliant red black light filled the sky – the Devil’s light. It was time.

Lexas appeared on stage just as the light faded, and gazed out among the crowd. Delicious. Young, Old. Men. Women. She couldn’t wait. Then, she saw him. “Sebastian.” She breathed.

Glance followed her gaze and frowned. “He can’t touch you.”

The crowd was still mesmerized.

“He could ruin me.” Taylor said.

“Not tonight.” Glance said.

“He sees me. Immune to the light.”

“We’ll deal with him later. You need to feed.”


"Oh God. I have to stop her. The Forbidden Books speak of her. The Reads tell of a second coming. Of the one who survived the Wars. She must be stopped.” He stood. “It is my duty.”


Lexas swooped in on the crowd. She had to feed. Throw caution to the wind. She couldn’t take on Sebastian unfed. No one moved. Taylor extended her fangs and sank them into the nearest male – thirty-five years old, robust, tall. She moaned and swallowed.

Glance began herding the rest of the townspeople into a large wooden coach. Lexas would use them later. One hundred people in all fit into the coach. The rest would live to see another day and remember nothing. Glance would make sure of it.

Blackguards removed the bodies as they dropped. There were ten in all. They’re bodies would be thrown into the incinerator at the back of the house.

Once home, Taylor paced fervently. “He’s the one.”

“He is not the one.” Glance said. “You know we destroyed him over a century ago.”

“It’s him. I know it’s him.”

“A reincarnation?”

“Perhaps or perhaps we didn’t finish him as thoroughly as we had thought.”

“Well, I was going to burn him, but you saw the troops just as I did.”

“Maybe they picked him up and healed him.” Lexas said.

Glance frowned. “It’s possible, my dear.”

She sighed. “We have to kill him. He can’t interfere. We’re almost done.”

“I know.”

“I want my Sire back.”

“I know.” Glance was a broken record when it came to this topic. Lexas wanted her Sire back. It required a blood-ritual. They almost had enough virgin blood to attempt it. “Do you have the book?”

“Yes. I was reading it earlier.”

“Have you checked on the body?” Glance asked.

“In cold storage in the basement, but we have to do it soon.” Lexas said. Just months before she was confident she could overcome anything, but her power had been much stronger. Her control over the populous had been eternal. NOW bands of outlaws roamed the countryside. And some people, she was sure, sense her presents above things.

She was running out of time. Taylor had to get rid of this man while she could.

She had to move quickly.


"Ahhhh!!! I know she's coming for me! I see her in my dreams. For the past three nights her nightmares have plagued me! Her image She will not let leave me! Devil! Oh I'm going mad! She wants my life to save her own. I can feel her presence over me. Oh God, how? How can I stop her? I am no magician such as Glance. I am only mortal. Glance! Glance can help Me. Will he help me? Can he help me? He must. He, of all people, must know to an extent what her power holds. I pray he helps. She is so evil, so powerful. And I am pot.


Lexas stood outside in the town square. It was the first time she had done so in many decades. She didn't need to often. To go outside meant disguising ones self so as not to scare all the townsmen to eternity. To make ones self appear

to be a wealthy commoner. Not hard. Just annoying, and not always perfect. Sometimes a feature still appeared, and it was not usually a more subtle one.

Suddenly a large man ran into her. "Oh, sorry, ma'am. Should've been watching where I was going."

Stupid! Maybe I should teach you to watch your way! Get away from me! The man backed away from her quickly and headed into the opposite direction. Bastard peasants. If they only knew what was about to happen in the very near future.

Lexas began to walk among the people. She knew the man would be here tonight.

She had told him herself to be here this night. It was tonight or never. Her power was lacking and tonight was the last night she would be able to fend him off. She

was confident he would show. The man told her he would. Dreams, you see, can sometimes hold keys to the day. O~ at least they can when Lexas appeared in them.

"Yes. Can I help you?" Glance Peterson asked opening his door.

"Yes, or at least I hope you can. Can I come in? What I have to say isn't really for a front door conversation."

"Yeah. Sure. If you feel you need to." Glance closed the door. "How can I ease your troubled mind?"

"I am the only survivor of your final trick from the Ceremonies of Light Carnival.

And the woman behind it is going to kill me if I can't stop her."

Glance's face grew grave. "I see."

"I watched her while she watched you. I know you did it, but I know it was done under her command. And now I need your help to stop her."

"I'm sorry, friend, but I cannot help you. There is nothing in my power that can help you now."

"But you. You killed all those people. Why won't you help me defeat her? If for nothing else but to clean your soul!"

Two hours after sunset Taylor noticed a determined young man walking straight for her. Most of the town had already gone home for the night. Not 20 people were left in the square. This was the man. He had finally come to confront her and stop her evil from spreading, but what he didn't know was that it was too late.

She didn't think he could handle another nightmare and she was going to give him

"Hello, Man." Lexas greeted him pleasantly.

"Hello, Devil. I have come to kill you." Several people had turned to look. "Well see." The man drew his sword.

Taylor Lexas laughed. "Put your sword away! It will do you no good."

with that she shook off her brown peasant’s hood and it turned black. All her masks she laid aside, and what the man saw was a very evil, very dark powerful Undead. Varnpyre. Come and stop me, Man!"

"I'll make sure you end up in Hell!" The man yelled lunging for her.

"Their is no Hell." Taylor grabbed the hand with the sword in it and crushed it. "But their is death." The man felt as her dark fangs punctured his neck and drained his life. Moments later he was dead. And Taylor felt better. Her waning

power felt stronger.

Unfortunately, Glance never came to the rescue, and the House Of Old rose once again. This time for eternity. Taylor Lexas was its leader, and the world changed. People became fearful creatures. Afraid of there new god and what she could do. People built alters and temples to sacrifice to their god. And on those tables slaves, animals, people, and prisioners were all sacrificed on a daily basis. You either appeased the House or the House came after you and your death was not as pleasant as a sacrifice.