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Why the Facts in Fiction should be Professionally Checked
Nonfiction requires meticulous fact-checking. Many authors who write fiction do not feel the need to fact-check their novels. In this age of the internet and information explosion, where facts can be easily verified, fact-checking is vital for nonfiction and fiction. A properly fact-checked fictional novel is likely to attract more readers than a novel with glaring factual errors.
Every author wants their novel to attract readers. To attract readers the book’s quality should be of a high standard. Often authors of fiction neglect fact-checking. The quality of a novel depends on properly stated facts. Fiction is always interwoven with facts. If the facts in fiction are incorrect or the story does not flow logically, readers will stop reading books written by the author. Hiring a professional fact-checker who will check the facts in the novel objectively will improve the quality of the book and show readers that the fiction has an accurate factual setting. The reader will appreciate the efforts of the author in stating correct facts leading to the success of the book.
Authors should consider hiring professional fact-checkers before submitting books to publishers to increase their credibility both with the publisher and the reader. When facts stated in the novel are reviewed professionally and objectively, the draft submitted to the publisher will become error-free. When the book is published, there will be no glaring factual error. Readers can enjoy reading the novel and appreciate the effort made by the author in presenting facts while weaving a fictional story. Credibility is important for a book to succeed and to make sure that future books by the author attract a large number of readers.
An author should write a novel that readers will look forward to reading. The reader will trust that any book by the author will be worth reading once they appreciate the quality of the story. Hiring a professional fact-checker will make the novel factual error-free. If the details in the novel are inaccurate, the book loses a reader. A professional fact-checker will objectively correct factual errors. A novel full of factual errors and flawed reasoning in the plot will make readers stay away from the author. Readers will not trust the novel with their effort or time. A successful novel should engage the reader. Glaring errors will only serve to annoy the reader.
Authors can find professional freelance fact-checkers online. These fact-checkers offer their professional services for a fee. There are many internet portals that list the names and qualifications of freelance professional fact-checkers. Professional fact-checkers are usually graduates in journalism. Once the novel is corrected by a professional fact-checker, the author can submit the novel to a publisher or publisher. Publishers have a team of professional fact-checkers who will check the facts in the novel before the publisher considers the novel fit for publication. A properly and professionally fact-checked novel will not only be appreciated by publishers but attract the interest of quality readers.

Authors should consider getting their novel even if it is a fictional novel professionally fact-checked. There will always be a reader who will find a factual error in the novel. A good novel is one that readers will not feel like putting down. Factual errors in novels will make readers put the novel down instantly.