12/1/2021 I am still loading articles. Though, at a much slower rate. Right now, I am working on turning my massive list of books into audio books. If I come up with new information or articles pertaining to audiobooks, those articles will get written pretty quickly. The Tiny vampire from outer space that's bitey 7 is in progress, but it may not go out on time (Jan 1) due to the massive amount of time that it takes to record audiobooks. However, moving forward after that, all books will have an ebook and an audiobook. Longer books will get paperback and hardback books.


The Venery of Bigfoot III




The gene Institute has their Bigfoot DNA samples, but Kitty is stuck in the forest during a blizzard. Thankfully, bigfoot is big, hairy and warm. He knows how to survive the harsh conditions, but Kitty would like to move Bigfoot into a new home near the city. Can she convince him to move with her so she can ride his cock without traveling six hours to his forest?

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