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The Sex Doll II




Kelly Dongle has a new friend, Daniel Blackwell. He’s all hard muscle with a big cock, but he didn’t just walk into her life one day. He appeared out of a doll. Now, she has to help him find a new life after a more than 50 year gap. She can do it! If she can stay focused and out of his lap

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Chapter 2


(Chapter 1 is not suitable for a general audience)


Kelly filled the coffee maker with grounds and water before turning it on. Daniel was still in the shower. That was fine. He could take his time. Kelly figured she needed to make a huge breakfast. Daniel hadn't eaten in fifty-two years, and he now had two or three times the muscle to feed.

Kelly started by putting a pound of bacon in a large skillet and covering it with a lid. Then, she cracked a dozen eggs into the blender to make scrambled eggs. She pulled out a bag of country potatoes with onions and peppers and put them in another large non-stick skillet and stuck a lid on that skillet. By the time she finished putting everything but the scrambled eggs into a skillet, the coffee was finished.

Kelly grabbed two large coffee mugs and made both coffees with cream, sugar and vanilla extract. She turned around just in time to see Daniel walk into the kitchen semi-dry with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"You know... I wasn't really thinking when I took a shower. I don't have any clothes," Daniel said.

"It's not a problem." Kelly walked him to the guest bedroom and opened a closet. "My ex left all his clothes here, and I haven't gotten around to throwing them out. I don't know if they'll fit, but try on whatever you like."

"How long ago did he leave?" Daniel asked as he turned on the closet light and stepped inside to view the items.

"Two or three months ago," Kelly said.

"That explains a lot. Well, it does if you aren't keen on one-night stands,” Daniel said as he pulled down an extra-large t-shirt. "Was he a big dude?"

"He liked his clothes big," Kelly said. "And no, I don't typically go for one-night stands. Although, I've made a few exceptions recently. A girl can only wait so long."

Daniel laughed as he put on the t-shirt. He walked out of the closet. "No pants in there." He walked over to the dresser.

"That looks amazing on you," Kelly said. The t-shirt was long enough but it stretched around his upper arms.

"It almost fits. I'd prefer it a little looser in the arms," Daniel said as he pulled out a pair of boxers.

"Wait till you look in a mirror," Kelly said. "But shit. I better keep my eyes on breakfast. Take your time." She walked out of the guest bedroom and back into the kitchen where she flipped the bacon and stirred the country potatoes.

"What do you think?" Daniel asked as he walked into the room. "I don't think you were kidding about liking well-built men. Most of that stuff is my new size."

Kelly turned around. "Holy shit. I can't decide if you look better dressed or naked." She looked at his black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, black belt and dress shoes before bringing her eyes up to his face.

Daniel laughed. "I think I know what women feel like now."

"I wasn't looking at your chest," Kelly said. She laughed.

"You were looking significantly lower," Daniel said as he took a seat at the kitchen table. "Do these clothes give you flashbacks?"

"Not at all. I'm not sure I remember those exact clothes, but he never looked like you do in them," Kelly said. She turned to flip the bacon and stir the potatoes again. Then, she grabbed a large skillet for the eggs and tossed in half a stick of butter. "Oh. I made you a coffee." She picked it up and walked it over to him.

"Thanks. Been a long time since anyone made me coffee," Daniel said.

"Fifty-three years," Kelly said.

"I left so early the day I was imprisoned in that doll that my wife didn't even make me a coffee that morning. I stopped at a gas station."

"What the hell happened?" Kelly asked as she turned off the burners. She grabbed some plates out of the cabinets as he talked.

Daniel shook his head. He took a drink of his coffee. "That piece of shit used to have a Coke machine. I took orders and filled them. Drove a truck. It was a whole route. I did that guy's shop last. I'd like to say I had some sort of premonition, but no. That's just where it fell on the list. I could do it first or last. I did it last. I loaded the machine and took a new order. I was finished early that day so just started browsing the antiques. Caught sight of this old porcelain doll. Thought my wife would like it. I walked up to the counter, and he told me it wasn't for sale. He then walked me back to the aisle and recommended another doll. I said I wasn't interested. He was insistent, but the doll was ratty. It was antique but would have cost more to restore it than it was worth. Anyway, he keeps giving me this spiel about how I really need that damned doll. I was furious by that point and turned to leave. All of a sudden he tells me he has a twin to the doll I initially wanted, and he made a mistake when he put that doll on the shelf."

"And it was in the backroom," Kelly said as she finished plating their food. She walked the plates over to the table along with silverware.

"I should have ran right then and refused to fill that place ever again," Daniel said as he picked up his fork. "Anyway, I thought it'd be a nice surprise. I worked long hours. Got up too damned early. Worked too damned late. She deserved a present and the prices were pretty good. I shrugged and followed him to the back room. Well, this is nothing new for me. I'm in the backrooms of stores all the time, looking for their old Coke stock so I can out it out before it expires.

Kelly sat down at the table. "Shit..."

"Exactly," Daniel said. "I get back there, and I swear the walls are covered in pentagrams drawn in blood. More candles than I can count, and I swear to God, Kelly, they were not lit when I walked into that room. He picked up the doll he wanted me to buy, and they all lit. He never touched them, and I didn't see anyone else in that room." He took a bite of his food. "It was the doll you bought."

Kelly stopped chewing. She swallowed her food. "So, not the doll's twin..."

"Not even close. It had a wooden head. At least, it looked wooden," Daniel said. "Looked like it was termite riddled too."