12/1/2021 I am still loading articles. Though, at a much slower rate. Right now, I am working on turning my massive list of books into audio books. If I come up with new information or articles pertaining to audiobooks, those articles will get written pretty quickly. The Tiny vampire from outer space that's bitey 7 is in progress, but it may not go out on time (Jan 1) due to the massive amount of time that it takes to record audiobooks. However, moving forward after that, all books will have an ebook and an audiobook. Longer books will get paperback and hardback books.


Current, Past and May be Used Ad Systems on StaceyCarroll.org

At any point, these ad systems may be present on StaceyCarroll.org. We reserve the right to change and update ads and ad types at any point without notice. 

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Are there Google ads on this website?

No. There are no google ads on this website.  Since I want to make sure that all links are something writers and book lovers would be interested in, I do not use Google ads.  They are too hard to control.  Anytime I've ever put Google ads on a website, they show 3 different types of Ads, including College/University ads, Grammarly and for-fee services that I have not personally vetted or even looked at. due to the uncertainty of what could be presented by Google, we do not use their ads.