The one draft method of writing a fiction book is the one where you do not have to write other drafts of the same work and also you do not need the final draft. This method is awesome if you do not love editing and doing re-writes.

Though, this method does not work for everyone.

Let us look at this method in terms of fiction writing. This method is a mind shift. You have to shift your thinking. It may seem slow but once you get the hang of it, it will be fun.

One-draft novel writing is a mind-shift

It involves pushing the creative side of the brain. It also involves closing on the analytical side. This prevents the judgment of the works before the customers do.

Using this method means that writing improves with time. In time you get to learn a lot. Not everything written will work, but writing so much makes thee flops not matter.

How to write with the one-draft method

First, you have to think like the reader more often. We think like a reader because when we think like a writer we think a lot and writing will not follow.
You should start writing, without thinking. Do not think about what will happen next. You should write like a reader that is anticipating.

Here’s where the one-draft method kicks-in

When doing the one draft method, you have to write and when you feel tired, go back to read your work again and make any changes.

Outline as you write

Instead of outlining early before you start writing, you should start outlining as you continue to write.

Read the book once it is done. Once you read it, move on swiftly to the next book. Once you stop and you start thinking about what will happen next, it blocks your mind and you will start doubting your writing. For you to avoid bad endings, stop and read the previous pages all through to the final part after changes.

Once you have finished, take your manuscript to the proofreader so that he or she can read through and look for mistakes. Afterward, send your work to the one who formats your book so that it can be published. Do not touch the book again.

What the one draft novel means for you

The method is a game-changer. The process of editing is a cause of annoyance especially if you are the one to be impatient.

With the one draft method, you do not have to think about rewriting. Without an outline that limits you, you can write much easier. The moment you have finished writing the book, it is done. The only mistakes are maybe a couple of commas and some spelling checks.


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