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The Tiny Vampire From Outer Space That's Bitey VIII - Hidden Agendas - Coming Soon



With the appearance of his old boss and ex-Bonded, Marcus is more than a little leery. These vampires are either going to be allies or competition. The race is on for Marcus to expand his businesses and take over Beach City before Caesar and Galla beat him to it or severely hinder his progress in turning Earth into a Vampire haven for his family.






Chapter 1



Marcus rolled over and wrapped his arms around Shadow. He was probably going to get bit. She was usually hungry first thing in the evening, but he still wanted to hold her.

Shadow yawned and stretched.

Marcus kissed the side of her face.

You’re still in bed,” Shadow said.

I am,” Marcus said. “How do you feel?”

Bloated. These are definitely coming tonight,” Shadow said.

Right now or later?” Marcus asked.

Later,” Shadow said. “They’re not moving yet.”

Marcus kissed her then stopped.

What?” Shadow asked. She knew he wanted to stick his mutto into her.

Have we expelled in this house?” Marcus asked.

I don’t think so. I don’t remember,” Shadow said.

But I haven’t built that expellation room, have I?” Marcus asked.

No,” Shadow said.

We have that extra room up here. I’ll do it now,” Marcus said.

I thought you wanted to...”

I do,” Marcus said. “But I want you to be comfortable, and those sacs are coming soon. I can bury my mutto inside you at any time, providing your not expelling.”

Shadow laughed. “But maybe I wanted to.”

I know you do. I can feel it,” Marcus said as he slid out of the bed. He helped Shadow out of it and looked at her abdomen. “You’re right. They’re coming tonight.”

Shadow looked down at her abdomen. “Unholy Hades. You’d think I was carrying three.”

I think you’ve got two males,” Marcus said.

Is this eighteen?” Shadow asked.

I think so,” Marcus said.

Shadow grinned. “You lost count!”

It’s either eighteen or twenty,” Marcus said. “I’ve got a lot of sons and daughters down there.” He motioned to the basement.

All yours,” Shadow said.

All mated childer, and I couldn’t be prouder,” Marcus said. “Let me get this room done. Can you feed yourself?”

Yeah, I’ll just have a couple Umbra Ones,” Shadow said.

What kind of chair do you want?” Marcus asked. “Did you like the one on the ship?”

I did, but it needed more padding,” Shadow said.

And I’d prefer it had a little basket or something to catch them if I’m not around,” Marcus said. “I’ll make one. The Erector has about two-thousand chair designs.”

Shadow inhaled. “You better hurry.”

Did one just start moving?” Marcus asked.

It did,” Shadow said.

Go eat. It’ll probably be a couple hours yet. I’ll make the room.” Marcus grabbed a pair of sweatpants and slid them on. “You can stay naked. We’ll shower after.”

Shadow hopped downstairs while Marcus grabbed the Erector so he could finish the expellation room. She ordered two Umbra Ones. She was starving.

By the time they appeared, she could feel herself starting to stretch.

You better wait for breakfast,” Shadow told her sacs. She did not want to expell on an empty stomach. She picked up the first Umbra One and drained it. Shadow set the container on the counter. The sacs were starting to feel good. [Are you almost done?]

[Almost. Are they coming fast?] Marcus asked.

[They’re starting to feel good,] Shadow said.

[Almost done. You can come up here,] Marcus said.

Shadow drained her second Umbra One. She left the kitchen and started to walk up the stairs. She gasped. [Can you help me?]

[On my way.] Marcus wasn’t finished, but he set the Erector down and left the new room. He found Shadow at the bottom of the stairs, clutching the railing. He bounded down the stairs and lifted her into his arms. “I guess they’re not waiting.”

They are really ready,” Shadow said then moaned. She squirmed. “Marcus, hurry.”

Marcus carried her up the stairs and into the new room. He set her on her feet. “Well, they can come. I just need to put a few finishing touches in here, like the chair.” He could hear Shadow panting and moaning as he built the chair. Those sacs were definitely coming. So much for a two hour window. It’d been forty-five minutes at most. “Done.”

Marcus, it’s coming now!” Shadow screamed and shook.

Marcus turned around. She had a sac between her legs. “Don’t move. One came out.”

I told you it was coming!”

Marcus walked over to her. He leaned down and kissed her. “You did that one almost by yourself.”

Shadow grinned. “It’s out?”

You got it out.” Marcus picked it up and showed her. “It’s a male. Almost four pounds.”

Shadow let out a sigh of relief. “It still smells like the underside of a crypt.”

Yeah, it stinks, but it’s perfect. Beautiful purple lines. Nice black sac.” Marcus walked over to a rack he had built to hold the sacs and placed it in one of the slots.

What is that?” Shadow asked.

A sac rack. In case I can’t get to a rookery in time,” Marcus said.

Shadow laughed.

This room doesn’t have any windows,” Marcus said. “So, I was able to create a rack just for this type of situation.”

When the sacs won’t wait,” Shadow said.

Right. How’s your second sac?”

He’s not ready yet,” Shadow said.

Well, I have the chair built.” He lifted Shadow off the floor and placed her in the chair. “How’s that?”

Comfortable,” Shadow said.

Marcus walked over to a sink and washed and dried his hands. Then, he walked back to Shadow and felt her abdomen. “He’s still in there.”

I don’t feel him moving,” Shadow said.

Marcus slid his hands down her abdomen. “He’s pulsing.”

I don’t think he’s ready,” Shadow said.

Is the pressure gone?” Marcus asked.

Mostly,” Shadow said.

Let me call the doctor,” Marcus said. He left the expellation room to grab his cell phone. Then, he called the homeless shelter.

Homeless shelter,” Charles said.

Is the doctor busy?” Maarcus asked.

Little bit. Do you need something?”

Shadow is… having her babies,” Marcus said.

Oh, is it not going well?” Charles asked.

One seems stalled,” Marcus said. “Could I please talk to the doctor?”

Of course.”

Marcus heard Charles walking then telling Dr. Jones that there was a birth emergency.”

I’m here, Marcus. What’s going on?” Dr. Jones asked.

Shadow had her first, but she says the second isn’t moving,” Marcus said.

Okay. Just relax. Is she in pain?”

No, she’s not in any pain,” Marcus said.


Dr. Jones thought for a moment. “Try massaging her abdomen. Sometimes when it’s twins, the second needs a little stimulation. I’ll wait.”

Marcus set the phone down. “He says to try massage.”

Okay, cause it’s still not moving,” Shadow said. “Usually, they move themselves.”

I know. I’ve got the doctor on the phone.” Marcus applied gentle pressure to her abdomen. “Try to relax.”

Shadow purred. “That feels good.” She relaxed then made a surprised sound. “He’s coming.”

Marcus let out a sound of relief. He picked up the phone. “She says he’s on his way.”

I’ll stay on the line,” Dr. Jones said.

Marcus set the phone down and continued to massage Shadow’s abdomen.

Shadow moaned and writhed. “He feels like he’s coming.”

Marcus looked between her legs. “He’s coming.” He could see the edges of the sac.

Shadow gripped the arms of the chair. “Marcus!” She screamed and shook.

He’s out.” Marcus caught the sac and put it on the rack. He walked over and washed his hands before picking up his phone. “Thank you. She got him out.”

If you need me for anything else, I’ll be here till two,” Dr. Jones said. “Congratulations, dad.”

Marcus grinned. “We’ll call if we need anything else.” He ended the call.

How big was the second?” Shadow asked.

Little smaller than the first. I think that’s why he stalled,” Marcus said. “Do you feel like you have any more?”

No. I think they’re all out,” Shadow said.

Just rest for a minute. I’m going to get a rookery,” Marcus said. He handed Shadow his phone. “Call Alera and brag. I’ll be right back.”

Shadow laughed. She dialed Alera as Marcus walked out of the room.

Marcus?” Alera said.


Oh, how are you?” Alera asked. “We’re just about ready to head over. Sorry, we’re running late.”

It’s okay. I just expelled,” Shadow said.

You had your sacs?” Alera asked.

I did. Two more. Marcus is going to get the rookery,” Shadow said.

I”m not quite ready, but we think tomorrow night or the next,” Alera said. “How did it go?”

Not as smooth,” Shadow said. “One failed to move.”

Are you okay?”

I’m okay,” Shadow said.

Oliver just finished what he’s doing and I’m no where near expelling. We’ll be right over to help,” Alera said.

Shadow ended the call just as Marcus walked into the room. “They’re on their way.”

Alera is worried,” Marcus said.

She is,” Shadow said.

Well, she can help you take a bath,” Marcus said.

I don’t need a bath. I can take a shower with you,” Shadow said.

I want you to take a bath and relax,” Marcus said. “You got stressed.” He put the new sacs in the rookery.

I was not stressed,” Shadow said.

Yes, you were,” Marcus said just as he heard the front door open. “They ran.”

Marcus, we’re here,” Oliver said.

Upstairs. Last room,” Marcus said.

Oliver and Alera ran up the stairs. Oliver opened the door to see Marcus with a rookery and Shadow in an elaborate chair. “How can we help?”

Shadow needs a bath,” Marcus said.

I’ll get a bath started and be right back,” Alera said.

So, two more sons, Marcus?” Oliver asked.

I think so.” He motioned to the rookery.

Oliver peered inside. “Very nice. Those look great.” He waved his hand in front of his face. “Extra ripe though.”

Marcus closed the rookery. “Yeah, those are extra-stinky, but they look the best so far.”

I agree with that. Those are some amazing sacs,” Oliver said. “Do you guys need food?”

There’s food downstairs,” Marcus said.

Well, you look like you skipped breakfast,” Oliver said. “I’ll be right back.”

Shadow looked at Marcus. “Did you skip dinner too?”

I might have,” Marcus said.

Shadow huffed. “You know we can eat as much as we want. We have a replicator.”

I know. I was preoccupied,” Marcus said. He leaned down and kissed her. “But I need considerably less food than you.”

You still need to eat,” Shadow said.

I have food.” Oliver walked into the room and handed Marcus two Umbra Ones. Then, he handed Shadow two Umbra Ones.

Marcus drained both of his. He licked his fangs. “Thank Hades for friends.”

Didn’t realize how hungry you were, did you?” Oliver asked.

I did not,” Marcus said.

Shadow drained one of her Umbra Ones. “Full.” She handed the other one to Marcus.

Marcus drained it. “Apparently, I was starving.”

I thought you looked a little pale,” Oliver said.

I’m fine now,” Marcus said.

Bath is ready.” Alera walked over to Shadow and helped her out of the chair. She looked at Marcus. “You’re not smelling very clean either.”

I’m going to take a shower,” Marcus said. “But I want Shadow in a bath so she’ll calm down.”

I'll get started on some distillations in the barn,” Oliver said.

I’ll join you as soon as I don’t smell like sac,” Marcus said.

Are we staying home tonight?” Shadow asked.

We are,” Marcus said.

Alera led Shadow out of the expellary room and down to the master bathroom.

Is he mad?” Shadow asked.

No,” Alera said as she helped Shadow into the bath.


He’s not mad at you,” Alera said as she grabbed a washcloth and lathered it. “He doesn’t want to run into his ex.”

Oh,” Shadow said. “I couldn’t tell.”

Alera started gently scrubbing Shadow. “He’s probably keeping it out of the bond. It’s in his surface thoughts.” She scrubbed shadow’s front. “Lean forward.”

Shadow leaned forward.

Alera scrubbed her back. “He just wants to do things here tonight. Make sure you’re comfortable. Start a new distillation.”

Marcus knocked on the doorframe. “Can I take a shower?”

You can. She’s in the bath,” Alera said.

Marcus walked in and started the shower. He turned around and stepped to Shadow's head. He leaned down and kissed her.

You want to tell Shadow why you’re mad?” Alera asked.

Marcus sighed. “Did she ask?”

She did,” Alera said. “You’re keeping it from her. Not that I want to pry.”

It’s okay,” Marcus said. “It’s hard to keep secrets when you’re Bonded and your best friends are telepathic.”

I know you’re mad,” Shadow said. “I just can’t tell why.”

It’s not you or the sacs,” Marcus said. “I’m still angry with my previous Bonded. I will eventually deal with her, but not tonight.” He stepped into the shower.

Alera handed Shadow the washcloth. “Clean between your legs. Gently.”

Shit. I need to feed her so she’ll heal,” Marcus said as he washed.

She’s okay. She can still wash that area,” Alera said.

Shadow washed and handed the cloth back.

Stand and let me see,” Alera said.

Shadow huffed and stood out of the water. “It’s cold.”

I know.” Alera examined her. “You are so bad at washing. Hold still.” Alera went over the area then looked again. “Okay, you can sit back down.”

I usually wash her,” Marcus said as he stepped under the shower to rinse.

She managed to miss all the gunk,” Alera said as she grabbed the shampoo and washed Shadow’s hair.

I’m pretty sure her house on Umbra had an automated shower,” Marcus said.

What’s an automated shower?” Alera asked.

It had specific spray jets for everything. You step inside, and it sprays you clean,” Marcus said. “From her memories, she had a fairly advanced house. This low-level technology confuses her.”

Oh my goodness,” Alera said as she finished washing Shadow’s hair. She turned on the faucet. “Rinse.”

Shadow stuck her head under the faucet.

Alera made sure her hair was thoroughly rinsed of soap. “I think you’re done.” She helped Shadow out of the bath, then grabbed two towels. She wrapped one around Shadow and another around her hair. “We’re all clean.”

Marcus stepped out of the shower after turning off the water. He wrapped a towel around his waist.

Marcus, can I talk to you about something? In private?” Alera asked.

I already know what you’re going to ask. The answer is no,” Marcus said.

You don’t even know what I’m going to ask,” Alera said.

Yes, I do. You haven’t had your sacs. You’re concerned about their growth, and you know that four-thousand year old seed would help,” Marcus said. “I’m not doing it.”

Alera sighed. “How do you know all that?”

It’s all over your face. I may not have telepathy, but I know expressions,” Marcus said.

I am concerned. I don’t think Oliver’s seed is strong enough.”

Marcus looked at Shadow. She looked like she was going to cry. “Go put on one of your little dresses and go help Oliver.”


Go help Oliver. You’re still sensitive after expelling your sacs,” Marcus said. He waited until she left the bathroom. “That’s a really mean thing to ask me in front of Shadow.”

I didn’t want to hide anything,” Alera said.

I can appreciate that thought,” Marcus said. “And I understand your dilemma.”

I want these sacs healthy, Marcus,” Alera said.

And I want my clan, but I promised her I wouldn’t stick my mutto in you,” Marcus said.

Well, can I just have the seed?” Alera asked.

How?” Marcus asked.

In a cup?”

Marcus ran his hands down his face. “You’re putting me in a terrible position.”

I know. I’m sorry. I’ll drop it,” Alera said.

Marcus contemplated. “I’ll help you but not in that way.” He held out his wrist. “Take a bite.”

How will that help?” Alera asked.

It’s seeding and feeding,” Marcus said. “It’ll help.”

Alera walked over and sank her fangs into Marcus’ wrist.

Take a couple good swallows,” Marcus said.

Alera took three swallows and released his wrist. She licked her fangs. “You’re incredible.”

It’s four-thousand year old blood,” Marcus said. “How do you feel now?”

Better,” Alera said.

Don’t ask me again,” Marcus said. “I consider my seed and my blood for Shadow.”

I understand. Thank you,” Alera said. She walked out of the bathroom.