The Blooddoll Factory Will Shock and Satisfy Every Reader
Fans of the paranormal and erotica will devour The Blooddoll Factory by veteran suspense writer Stacey Carroll, a tale of lust, deception and intrigue. 

About to lose his home to foreclosure and unable to pay mounting bills, unemployed nurse William Wilson applies for a fertility specialist position with Elite Surrogates and Adoption (ESA) that seems too good to be true. Not only is he not expected to explain the reasons he left his previous hospital position after twenty years, he is offered above-average hourly pay and an extravagant sign on bonus. Both are explained during Wilson’s nontraditional employment interview with HR Manager Sadie Jones, where he is asked to prove that his sexual abilities are up to par with ESA's standards. The author's description of Wilson's first encounter with Sadie will leave the reader wanting more. Sadie's apparent experience with testing potential fertility specialists and Wilson's willingness to do anything it takes to secure employment with ESA suggest that their initial chemistry will continue to build as the story unfolds. 

While Wilson is more than willing to lend his genetic material to the fertilization of future ESA offspring, he is unsure of how to hide his new job duties from his wife, who is struggling to keep the family afloat on her teacher's salary. Unable to conceive a child of their own due to his wife's infertility, Wilson will now be biologically tied to dozens, maybe hundreds, of new babies in the Indianapolis area. There's also the somewhat significant manner of how he passed the employment screening, receiving Sadie's assistance in the procurement of a genetic sample, basically ensuring his employment eligibility. 

Not only is Wilson worried about his wife discovering his infidelity, small details begin to nag at Wilson. Where are the other corporate employees in this brand new building? Why did the company move locations in the middle of the night? Why have so many applicants before him failed the employment screenings? Why is Sadie so enthusiastic in furthering Wilson's career with ESA? 

Readers will be satisfied with Carroll's steamy descriptions of Wilson's encounters with Sadie and will seek to learn more about what Elite Surrogates and Adoption is and what part Wilson will play in ESA's unorthodox practices. The Blooddoll Factory combines the satisfying interactions that form successful erotica with the pulse pounding suspense and edge of your seat action of the supernatural thriller genre.