Sparks Fly In Erotic Literature

Do you ever read a passage in a novel that gets your pulse quickening and your cheeks reddening? Maybe the words give you butterflies, taking you back to scenarios where you felt the tingling tension and desire that the characters are feeling. It's like reading a secret diary. You may get caught, but it's too juicy to put down.

There's nothing wrong with that! In fact, there are lots of health benefits to reading erotic literature.


First things first, reading is never a bad thing 

Erotic literature or "Literotica" is geared towards people who need a more in-depth story to get their blood flowing. Some of us need more emotional depth and character development than others. Getting wrapped up in a story and picturing the characters in your own mind creates a different kind of build-up than seeing on-screen acting.

A Safe Space for Fantasy

It's also safer in our own heads. Reading a book creates a safe mental space for people to explore their sexual desires and preferences. Many of us are raised in environments where sex wasn't discussed openly or positively, so reading erotic literature is a safe way to explore and develop our preferences without the fear of someone catching us watching something blatantly naughty.

I remember when 50 Shades of Gray became popular, it was a widespread joke across the nation that women were seeking more intimacy with their partners. This is a fun and healthy benefit of reading erotica! Staying intimate with a partner is an underrated concept.

A Healthy Relationship

Unlike one person watching too much porn and tainting their sexual relationship with a partner, reading erotica is a great way to improve your relationship and sex life. Look at it as a simple and effective way of learning what you like and don't like!

Frequently reading erotic literature will undoubtedly increase your libido, which is a perk for you and your partner. A healthy sex life plays an incredibly important role in a relationship.

Let Go Of Stress And Anxiety

Another benefit to reading erotic literature is that it's a natural, fun remedy to stress and anxiety. In fact, there is a subconscious phenomenon called the "Misattribution of Arousal" that explains how feelings of stress and feelings of sexual attraction can feel similar to one another. Knowing and focusing on this can help you to channel your stress into a healthy sexual appetite.

Reading erotica is a great way to relax, learn, explore, and encourage a healthy sexual appetite and sex life.


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