So, You’ve Written a Book and Now You’re Hellbent on Submitting to Agents

Good luck. Let me just be extremely honest. I found this to be a spectacular waste of time. In fact, it ate up a year and a half of my life that I cannot get back.  However, if you want to do this, take a massive look at the lists I used.  This is accurate as of 2018. As you probably already know, these guys go in and out of business all the time. I would recommend copying and pasting the agency names into your search engine to get the most recent website and contact information.  There are also a few agent websites that I listed at the end.

​A Comprehensive Literary Agencies and Agents (Single Agent Literary Agencies)

They also accept other genres other than thriller, so take a look at their websites. This is the basic list of agents (litereart agencies) that I worked through between December 2016 and March 2018. When working through this list move quickly. I know there is some debate on how fast you should move through these lists. You should not do them all in one night or one week. My advice is to divide it up over 60 or 90 days and get it done. You will be waiting anywhere from six to 12 weeks for responses and/or timeouts or longer. So, get it done and move on to your next book. You will need it completed by the time you get all your rejections back so you can start over. I worked this list three times in a year and a half. It's also important to note that while I say this is a list of thriller agents/agencies, many of these agencies accept more than thriller books and have multiple agents that specialize in a variety of categories. When I worked this list, I was specifically looking for thriller, suspense and crime agents.

  1. Aaron M. Priest lit agency - Thre are currently 8 agents here that cover a variety of categories.
  2. JLDelbourgo - There are two agents working at this agency.  The owner is Joelle Delbourgo. Carrie Carter is an associate agent and probably the "gatekeeper".
  3. 3 Seas - There are two agents working at this agency, and they accept Romance, mystery, paranormal and fantasy, westerns, women's fiction and YA/MG. Be aware that their romance categories are highly truncated. (If I recall correctly, this agency was a lot bigger in  2017/2018)
  4. Aevitas - Looks like a flash-based/Wordpress website.  May run slow in some browsers. They have more than 20 agents that accept a variety of genres.
  5. AKA Literary - New agent as of 2017/2018.  Take a look at where she's placing her books because I didn't see any "agent only publishers" on her list when I last looked). There is no agent name listed on the website. However, the agent is Terrie Wolf.
  6. Albert T Longdon - Agent at Three Corners Literary. You'll probably come across him first on Query Tracker. He's also listed in the Publishers Marketplace.  I've never been able to find a website for this guy. On my agent list, he was probably a last ditch effort to find representation because I always went after the agents with websites first.
  7. Annie Bomke  -Single agent literary agency
  8. APL (pande) - These guys have a double branding.  Officially it's APL literary agency, but they can also be found under Pande. Ayesha Pande owns the agency. There are 6 other agents, and they have partnered with some agents overseas.
  9. aponte literary
  10. Barbara Bova - extremely old website. This is still coded in HTML. The website lists 5 agents/employees, and their bulk email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is a single page website with almost no information. The hyperlinks on the agent' names simply indicate additional email addresses. You may be able to find more inforamtion on Query Tracker.
  11. Barbara Braun Associates, Inc. - Single agent agency. Accepts fiction and non-fiction.
  12. Barbara Casey Agency - Single Agent, accepts fiction, nonfiction and picturebooks.
  13. BELCASTRO AGENCY - Currently employs 4 agents. Owned by Sharon Belcastro. They only accept submissions through Query Manager. They're agents cover a multiple of children's and adult fiction genres. No erotica though.
  14. Bent Agency - Founded in 2009. Employs 13 agents. They accept fiction, nonfiction and memior.
  15. Betsy Amster Lit enterprises - pay attention to her exclusions.  What she does not accept contradicts what she does accept. For example, she accepts books on social issues but not political or religious arguments.  She accepts women's issues and women's fiction but not romances. She accepts history but not westerns (which could fall under historical, depending on how you wrote it.)
  16. BJ Robbins lit - Single agent. Owned by BJ Robbins. Represent authors in a multitude of categories, including literary and general fiction, select genre fiction (mystery, suspense/thriller, historical), sophisticated young adult fiction, and nonfiction with commercial appeal, including biography, memoir, history, health, travel, sports, African American, science, pop culture. They do not do not represent screenplays, plays, poetry, science fiction, westerns, romance, techno-thrillers, religious tracts, dating books, illustrated children's books, middle grade, or anything with the word "unicorn" in the title.
  17. Bond Literary Agency - Owned by Sandra Bond. Represents adult commercial and literary fiction, mystery/thriller/crime fiction, and YA fiction in all categories. She does not represent romance, adult science fiction, adult fantasy, poetry, children's picture books, or screenplays. In nonfiction, she represents narrative, science for a general audience, business and history. Keep in mind that she has language that indicates that if you are not already a "superstar", she doesn't want you.
  18. BookEnds - Employs 11 agents. BookEnds represents fiction and nonfiction for an adult audience. In fiction our agents specialize in romance, mystery, suspense, thrillers, science fiction and fantasy, women’s fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction and upmarket fiction. They are also seeking nonfiction in the areas of memoirs, history, food, current affairs, business and career, parenting, pop culture, and general nonfiction. BookEnds Jr, represents fiction and nonfiction for the young adult, middle grade and picture book markets. In fiction we are looking for contemporaries, romance, science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, graphic novels, horror, thrillers, and mystery.
  19. Books & Such - Employs 5 agents. They are non-specific in what they accept, and it includes: Adult fiction and nonfiction, Teen and young adult fiction and nonfiction and Middle grade fiction and nonfiction.
  20. Bradford Literary Agency - Employs 5 agents. Accepts fiction, picture books and illistrators and non-fiction
  21. Brandt & Hochman - Currently employs 8 agents. Types of fiction and nonfiction are dependent on the agent. Lots of bragging going on in the agent profiles. It may impress you, but it doesn't impress me. I like down to earth and gritty, serious and determined. They list that their authors have won various awards, like the Nobel Peace Prize, Faulkner award, etc.
  22. Brower Lit - They offer literary representation and subrights management.  There are 3 agents at this agency. They seem to specialize in YA, but they also take niches, like serial killers, psycholigical, women's fiction and historical fiction.
  23. Carol Man - Employs 8 agents. Genres and specialties are dependent on the agent.
  24. Chalberg and sussman - Employs 4 agents. Types of material are dependent on the agent.
  25. Chase literary - Single agent. Site is written in first person.  The agent's name is not listed. You have to go to Query Tracker to find out the agent's name is Farley Chase.
  26. Cheney Associates, LLC - Employs 4 agents. What they accept is dependent on the agent.
  27. Corvisiero Literary Agency - Employs 12 agents.  What they accept is dependent on the agent.
  28. Curtis Brown LTD - Employs 14 people. Not all of thsoe appear to be agents.  What they accept is dependent on the agent.
  29. D4EO - Employs 8 agents. What they accept is dependent on the agent.  Contains a clause that says they may have passed your work around, so you cannot submit to a second agent once time has elapsed.
  30. Darhansoff & Verrill - Employs 4 people. 2 appear to be agents. They are most interested in literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, sophisticated suspense, and both fiction and nonfiction for younger readers. Please note we do not represent theatrical plays or film scripts.
  31. David Black Agency
  33. DeFoire & Company
  34. Don Cogdon
  35. Donald Maass Literary Agency
  36. Doug Grad Literary
  37. Dunow, Carlson, and Lerner
  38. Einstein - Iffy....  feels like a children's agent to me to spite what it says.
  39. emma sweeny
  40. Empire Lit
  41. Ethan Ellenberg
  42. Eyebait Literary Agency
  43. fairbank Literary
  44. Fletcher & Company
  45. Folio Lit
  46. Foundry
  47. Fox Literary
  48. Fraser-Bub
  49. Fuse Literary
  50. G Agency, LLC
  51. Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management
  52. Gelfman Sneider
  53. Glass Literary
  54. Greenburger
  55. Harvey Klinger
  56. Helen Heller Agency
  57. Hershman Rights Management
  58. Hill Nadell
  59. Holloway
  60. HSG
  63. Inklings
  64. Inkwell
  65. Innisfree Literary
  66. Irene Goodman
  67. J&S
  68. Jaberwocky - Mostly sci-fy, like 99% to spite what it now says.
  69. Jane Rotrosen Agency
  70. Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
  71. JET Literary Associates, Inc.
  72. JNA
  73. John Hawkins
  74. Jud Laghi Agency
  75. Judith Riven
  76. JVNLA
  77. Kneerim & Williams
  78. Larkwords
  79. Launchbooks  - careful, says thriller, looks like sci-fy
  80. Laura Langlie Agency
  81. LDLA
  82. Leshne Agency
  83. Liza Dawson Associates
  84. Liza Royce
  85. Loretta Barrett Books, Inc
  86. LPA
  87. Lucinda Literary
  88. Margaret McBride
  89. Maria Carvainis Agency
  90. Mark Falkin - ehhhhhh, read this guy's website closely.
  91. Marsal Lyon
  92. Martel Agency
  93. Matthew Carnicelli Lit
  94. McCormick Literary
  95. McGinniss Associates
  96. Meyers Literary
  97. MMQLIT
  98. Movable Type
  99. Nelson Agency
  100. New Leaf
  101. Paul Levine - Try him.  Don't expect much.  If he requests your manuscript, you will be waiting 3-4 months.  Not kidding.  then, he will reject it with  - not for me.
  102. Peter Lampack Agency
  103. PLGB
  104. PLM
  105. Prospect Agency
  106. PS Literary Agency
  107. Red Sofa - Try them.  Don't expect much.  I really think these guys are primarily romance agents.
  109. Regal Hoffman (RHA)
  110. Richard Henshaw Group LLC
  111. RLR
  112. Root Literary
  113. SALKIND Greg apu
  114. Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
  115. Serendipity
  116. SG Literary
  117. SGGLIT
  118. Spencer Hill
  119. Starlight Literary Agency
  120. Stonesong
  121. Stringer Lit Agency
  122. Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc.
  123. talbot agency
  124. talcott Notch
  125. The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency
  126. the book group
  127. THE EVAN MARSHALL AGENCY - Research this guy before submitting.  If I recall correctly, he likes to make fun of query letters on his social media.
  128. The Friedrich Agency
  129. The Gernert Company
  130. The Karpfinger Agency
  131. The Knight Agency - these guys look to be primarily romance to spite what the site says.
  132. The Literary Group International
  133. The Rights Factory
  134. The Rohm Agency
  135. the Seymor Agency
  136. The Unter Agency
  137. The Whalen Agency
  138. Triada
  139. Trident Media
  140. Veritas Lit agency
  141. Vicky Bijur
  142. Victoria Sanders
  143. Waverly Place - Read the site.  Decide for yourself. I wasn't impressed.
  144. Waxman Leavell
  145. Westwood Creative Artists
  146. Wolfson
  147. Writers House
  148. ZSH

A Comprehensive List of Horror Agents

There are next to none of these guys and most writers can't find them.  Here's the list I was able to put together after weeks of searching.  This list is accurate as of March 2018.
  1. Aevitas
  2. Andy Ross Agency
  3. Annie Bomke
  4. Barone Literary Agency
  5. Bradford Literary Agency
  6. Chalberg and sussman
  7. Cooke Agency
  8. Cornerstone Literary Agency
  9. Corvisiero Literary Agency
  10. Curtis Brown LTD
  11. DeFoire & Company
  12. Don Cogdon
  13. Donald Maass Literary Agency
  14. Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC
  15. Folio Lit
  16. Foundry
  17. Fox Literary
  18. Friedrich Agency
  19. Fuse Literary
  20. Harvey Klinger
  21. ICM Partners
  22. Irene Goodman
  23. JABberwocky Literary Agency
  24. Janklow & Nesbit Associates
  25. Jill Corcoran Literary Agency
  26. Kimberly Cameron
  27. KT Public Relations & Literary Services
  28. Larkwords
  29. Launchbooks
  30. Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency
  31. Literary Group International
  32. Liza Dawson Associates
  33. Loretta Barrett Books, Inc
  34. Lotts Agency
  35. L Perkins Agency (LPA)
  36. Lucinda Literary
  37. Margret McBride Literary Agency
  38. McGinniss Associates
  39. Nancy Yost Literary Agency
  40. New Leaf Literary & Media
  41. Prentis Agency
  42. Prospect Agency
  44. Richard Henshaw Group LLC
  45. Rohm Agency
  46. Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
  47. Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
  48. Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
  49. SGGLIT
  51. Spencer Hill
  52. Starlight Literary Agency
  53. Stonesong
  54. Stuart Agency
  55. The Seymour Agency
  56. talbot agency
  57. talcott Notch
  58. Triada
  59. Trident Media
  61. Writers House

Additional Agent Lists You Can Use for Free

Query Tracker - Excellent, very up to date, better than Writer's Digest
Agent Query - Not bad, little harder to use. - Not as good
Manuscript Wishlist - Agent's use this.  It's worth looking at when you come across an agent who has a link.  However, you cannot search it with any reliability.