Nothing ushers in the Halloween cheer like an intriguing vampire story. After all, who doesn’t love vampires? Vampires have been used in fiction for many years due to their mysterious and fascinating nature. If you want to write about vampires, but are running low on fresh ideas, here are ten vampire Halloween Writing Prompts to spark your spooky imagination.

1. Vampire hero
Although Jake is a real vampire, he is not evil, nor does he feed on human blood. Contrary to popular belief, he saves the disadvantaged whenever he can come from society's cruel whims. The real threat is the ruling political party misusing resources for their selfish interests. Led by Patrick, the evil politicians find out about Jake's vampirism and seek to use it to their advantage. So, they train Patrick’s young daughter to lure him to their side and do their evil bidding. However, when Jake and Patrick’s beautiful daughter get to know each other, something happens.

• Does she fall in love with him?
• Does Jake find out the plot behind Patrick’s daughter?
• Is Jake captured for scientific analysis?
• Does Jake runoff because of fear of intimacy?

2. The rookie vampire hunter
Stephan is a rookie vampire hunter who manages to go up the ranks after a short while. One day, he convinces his seniors to go on a hunting mission with other experienced hunters. They get on the trail of the ‘menace vampire' they have been searching for years during the hunting mission. However, they find out that it is only a small child. Stephan begins to have second thoughts about killing the vampire child and can convince a few hunters to spare his life. However, the majority of the experienced hunters want to execute the child.

• Will Stephan and his allies run off with the child in a bid to protect him?
• Will Stephan let the hunters execute the child?
• Will the child kill all the hunters?
• Are the child’s parents and other vampires going to come to his rescue and kill all the hunters?

3. Vampires rule
Vampires are a superior life form. They are immortal, powerful, immune to diseases, and always youthful. Soon, everyone wants to become a vampire. So, society's elite began paying vampires to turn them, while the poor remained mortal. Thousands of years later, the ruling vampires, led by Edward, are still alive and charge mortals a monthly blood tax since they can live ‘peacefully’ with the vampires. But Duke and his friends are tired of living like this.

• Will they rebel against the vampires and kill them one by one?
• Will their world continue as it is?
• Will they run off to look for help to get rid of the vampires?
• Will they beg to get turned into vampires and join the ruling class?

4. Half vampires
Two brothers, Stanley and Robert, are half vampires, also known as dhampirs. Although they are vampires, they are not as strong as real vampires. They are also not immortal, immune to diseases, or need to feed on human blood for sustenance. Since they live among other real vampires, they are always getting picked on and teased. Thus, Robert wants to become a real vampire, but Stanley is not for the idea.

• Will the two brothers go on a mission to find their vampire dad since he is the only one who could turn them into real vampires?
• Will Robert go to find his vampire father alone?
• Will Stanley stand up for himself and his brother against the vampire bullies?

5. The vampire guardian
Years ago, an elderly vampire, Grace, found a human child, George, while she was running from vampire hunters. George was all alone in the woods, crying for help, but no one was in sight. So, Grace decided to take him home with her. She went back to where she found him for a few days to see if anyone came back looking for the child. But months went by, and no one came. Grace then decided to look after the child like he was her child. She gave him the best life possible. He went to a good school, participated in extracurricular activities, had many friends, and so much more. However, Grace had to do all this while hiding not to alert the vampire hunters. But, when George was kidnapped, Grace had no choice.

• Will she have to come out of hiding and show her identity to save her son?
• Did the hunters kidnap George because they knew her identity?
• Is George a child to one of the vampire hunters?
• Was George part of the plan to lure Grace to the vampire hunters?

6. The Human Boy
The entire world majorly consists of vampires now. Thanks to some genius vampire scientists, an alternative to human blood was found. This means vampires don't need to feed on human blood. However, a few rich vampires keep some humans on their farms to harvest their blood throughout their lives and sell it for profit. This is because rich vampires enjoy the luxury and taste of human blood. However, John is tired of living for these vampires. He has grown to become a young adult on these farms, and he manages to convince other young men to find a way out.

• Does he train with the other young men to fight against the rich vampires?
• Does he find a way to poison human blood and kill the rich vampires?
• Does he run away to look for other humans to help in fighting the rich vampires?
• Does he become a vampire and start living like the rich vampires?

7. The girl who became a vampire
Before burying the body of a person who was bit by a vampire, it is a tradition to remove their heart and burn it to prevent them from coming back as a vampire. Helen is the daughter of a vampire hunter, Kim. A vampire who was jailed in Kim's home managed to bite Helen and kill her. However, Kim and his family decided they did not want to mutilate her body, so they buried her whole in a secret ceremony. No one knew about the ceremony. After five days, Helen's mother decided to visit her gravesite. But it was empty, and only a small trench of loose soil was visible.

• Should they hunt down their vampire daughter and kill her before she kills anyone?
• Should they look for her and train her not to hurt people?
• Do they become aloof to the entire situation and hope to meet her one day?

8. The weekend getaway
A group of four friends gets together to go to the woods for a fun weekend. The cottage is in the middle of a haunted town where people believe strange animals eat people. Since they enjoy going to such mysterious places, they think this cabin in the woods adventure will be unique. After the first night, they encounter something terrible.
• Will they get killed by the vampire who lives in the haunted town?
• Will they find out about the vampire and capture him to take him to the authorities?
• Will the vampire turn the four friends into vampires and live in the haunted town forever?

9. Broken system
Daryn is a young and handsome guy who goes to a party with a group of friends. In the middle of the night, he goes to the bathroom in the master bedroom of the house where the party is to find Shelly being sucked dry by a vampire. Immediately the vampire spots him, he runs out, and Daryn goes to check if Shelly is okay. Unfortunately, Jim, Shelly's boyfriend, finds him with her blood all over his body. He automatically thinks Daryn killed Shelly and that he is a vampire. Now, Daryn is arrested and accused of being a vampire.

• Will he get killed by the authorities?
• Will he manage to run away from the police and find the vampire who killed Shelly?
• Will the vampires kill him for impersonating a vampire and drawing attention to them?
• Will the vampires turn him to become a real vampire and give him to the authorities?

10. Different vampires
In today’s society, there are different kinds of vampires. Some enjoy garlic and the sun and those with super speed. Those who do not drink blood and those who need a bloody pick-me-up now and then. Some look young, while others look like the undead. Jimmy and Gwen fall in love, but they are two different vampires. They choose to go to a remote community where they can live in peace and among humans. After a few years, they birth a child.
• Will the child, survive in the new world they live in?
• Will they raise their child usually like a vampire or human child?
• Will they go back to their previous society and live among their own?

Sometimes, it is not easy to find inspiration for spooky movies. Hopefully, this vampire Halloween writing will help you get some inspiration for your film, short story, novel, or screenplay.