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As a great storyteller, you can consider and become very successful at a host of career options. Those careers may include a newsroom editor, a director of a digital media company, or a marketing guru for a major brand. Imagine if you can unleash your imagination and successfully put your storytelling on paper. An excellent job for you would be as an author; however, you find the prospect unnerving without discipline or solid advice. If that is you, continue reading to discover and debunk some of the advice authors give other authors.

An author is a writer or original creator of written words. Those words can be in the form of a book, poem, play, or movie. The research topics and can write material that is either fiction or nonfiction. As an author, the advice gets frequently given to others who aspire to be authors, and some of that advice gets answered or debunked below.

How Are You Going to Get Reviews for Your Book?

Advice: A high priced marketing campaign is the only way to get great reviews for your book.
The truth: This question isn't meant to scare authors, but it does. Reviews are essential to the success of your book but not always easy to get. However, reviews can make the difference between the success or failure of your book, are significant generators of listings and sales, and authors want them. Although reviews can happen organically, they occur in dribs and drabs and don't work to promote books. However, there are some things authors can do to get reviews. Some of those are:

Distribute copies of your book in PDF format to bloggers or podcasters who generally review books. Ask them if they will read and review your book. That will get your book title out there and get you early reviews.

You can also do a book giveaway to get reviews of your book. Some websites will promote and give your book away to avid readers who will write a review. Some of the companies will even upload your book on their website for an honest review.

With more people using Amazon shopping sites, their reviews are highly coveted. However, it is impossible to get a review published there unless your book is sold on Amazon.

Are You going to Publish With KDP Select or Not?

Advice: KDP will limit your book sales and is for unknown authors.
The Truth: KDP Select is an excellent Amazon publishing program that allows authors to self-publish books. The benefits of using KDP select are more than the disadvantages. Some pros and cons are:

KDP Select Pros:
100 million people get KDP books
Higher royalties paid to writers.
Customers read your book using their Kindle reader.
Maximize book sales potential.
KDP is easy, accessible, and flexible.
Authors get to set book prices.
Great payment options.

KDP Select Cons:
You can only sell your book on Amazon.
You lose income from other platforms.

If you are a new author, KDP Select is one of the most accessible platforms to use, will generate book sales, and allow millions access to your book. It is one of the best options available.

Comparatively, there are other book publishing platforms for consideration. In addition, if you have connections or even a referral, you may be lucky enough to send your book or queries to a big publishing company for consideration.

Did you have to have your book professionally edited or proofread?

Advice: Use a big professional editing and proofreading company.
The truth: Unfortunately, your family and friends don't count as editors or proofreaders. Their input is invaluable, and they will catch many errors, but they are not professional. However, there is no need to fret. Thousands of smaller proofreading and editing companies can get your book to the standard necessary for success. They don't cost an arm and a leg and can easily be found on the internet. You may even be able to negotiate their prices.

If you don't have a budget for a proofreader or editor, consider investing in upgraded apps that act as proofreaders, spell checkers, and editors like Grammarly and Scribemedia. Similarly, there are networks such as Upwork and Fiverr where freelancers bid on the jobs.

Are you pricing your book comparatively?

Advice: Price your book as high as possible, you can always discount it later.
The truth: As an author, understanding your worth is essential to success in the field. Figuring out how to price, whether, by page, subject matter, how it is published, and other factors seem to add to anxiety and the uncertainty of writing. Traditional publishing houses determine a price based on their standards, the book's marketability, and the author's contract. Nowadays, there are multiple guides and sources for figuring out your book's most comparative price point.

As you can see, being an author is rewarding and a great career choice if you are a storyteller. However, the advice that you get may not be solid or disciplined. Some answers to frequently asked questions are below. Happy writing.