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How do your hands and wrists feel? If you’re just starting or young, you might say – They feel fine. If you’ve been writing or typing for a while, you might say – Not so hot. I’ve been writing and typing for decades, even before computers were a thing in most businesses and certainly before work from home became a big thing. I’ve written millions of words, and if you don’t believe me, the entire bitey series to date is estimated at 770,000 words all by itself. I’ve written millions of words, and I have terrific hand pain because of it. Unfortunately, resting, icing and putting heat on my wrists isn’t an option. I must continue to be productive. There’s no one else paying my bills for me, so I can’t just stop and rest. It’s not an option. So, what do I do and what might you want to try?

Ideas for Handling Hand and Wrist Pain

First of all, if you have a doctor or can afford a doctor, it’s always best to ask them what you can do. Hopefully, they’ll have a better idea that doesn’t involve, heat, ice and rest, but that’s all I’ve ever heard, and until that doctor is paying 4 - 6 weeks of my bills, it’s not happening. Kinda funny how that works. Expenses don’t stop even if you need to rest for any reason. So, with that in mind, what do I do? 

Small Wrist Braces


You may not be thrilled about the idea of wrists support braces. I’m usually not. However, these are low profile. What I’m talking about is the Doctor Developed Wrist supports/Wrist brace - Relief for carpal tunnel, wrist injuries, wrist support for arthritis, hand support, hand & wrist braces, wrist strap and Doctor Handbook (2 Pack). They also offer a carpal tunnel wrist brace and a single brace for either the right of left wrist. The product is support to help stabilize the wrist and reduce swelling. I tend to get huge knots on the tops of my wrists, so the velcro adjustment is very helpful. It also has a small profile. It’s not a wrist splint. It’s simply supporting the wrist joint. It can be worn while typing, weight lifting, cooking, if you’re not doing something messy or splattery, painting and gardening. I like this for weight lifting and floor exercising. It retails at $21.95 but is currently on sale for $19.95. If you hate the full forearm wrist brace, this may work for you.

 Hand Exercises

This may sound ridiculous. Why would you want to exercise an injured joint? Well, you just might because sometimes it's not the joint, it's the muscles surrounding it. Not to mention, strong muscles equate to strong joint support. If you don't believe me, you can ask your doctor, but I've written hundreds of physical therapy and chiropractic articles, and they all say the same thing. Strong muscles equal better joint support, but get that professional opinion. Maybe something has changed.

FitBeast Grip Strengthener Forearm Strengthener Hand Grips Strengthener Kit - 5 Pack Adjustable Resistance


When you think about hand exercises, you probably think about those little squeezy balls. well, this just might be better. The FitBeast Grip Strengthener Forearm Strengthener Hand Grips Strengthener Kit - 5 Pack Adjustable Resistance includes several different types of hand exercisers, including grips, a squeeze ball, a finger strength grip ring and a flexi-fit finger stretcher. it also has fewer returns than other types of similar products. It retails for $25.99, but it's currently on sale for $16.99.

What About Ergonomic Keyboards and Mice?

I didn't like those things when came out in the 90s. If anything, they cause more hand pain, especially if you're already injured. they also typically have odd keyboard layouts, which means you'll be more prone to missing your letters. the mouspads make it harder to move the mouse, and I don't like that big bumpy thing against my wrist. It feels nasty to me. I also don't like track balls.

I do like socks though. They help keep your feet warm while you're typing. If you need socks for around the house, try out Under Armour Performance Tech No Show Socks, Multipairs. they're regularly $18 for 3 pairs, but right now, they are on sale for $15.99.

Take care of your hands, folks. You'll need them if you plant write lots and lots of novels.