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The Tiny Vampire From Outer Space That’s Bitey XVI: Beach City Takeover (Shadow Conn Tiny Vampire Book 16)




Marcus' plans for Beach City are coming to fruition. Julian is set to take over as the new mayor. Unfortunately, they have a new threat. A new order of hunters has infiltrated Beach City and the mayor's office. Marcus must remove the hunters in order to keep Beach City safe for his family and move forward with his plan to make Earth a vampire-friendly planet.









Chapter 1 – The Mayor’s Domain



Shadow jolted awake and looked around. “Marcus…”

“Marcus is in the other room,” Sabina said as she stood from the coffee table where she was playing a board game with Cris.

She walked over to Shadow and watched her for a minute. Shadow was sitting up, but she wasn’t awake. “Little sire, you’re not awake yet.”

“How do you know that?” Cris asked.

“Her eyes are closed,” Sabina said.

“What?” Cris looked. “Huh…”

“I don’t know what she’s seeing, but it’s not this room.” Sabina hugged her.

Alera stepped into the doorway. “Is Shadow awake?”

“Not really,” Sabina said as she stepped back from Shadow. “She knows Marcus isn’t in here, but I don’t know what she’s looking at. A hug didn’t help.”

“I’m sure it helped.” Alera scanned Shadow’s surface thoughts. “Her bedroom with no Marcus.” She walked over to Shadow with an Umbra One. “Shadow, I have food.”

Shadow opened her eyes and inhaled. She didn’t readily recognize the room. “Where am I?”

“The back parlor of the cabin,” Alera said.

“And I needed a hug?” Shadow asked as she took the blood bottle.

“You were yelling for Marcus,” Sabina said.

Shadow drained the blood. “I slept terrible. It was all nightmares.”

“Nightmares that the house was attacked and someone was shooting guns?” Alera asked.

“How do you know?” Shadow asked.

“That wasn’t a nightmare. It really happened,” Alera said.

Shadow jumped off the couch. “Then, Marcus is really hurt. And the jungle food.”

“Hold on there, speedy. The jungle food are healing, and Oliver is trying to get Marcus to let him check for more wounds.”

“There’s a side wound, and something is wrong with his chest,” Shadow said then turned her head. She could hear Oliver yelling.

“Let me see that rib!”

“It’s fine,” Marcus said then snarled when it looked like Oliver was ignoring his decree.

“When have you ever had a lump on your rib? Come here,” Oliver said.

Marcus growled.

Oliver ran toward Marcus with vampiric speed, sliced the area with a nail and pulled the bullet out.

Marcus yelled.

Shadow cringed.

“Found the bullet!” Oliver said as he ran out of the room before Marcus could get a hold of him. He slammed the door of the office shut.

“That was excessively painful!” Marcus said.

“You wouldn’t hold still, and you’re body won’t reject that thing while you’re drinking Umbra Ones,” Oliver said as he held the door until he felt like Marcus wasn’t going to come tearing through it.

Shadow looked at Sabina. She was shocked. “It’s okay. I think.”

“Is big sire okay?” Sabina asked.

“He will be now,” Oliver said as he walked down the hall. “That was one hell of a bullet.” He walked into the back parlor and showed it to Sabina, Cris, Shadow and Alera.

“Where was that?” Alera asked.

“It got stuck in his rib,” Oliver said.

“That’s probably a good thing,” Alera said.

“He would have been asleep for at least two weeks had that gone all the way through him,” Oliver said.

“Why are you in here?” Shadow asked. “Doesn’t he need to be bandaged?”

“Not right this second. He was trying to bite my hand off.”

“Did he get you?” Alera asked.

Oliver looked at both his hands and his arms. “No, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. Did anyone realize he’s got a double set of fangs in his upper jaw?” Oliver asked.

“What double set of fangs?” Shadow asked. “He’s got some long lower fangs when he lets his vampire out.”

“He’s got his canines then he’s got a second set right next to them,” Oliver said.

“Never noticed. He must not use them often,” Shadow said.

“Open your mouth, Shadow,” Oliver said.

Shadow opened her mouth.

Oliver looked at her fangs. “Interesting. Must be part of their lineage.”

“Does she have two sets of fangs?” Alera asked.

“Not exactly, or maybe not at her age. She’s got her primary fangs. Then, the ones next to them are extra sharp and slightly pointy.” He turned to Sabina. “Let me look at you.”

Sabina opened her mouth.

“Nope, not on her.” Oliver examined Cris. “And he’s barely got his primary fangs.”

“Must be an age thing,” Alera said.

“Or an anger thing. He’s madder than Hades in an ice storm,” Oliver said. “With that being said, I’m going to try and get him into a hot bath upstairs.”

“Hot bath!” Shadow hopped.

“Come on, tiny,” Oliver said as he walked out of the room to the office. “Marcus, I found something you want.”

Marcus stood from the couch and walked over to the door. He started to pick Shadow up and thought better of it.

“You better not,” Oliver said.

“I thought better of it,” Marcus said. “I don’t know if I’m going to make to to Beach City with Julian.”

“Let’s see how you feel after a bath,” Oliver said as they walked upstairs.

“Are you in pain?” Shadow asked.

“Very much so, especially since Oliver removed a bullet from one of my bones,” Marcus said.

“I don’t feel it,” Shadow said.

“I’m making sure you don’t,” Marcus said as he climbed the stairs.

Shadow hopped up onto the last step. When she turned, Marcus was only halfway up the stairs.

“Shadow, start the bath in the master bedroom,” Oliver said. He walked down the stairs then helped Marcus up them. “I’ll see if there are any bottles of blood leftover from last night.”

“I would appreciate that. I’ve had three Umbra Ones tonight,” Marcus said. “They’re not helping.”

“I’ll check the mix on the Umbra Ones too,” Oliver said. “We’re not connected to the global system, but you never know. They could have put in an update to find random units.”

Shadow turned on the water to the bath and stopped the drain.

Marcus walked into the bathroom. “Oliver is checking for better food.”

“I think you need it,” Shadow said as she tested the water. It was a little cool for her, but she thought Marcus would like it.

Marcus leaned down and felt the water. “You can make that hotter.”

Shadow turned up the hot water.

“I hate to ask, but…”

Shadow helped Marcus into the bathtub.

Marcus sat down and leaned against the back of the tub. “That’s better.”

Alera knocked on the bathroom doorframe. “Marcus, I found some medicine, and Oliver is bringing the last of the stuff the jungle food made yesterday.”

“What kind of pain medicine?” Marcus asked.

“I called Dr. Jones. He recommended something in the replicator at ten times the maximum human dosage,” Alera said.


“It’s a dropper.” Alera filled the dropper. When Marcus opened his mouth, she squeezed it in. “He said you’ll feel better, and you may fall asleep, but he’ll be here in about forty minutes, depending on the roads. He wants to look at the jungle food and you.”

“Send Shadow with Marius and my sire,” Marcus said.

“What!? You want me to leave when you’re injured?”

“No, I want to review your head when you get back since I can’t be there,” Marcus said.

“Oh,” Shadow said.

“In that case…” Alera walked over to the shower and set it on the steam setting before turning it on. “Steam for a minute. I have a couple things I need to do. Then, I’ll wash you.”

Shadow huffed.

“I’ll be healed by the time you get back,” Marcus said.

“You will be. Dr. Jones is bringing his medicine,” Alera said.

“Good,” Marcus said.

“I’ll be back. Both of you relax,” Alera said.

Shadow stepped into the steaming shower and sprawled across the bench.

By the time Alera got back to the master bathroom, both Marcus and Shadow were asleep. [Is Julian ready?] she asked Oliver.

[Almost, and Lucia should be here with the boys any minute. Why?] Oliver asked.

[They’re both asleep,] Alera said.

[Did Marcus drink the food I brought up?] Oliver asked.

[He did,] Alera said.

[Let him sleep. Wash Shadow’s hair. After spending 20 minutes in that steam shower, she’s probably clean,] Oliver said.

“Shadow, are you taking a steam-nap?” Alera asked.

Shadow opened her eyes and turned her head. “Maybe.”

Alera grinned. “Come on. I’ll wash your hair in the sink.” She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Shadow as soon as she turned off the water and exited the shower.

Alera washed and rinsed Shadow’s hair in the sink then wrapped a towel around her head. “I have clothes for you on the bed.”

Shadow started to hop into the bedroom before stopping and looking at Marcus.

“He’s okay, and Dr. Jones will look at him in about an hour or so,” Alera said.

Shadow sighed.

Marcus opened his eyes. “Come here, tiny.” He raised an arm. When Shadow leaned over the tub, he pulled her closer and kissed her. “I’ll be fine by the time you get back. I love you.” He whispered the latter into her ear.

Shadow half-smiled.

“He really will be, but we need to hurry,” Alera said.

Shadow hopped into the bedroom.

Marcus chuckled.

“I don’t know how she ever functioned without you,” Alera said.

“I don’t either,” Marcus said. “For that matter, I’m not sure how I functioned without her.”

“Just rest. I’ll get her dressed,” Alera said.

“Thank you,” Marcus said. “If she starts getting grumpy, call me.”

“I will.” Alera walked into the bedroom.

“Stop and pick her up some lamb bones!” Marcus yelled from the bathroom.

Alera laughed and shook her head. Even in extreme pain, he was still trying to take care of Shadow. “We will.” She turned her attention to Shadow who had already put on her shirt and fuzzy pants. “Do you need help?”

“No.” Shadow put on her socks then grabbed a boot.

Alera kneeled down. “Let me do this. It’ll be faster.” She put Shadow’s boots on her feet and tied them.

“How’d you do that so fast?” Shadow asked.

“I have to put shoes on half the childer every night,” Alera said. “And most of them have little feet just like you.” She stood. “You’re dressed. Let’s go. I think we’re running late.”

Shadow hopped out of the bedroom and down the stairs ahead of Alera. She walked into the kitchen and looked around. “Where’s the food?”

“All the food is injured,” Alera said as she walked over to the refrigerator. “Let’s see if there’s anything left from last night.” She found one in the bottom shelf in the door and pulled it out. Alera opened it and smelled it. “Oliver saved you one. Let me heat it up.”

Shadow watched while Alera pulled a pot out of the cabinet and set it on the stove.

Alera dumped the bottle into it and turned on the burner. “This’ll just take a minute.”

“The childer are fed and studying,” Oliver said as he walked into the kitchen. “Did you see that bottle I left?”

“I did,” Alera said. “Thank you.”

“We really eat a lot,” Oliver said.

“We have a lot of fangs to feed,” Alera said as she stirred the blood so it wouldn’t clump. “How are the jungle foods?”

“They’re okay,” Oliver said. “Mia’s up. She’s tending to the males. Changing and inspecting bandages.”

“Good.” Alera turned off the burner and poured the blood into a large glass.

Shadow grabbed the glass and drained it.

“How are the childer doing?” Alera asked.

“They’re okay. I let them ask me any question about last night, and I answered them,” Oliver said. “That seemed to help. Most of them were just concerned about Marcus. I told them he just needed rest, and he’d be fine later tonight.”

“If he feels well enough, he’ll probably go outside with them,” Alera said.

“Is there a bloodpudding?” Sabina asked as she stepped into the kitchen doorway.

“Extra lumpy?” Oliver asked as he walked over to the replicator.

“Yes!” Sabina said.

“Coming up.” Oliver programmed Sabina’s bloodpudding and pressed the start button.

“Are you staying here, Oliver?” Alera asked.

“I am,” Oliver said.

“We’re here,” Lucia said as she walked through the front door with the boys.

“Good. You and Alera and Shadow are going with Julian to town,” Oliver said as he stepped into the hallway after handing Sabina her bloodpudding. “I’m staying here with Marcus and the childer.”

“I can watch the childer if you want to go,” Lucia said.

“Marcus would feel better if you went with Shadow,” Oliver said.

“Oh. Is she all right?” Lucia asked.

Oliver stepped further into the hall. “She’s fine, but you’re going into town where you could potentially run into people associated with Marcus’ injuries.”

“He’s afraid she’s going to final them,” Lucia said.

“He’s worried she’ll tear them apart,” Oliver said.

“I understand the job duties,” Lucia said.

“I thought you might,” Oliver said.

“Where’s Julian?” Alera asked as she walked out of the kitchen with a sack slung over her shoulder.

“He was outside,” Lucia said.

“Good,” Alera said. “I have snacks, but we need to stop by the shelter for some lamb bones.”

“We can do that,” Lucia said. “Are we taking my van?”

“I think yours would work better,” Alera said.

“We can take mine,” Lucia said.

“How are the roads?” Alera asked as they walked out the front door.

“Mostly clear,” Lucia said as she spotted Julian. “We’re ready, Julian.”

Julian walked over to the van. “Are we still going to the mayor’s mansion?”

“We are,” Alera said as she opened the side door of the van.

“How’s big sire?” Julian asked as he helped Shadow into the van.

“He’ll be fine,” Alera said. She stepped in on the passenger’s side.

“Are we stopping at the shelter first?” Lucia asked as she started the engine.

“We are,” Alera said.

“We’re off,” Lucia said as she turned the van around and drove down the driveway. “Did Marcus want us to stop anywhere else?”

“He didn’t say, but I’m sure he’d appreciate any and all updates,” Alera said.

“We can stop by the construction site too, if they’re there,” Lucia said. “Unless. Julian, were you given a time to show up tonight?”

“I was not,” Julian said.

“That’s unorganized,” Lucia said. “But it works to our advantage.”

“After last night, there may not even be anyone at the mansion to notify Julian.” Alera opened the snack sack. “Shadow, do you want bloodchocolates or bloodcakes?”

“Bloodcake,” Shadow said.

Alera opened the container and handed it to Shadow.

Shadow took the container and grabbed a bloodcake out of it.

Julian laughed!

“What?” Alera turned her head to look.

“She just ate half of it in one bite,” Julian said.

“Here’s a couple wetwipes,” Alera said as she handed them to Julian.

“I no longer wonder why my siblings are messy eaters,” Julian said.

“They get it honestly,” Alera said.

Shadow ate the bloodcake and another one. Then, she handed the container back to Alera.

“Julian, are you hungry?” Alera asked before she put the lid on.

“No, I’m fine,” Julian said.

Alera closed the container and put it away.

“We’re coming up on the construction site,” Lucia said.

“We should stop,” Shadow said.

“I can turn in there. I see some vehicles,” Lucia said.

Julian opened a wetwipe. “Little sire.” When she turned to look at him, he quickly wiped off her face and hands.

“My childer are sneaky,” Shadow said.

Julian grinned as she threw the wipes away in the trash can. “You should see me catch Sabina.”

Shadow laughed.

Lucia parked near the edge of the property and turned off the engine.

Shadow hopped out of the van.

“Good evening,” the construction manager said as he walked over.

“How’s it coming?” Lucia asked.

He looked around and spotted Shadow. “Where’s Marcus?”

“He’s got some business to attend to tonight,” Lucia said. “I’m Lucia. This is Alera and Julian, and you know Shadow.”

“Indeed I do,” he said. “Well, I can give you a tour of the place so far. As you can see, we’re building the wall.”

“How long is that going to take?” Lucia asked.

“We should be done with it tonight. Up front, we’ll place the human grocery store.”

“Marcus is insistent about that,” Shadow said. “But where’s the real food entrance?”

“It’ll be at the back of the store,” the contractor said. “It’ll be marked with something. Probably Service Exit with some fangs or some decal we all understand.”

“Send the picture ideas to Marcus,” Shadow said.

“I will,” he said.

They walked the property while the contractor pointed out the major features. Currently, there were only red markers indicating where everything would go and a few poured foundations.

Shadow looked around.

“Marcus is still at home,” Alera said.

“Oh. Right,” Shadow said.

“We should probably head on,” Lucia said.

“We should. We still have a lot of stops,” Alera said. “Thank you. We’ll let Marcus know.”

Shadow climbed into the van behind Julian.

Alera and Lucia stepped into the van.

Lucia drove to the shelter. “Shadow, go get your lamb bones. Be quick.”

Shadow hopped out of the van and into the shelter.

“Welcome back,” Sadie said. “Where’s Marcus?”

“He’s got things to do tonight. Are there any lamb bones?” Shadow asked.

“We just got a meat shipment. Go ask Silvia in the kitchen,” Sadie said.

Shadow walked into the kitchen.

“There she is,” Sylvia said. “I have what you want.” She walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a bag.

Shadow hopped over and grabbed it. She unzipped it and pulled out a bone before sticking it in her mouth.

“Those just came in tonight, so they’re fresh,” Sylvia said.

“Thank you. We’re in a hurry,” Shadow said.

“Enjoy your night,” Sylvia said.

Shadow walked out of the shelter and got into the van. She closed the door. “I got the lamb bones.”

“They’re all yours,” Alera said. Then, she heard a crack and Shadow gasp. “What was that? Did you break a tooth?”

“Not that I know of,” Shadow said.

“Lean up here and let me see,” Alera said.

Shadow moved between the front two seats.

“Open your mouth,” Alera said. When Shadow did, she looked inside. “Nothing’s broke. What happened?”

“I think Marcus got stabbed in the side again,” Shadow said.

“Oh, Dr. Jones is probably treating him by now,” Alera said. She touched Shadow’s side. “Does it hurt right there?”

Shadow hissed.

“Yep. That’s Marcus. Let me fix that,” Alera said.

Shadow inhaled. “How’d you do that?”

“Put another muffler on your bond,” Alera said. “I’m sure that was accidental. He doesn’t want you to feel how much pain he’s in.”

“If that was only part of it, I’m worried,” Shadow said.

“I’m sure Dr. Jones will give him some medicine in a minute,” Alera said. “If you’re still in pain, I have some medicine I can give you.”

“I’m okay,” Shadow said.

“We’re almost to the Mayor’s mansion,” Lucia said as she turned a corner.