There are a few elements that a great book is going to have. 


The first element is the theme of the book. This is what the book or story is going to try to tell us. This is something that might even be able to help you in your own life. Even though not every story is going to have a theme, but it is usually a good idea if it does. It is best for the theme to grow out of the story so that the readers can feel like they have learned about the theme themselves. 


The second element of the book is the plot. This is usually the struggle or the conflict that the main character is going to be going through in the book. Sometimes the conflict will be with another character is the book, something that is inside of the character, or with the way that things on going on in the book. Most of the time, as the character begins to grow in the book, then they are going to be able to solve the problem that they have. Therefore, the conflict is going to get more exciting throughout the book. 


The third element is the structure of the story. Therefore, this persons the story is going to be in first person or third person. If it is first person, then you are going to be telling the story of something that has happened to you. If the book is in third person, then the story is going to be about other people. This means that the story is going to through the eyes of another character like the main character of the book. You will also need to decide it is going to be in present tense or past tense. 


The last element of a book is the characters inside of the book. The main character is going to be a person that the readers are going to care about or have something in common with. Even though you don't have to have a full description of the character, but you will need to say a few things about them like the way that they look, speak, or move. It is also important for the main character to have some type of weakness or flaw in order for the reader to have a better connection with the main character.