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The Tiny Vampire From Outer Space That’s Bitey XVII: The First Vampire City





Marcus, Shadow, Oliver and Alera are making progress on their takeover of Beach City, and they are starting to expand into Ocean City. So far, the majority of humans seem to be oblivious to the slow takeover of Earth by the vampire off-worlders, and that’s only working to Marcus’ advantage. In fact, the only group that seems to realize that Earth is being colonized by vampires are a new group of hunters, but so far, Marcus and his clan have been able to burn them out before they could get a foothold.











Chapter 1 – Leaving the Jungle City



Marcus woke early the next evening and started packing his and Shadow’s belongings. He started looking for the rookery when he remembered that the sacs were staying, and the jungle food would be looking after them. It’d be the first time he’d ever left part of his clan behind, but it was in the best interest of himself, Shadow and the sacs.

By the time Marcus finished packing, the sun was down, or at least, it was down enough for him to put on a cloak and carry their belongings to the RV.

Marcus walked down to the main level of the pyramid with his and Shadow’s belongings.

“Master Marcus, are you going outside?” a jungle food asked.

“I need to put these in the RV,” Marcus said.

“We will do it. It’s still a little light out,” he said.

Marcus handed the jungle food his and Shadow’s bags. He wasn’t going to argue with them over whether or not the sun was down enough for him to walk outside. They knew the jungle and the days and nights better than he did.

“Is little master awake?” a female jungle food asked.

Marcus chuckled. “No, she’s still asleep. If you want to get her some food and wake her up, that would be helpful.”

“Of course,” the female jungle food said.

“And everyone who’s coming with me needs to grab their things,” Marcus said.

“I’ll let them know,” a male said.

Marcus did have a bigger RV this time, but it was still going to be a tight fit.

Shadow hopped downstairs a few minutes later.

“The food table is right there.” Marcus motioned.

Shadow grabbed a blood and a bloodcake. “Did they pack some snacks?”

“Snacks for the road?” a jungle food asked.

“Yes,” Shadow said.

“I’m working on it now,” he said. “Your snacks and the food for us.”

“Good idea,” Marcus said. “We always stop and get some living creature food along the route, but that’ll be better.” He walked over to the food table and grabbed a blood.

Shadow ate cream-filled bloodcakes.

Marcus drained his blood then grabbed a couple bloodchocolates.

“These snack sacks are filled.” The jungle food put them on the stone table.

“Thank you,” Marcus said.

“The bags are in your vehicle, and everyone else is also putting their bags into the vehicle,” a male jungle food said.

“Good. Is Ester aboard?” Marcus asked.

“She is. She’s helping to organize the bags,” he said.

“We should be ready as soon as Marius gets down here,” Marcus said.

“I’m right here,” Marius said as he stepped off the last step of the staircase.

“There’s food on the table.” Marcus looked toward Shadow. “If Shadow hasn’t eaten it all.”

“She’s trying,” one of the jungle foods said.

“I’m full,” Shadow said after swallowing a bloodcake.

“She left some for me,” Marius said as he walked up to the table and grabbed a blood. “Have you eaten?”

“I have,” Marcus said as he grabbed a bloodchocolate. “But there’s always room for bloodchocolates.”

Marius shook his head. He set his empty bottle on the table and grabbed a bloodcake. “I can’t believe how much you’ve changed.”

“Blame that little thing over there,” Marcus said between bloodchocolates. “She has shown me that indulging in a little luxury every once in a while is not a bad thing.”

“It’s about time,” Marius said after he finished his bloodcake.

“Are we ready?” Marcus asked as he grabbed the snack bags.

“I’m ready,” Shadow said.

“I think everyone who’s going is inside your vehicle,” one of the jungle foods said.

“Then, we’re heading home,” Marcus said. He picked up Shadow and walked out of the pyramid and down the stairs. Marcus set her on her feet just outside the RV. “Is everyone inside?”

“We are,” Ester stepped to the doorway.

“Do you have everything you want?” Marcus asked. “You’ve got time to check one more time if you need to.”

“We have everything,” another jungle food said.

Shadow hopped inside the RV. “Oh, crowded.”

Marcus peered inside. There were eight jungle foods, instead of five and all their bags. He was happy that the bags were organized and stacked well. There was a path to the bathroom. “Do you guys need instruction on how to use that bathroom in order to relieve yourselves?”

“We do,” Ester said.

Marcus made his way carefully through the RV to the bathroom. “That is a toilet.” Marcus raised the lid. “You sit on that. Do whatever you need to do. Then, flush it.” He pressed the button on the wall.

“Oh,” Ester said. “How incredible.”

“How do you clean yourself?” another jungle food asked.

“That is that white roll.” Marcus pointed. “You clean yourself with that.” He turned. “Wash your hands at the sink.” Marcus turned on the water then turned it off.”

“Is that roll for one use?” Ester asked.

“No.” Marcus leaned down and pulled on the roll. He tore some of the paper off. “You use the sheets.” He passed the paper to Ester.

Ester looked at it. “Oh, it’s like leaves on a roll.” She folded it in her hand. “Like this.” She showed the other jungle foods.

“We can use that,” a jungle food said.

“I’m afraid the details are lost on me, but that’s the basics,” Marcus said.

“We’ll figure it out from here,” Ester said.

“Where am I supposed to sit?” Shadow asked.

“On a jungle food or Marius,” Marcus said.

“Marius.” Shadow squeezed up front and got into Marius’ lap.

“Just what I always wanted. A bony little vampire,” Marius said.

Marcus chuckled as he closed the side door and locked it. He walked up front and got into the driver’s seat. “She’s not that bony.”

“Yes, she is,” Marius said.

“Pillow?” Ester held a pillow through the gap between the two front seats.

“Yes. Thank you.” Marius put the pillow between his lap and Shadow. “That’s better.”

“I guess she really doesn’t sit on me like that,” Marcus said as he started the engine and turned the RV around so they could drive out of the jungle.

“I’m sure when she gets into your lap, it’s not to use you as a chair,” Marius said.

“You may have a point.” Marcus drove down the jungle road.

He drove to the beginning of the bridge they had crossed when driving to the jungle pyramid and pulled off on the side into a small parking lot.

It was just after two in the morning, but Marcus didn’t want to exit the bridge at sunrise.

He stood and stepped into the back. “You guys can stretch your legs. Cook some food. We’ll be here for the day,” Marcus said.

“It’s only two,” Shadow said.

“We’d get to the other side around dawn,” Marcus said. “I’d rather not be on the bridge that late. There’s no rush to get home.”

Shadow looked at Marius.

“My only updates have been from Oliver and Alera. Valeria hasn’t called me,” Marius said.

“I thought she called like two hours ago,” Shadow said.

Marius shook his head. “That was Alera.”

“Did she say anything important?” Marcus asked as the jungle foods filed out of the van.

“Not particularly. She said Valeria was still using the jars. She thought she had maybe an inch distension.”

“That’s not much,” Marcus said.

“Especially since Shadow’s already expelled,” Marius said.

“It doesn't necessarily mean the sacs aren’t viable,” Marcus said. “Is this her first set?”

“Given her reaction, I think so,” Marius said.

“I’ll take a look at them after she expells, but it’s usually pretty obvious if they aren’t viable,” Marcus said.

“Don’t worry too much about it. We’ll find you a good female vampire when we get back,” Shadow said.

Marius grinned. “Another one of you.”

“The redheads bite,” Marcus said.

“Well, maybe not so red, more of a strawberry blonde,” Marius said.

“We’re going to make our food out here. We brought a little cooking setup,” Ester said. “Your food is in the fridge.”

“We’ll get it,” Marcus said. He walked over to the small refrigerator and opened it. “Blood for Shadow.” He handed it to her. “Blood for Marius.” He handed the bottle to Marius. “Blood for Marcus.” He grabbed a bottle for himself.

Shadow laughed as she uncorked her bottle. “Were there any bloodchocolates in there?”

“Plenty.” Marcus drained his blood then grabbed a bloodchocolate container from out of the fridge.

They spent the rest of the night playing cards and eating snacks. Marcus carried Shadow to the bed and laid her in it before tucking her in.

“How do you want to arrange everyone’s sleeping?” Marius asked.

“I’m going to pull out all the beds and see what we have.” Marcus walked over to the couch and pulled out the bed. Then, he turned the seating area at the table into another bed. “I think we can put two jungle foods with Shadow. One with you. One here. I’ll sleep up front, but we still have four other jungle foods.”

Marius looked at the beds. “Two can sleep on the floor. I can sleep in the passenger’s chair.”

“Maybe we can fit three jungle foods in with Shadow,” Marcus said.

“Are you trying to figure out sleeping arrangements?” Ester asked as she stepped into the RV.

“We are. If we can fit three of you with Shadow, two can sleep on that bed. One can sleep where the table was, and two on the floor,” Marcus said. “But I think I’m still short a spot.”

“We can fit two other little bed,” Ester said. She turned toward the rest of the living creatures. “It’s bedtime. Three of you can pile in with the redhead.”

“She’s not going to mind,” Marcus said. “You’ll just keep her warm.”

“I’ll sleep there. Who else wants to sleep with the little vampire?” Ester asked.

“I will,” one of the males said.

“I will too,” a female said.

“Everyone get comfortable.” Marcus closed the side door after everyone was inside. Then, he put the window shields up before making himself comfortable in the front seat, or as comfortable as possible.

“Here’s a couple blankets.” Ester handed Marcus and Marius each a blanket.

“Thank you,” Marcus said. He settled into the chair just as he heard Shadow.

“Was that words?” Marius asked.

“That’s that old language that her breed first learns,” Marcus said. “She’s just happy I finally got her enough warm pillows.”

Marius laughed.

Eventually, everyone fell asleep.