Are you thinking about summer and the condition of your inground pool in or thinking about installing a pool in your backyard? With the average summer temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 90s, it’s important to have a place to cool off and relax, but if your gunite pool is in disrepair or several years old, you might want to consider having it replaced or repaired and remodeled.

Benefits of an Inground Gunite Pool

When we talk about inground concrete pools, we are typically talking about gunite concrete, which is a dry mix concrete. This means that it arrives at your home dry rather than in a concrete mixing truck. When it’s used to build your new inground pool or restore your existing concrete pool, the dry mix is sent through the hose and mixed with water at the nozzle before being sprayed.

Gunite pools are extremely common in Houston and throughout Texas.

Gunite concrete can be used to create pools of any shape and size.

Gunite concrete pools offer incredible durability because the spraying process creates compacted concrete.

Gunite pools are completely customizable with plaster, glass, tile and pebbles to provide the right look and feel.

Gunite pools can be given a plethora of details and features, including waterfalls, fountains, grottoes, tanning areas and even stools and benches.

New Custom Inground Pools

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, you may want to consider installing a new inground pool. New inground pools can help you cool off in the summer, maintain and active lifestyle and improve the visual appeal and aesthetics of your backyard. Because our pools are custom-built, we can install them in any size backyard in any shape. We also offer a variety of features, including:

Beach entrances, tanning shelves and splash pads.

Custom pool decking options

Fire features, like fire pits, fire tables and fire bowls.

Outdoor kitchen areas

Sound systems, Custom pool lighting and media areas

Spas and hot tubs

Water fountains and waterfalls

Repairing, Remodeling and Maintaining Your Inground Pool

Part of owning a pool involves keeping it in good condition and considering upgrades when certain components become worn or outdated. For example, advancements in energy-efficiency technology mean that pool heaters use less electricity to keep your water at the desired temperature, and advancements in pool cleaning technologies mean that many of the processes are now automated, resulting in lower upkeep costs and less regular maintenance.

Common Inground Pool Upgrades

Whether you are looking to replace old pool equipment with modern, energy-efficient versions or add to the functionality and visual appeal of your pool, we have the upgrades and retrofits you need.

Pool Resurfacing

When you’re ready to resurface your inground pool, you can choose from a range of options. For most homeowners, that means choosing white or colored pebble or all tile resurfacing, which can provide a more customized and luxurious finish.

Tile and Coping Restoration and Replacement

If you have a tiled pool, you may decide that a restoration or full or partial replacement of the tile is the best option. During this process, some or all of the tile is removed from your existing inground pool and replaced with similarly colored tiles.

The coping of your pool consists of the edging paver stones that are located on the surface areas, like your decking and the walls of your pool. Coping can be single-sided, double-sided or triple-sided, depending on where it’s placed.

Replace or Expand Pool Decking

Your pool decking is the area of paver stones, tile or brick that surrounds your pool and provides spaces to put lounge chairs and outdoor seating areas. If your decking is worn, it can be completely replaced with new decking in either a similar color or an entirely new color. If you find yourself entertaining family and friends outdoors and hosting pool parties, you may want to consider expanding your decking to create more seating and lounging areas as well as to install custom features, like fire pits and outdoor kitchens or grilling areas.

Add Fire or Water Features

To increase the drama and appeal of your pool, you may want to consider adding custom water and fire features. Common water features include waterfalls and fountains, gushers, water jets and private and semi-private grottoes. If you’re looking to add a little heat to your backyard pool, consider adding fire bowls, pits or tables.

To get a quote for your new custom inground pool or your pool remodel, give us a call today.