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Why Stacey Carroll Writes the Books and Stories She Writes


Stacey Carroll seeks to solve the problem of all books being the same. In fact, you might have heard yourself saying this after reading certain genres – I’ve read this before, or this is just like the last book I read. Is there anything different out there? Mainstream publishers tend to put out the same books over and over again because X book did well. This is done in order to maximize their profits and lower the chances of a loss, but you, as a reader, are probably bored to tears with this scenario. We need more diverse books, and we need them now. Thankfully, Stacey Carroll seeks to take care of this problem by not holding to conventions and publishing books that traditional publishers don’t want because – That’s played out. It doesn’t do well. No one will read that cause it’s not like X. Stacey Carroll has never followed the crowd, and her books don’t either.