While you’re freelancer wants you to be happy with your content, there are some things they do not want to see when it comes to revision requests. Let’s learn what NOT to ask for when it comes to revisions.


1. Change ‘the’ to ‘a’


If your freelancer receives a revision request to change single words, they’re going to be pissed. Your word issue is your problem. The same goes for anything that smacks of change ‘plethora’ to ‘many’. Let me just be blunt. If this is your revision request, change it yourself. Your freelancer doesn’t have time for your nitpicky ass, and that’s what you’ll be labeled as in their head if you send this type of revision request. Not to mention, to avoid future stupid scenarios like this, they just won’t work with you any more.


2. You forgot something in your directions


This isn’t your freelancer’s problem. If you send back a revision for something you forgot, this could be labeled as ‘scope creep’ by your freelancer, meaning you intend to keep adding stuff and changing the direction of the article beyond what you’ve paid for. This is a huge NONO. If you do need that extra section, it’s best to accept and PAY FOR the order you originally requested, then place another order for what you forgot. Remember, your freelancer is a business. They can’t afford to do free work, nor should they!


3. You edited and annotated and commented the entire piece so that the text looks like a rainbow


For the time you just spent annotating and commenting, you could have fixed it yourself. Your freelancer doesn't want to see this. It’s confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to read, and it’s definitely a pain in the ass. Not to mention, if your freelancing received a revision request that looks like a rainbow puked on itself, they’re going to assume you hated their writing, and maybe you did. The best bet here is to take what you have and find a new freelancer. The style of this freelancer obviously doesn’t work for you, but you shouldn’t discount the work performed. They did you a service, pay for it. Just don’t hire them again.


There are valid reasons to request a revision, but the above three aren’t it. Revisions should be requested if your freelancer missed something in your directions or totally botched the topic, like you ordered Benefits of Samsung Phones, and they sent you Benefits of Android Phones. It’s also okay to request a revision if you see massive grammar and spelling errors. Of course, give your freelancer the opportunity to correct actual issues with the content.