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Choosing someone to review your book should be done methodically. Besides, you've wrote a masterpiece and you want a review that will analyze the dialogue of your book, right?. There are many factors that will contribute to how you choose someone to review your book. A good book review should help your book gain exposure and generate positive reviews. However, someone reviewing your book with an unbias review may point out your strength and weaknesses which lends to the credibility of the rewiew. Contininue reading to find out how you can find a good book review for your written works below. 

Find Someone With A Reading List

A reviewer that has a reading list, regularly reads books and can lend to your exposure. If they include their reviews on a blog, this can attract other readers to your book. 

Understand Your Booking Marketing Strategy

Decide what your marketing strategy is going to be for your book, before you look for a reviewer. For example, will you be marketing your reviews on social media? Your marketing strategy is another important contribution to finding a book revenue source because scholarly reviews attracts readers. 

Hire Book Review Services

If you have a good marketing budget for your book, hiring professional book review services to do all the work is a great idea. Hiring a professional allows you to focus on new material, find your strengths and weaknesses in your current written material, or work on generating revenue for your written work. Professional review services will give you a membership, diverse reviewers, quality reviews from a professional team, and possible discounts. 

Additional Marketing Strategies 

  • - blog posts 
  • - back book cover 
  • - publishing websites 
  • - Amazon TOS (rules against paid reviews) 
  • - promote your book online 

Quality & Quantity

Always look for quality thought out reviews for your book. Quality reviews means your book will get maximum exposure and generate great opportunities for increased sales. The goal of getting a review is giving other readers quality perspective about the characters, storyline, and dialogue of your book. Quantity is the complete opposite of quality because it dictates how many reviews a book can generate. If you're interested in quantity, you should still be concerned with quality for the best interests of your book. For example, getting your reviews from a book club allows author's to get reviews from the entire club of readers. 

Find a book reviewer that will be open minded about all types of reading material. You can get someone that is committed to your written genre to read your material. However, if you dare to be bold, you can always find a reviewer that has no experience with your reading material to lend more credibility to your review. Avoid someone you've already dealt with in the past to review your book because you want to avoid repetitive reviews. If a notable author is reviewing your book, it may be beneficial to have a review from them once or twice. It's good to know that noteworthy scholars are reading your material. 

Finally, always try to follow-up with your reviewers to thank them for taking the time to read your book.