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Write Your Novel Notebook


writeyournovelAre you ready to write your novel? Are you looking for a journal or notebook that can help you get it done? If you answered yes, the Write Your Novel Notebook may be the notebook you've been waiting for.

Notebook Highlights

20 Chapters

20 pages per chapter

Add notes and other information at the end of each chapter

Pages to add additional notes at the end of this notebook400+ lined pages for all your fiction writing funThis notebook starts by allowing you to write down the date you started and the date you finished your manuscript, the title of your work in progress, the subtitle and your name. Next, answer a few basic questions, including:

Why are you writing this novel?

Why will this novel appeal to readers?

What genre is this novel?

What is your estimate of the finished word count?

Add any additional notes!!!

On page two, you have space to add 20 main, secondary and supporting characters in 3 columns so that you can easily keep track of them, and you can write down your one-sentence overview and your paragraph overview.

Each Chapter starts with:Chapter 1: and a place to put your chapter title

Date Started

Date finished

Finished Chapter Word Count

Chapter overview

THEN! You'll get 20 pages to write your chapter and a page at the end of each chapter that gives you the space you need to write down the chapter overview and any notes for the subsequent chapter, just in case you have to take an unexpected break from writing.

All in all, this notebook offers more than 400 lined pages to help you write your novel. At 250 words a page, you could write a 100,000 word novel in this notebook.

This notebook is a great companion to The First Five Drafts (SC Writing Book 1)


Amazon Paperback: $12.99