People are always looking to arouse their desires. One of the ways that has become popular is the literary genre paranormal erotica. The genre is filled with magic, cursed people, and romance. This is the genre of someone who wants to see romance happen where science fails to explain what is happening. Another way that people are drawn in is when authors have a new take on old legends. All of this accounts for a popularity that has kept mythology alive and writers still delving into the myriad of possibilities. One simply has to pick up a Laurel K. Hamilton novel to see how far someone can go. 


Erotica and Romance

Erotica goes beyond romance in several ways. In a romance, love is what carries the story forward. Yes there can be sex, but that is out of the love between the protagonist and there significant other. In erotica, sexual situations spur the movement. In Laurel K. Hamilton books, her heroines save their world by having sex for various reasons. The characters may fall in love, but the sexual component is what drives the book going forward. Love may get discussion time, but it is not the reason for saving the world. 



Romance and the Paranormal Appeal

Mainstream romance has helped many people to become interested in vampires. Magic has been talked about since the dawn of time. Incorporating such topics into sexual desires is not new. Erotica is more than just literature and art helps make it more real. Many people enjoy artwork that incorporates the paranormal. Artists like Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell have had long careers on creating the fantastical. Many of their pictures use examples of when science is not involved with the fun. That is why many books of the genre finds artists that can match the pure titillation of the subject of the book. 

Paranormal erotica has many avenues to express itself. Someone can get their first taste when studying mythology from several areas of the world. The continuation is most likely not going to be studied in class, but still has a draw in the modern world.