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Naughty Reads: The Sex Doll


sexdoll1When Kelly Dongle gets nominated to onboard a new financial client, the last thing she expects is to run into on her three-hour road trip is an antiques and toys store. Unable to stop herself, she walks inside to see the best antique doll she's ever seen in her life. For being almost 100 years old, it's in fairly good condition as if it's never left a display case. Of course, it doesn't have a display case now, but that doesn't stop Kelly from purchasing it. She puts the doll in the passenger's seat with her and drives onward to her destination. Once she arrives back home, she plans to display the doll in her guest bedroom in order to add ambiance and visual stimulation, but before she can do that, she is plagued by strange dreams and erotic fantasies that she's never experienced before. Could it be the doll?

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Chapter 1 - The New Toy


Kelly Dongle passed mile marker 153 on her way out of Central City. It was going to be a long night.  She'd gotten a call late in the afternoon to meet a a man named Jack Streaker. Kelly couldn't help laughing at his last name. Her first vision was of a man running around downtown Goatshead in nothing but a trench coat, flashing his willy to random strangers. Kelly was then assured by her boss that Mr. Streaker was extremely professional to spite his unfortunate family name. Then, they'd both laughed until they were interrupted by the secretary. Regardless of the hilarity of Streaker, Kelly's task was clear.  She was to onboard Mr. Streaker and inform him of their lucrative investment opportunities. Kelly was hoping to get him to invest at least one million.  That would mean that their two percent fee would result in a 50/50 split of $20,000, minus the secretary's wages, which were $10 an hour and random business expenses. When it was all said and done, Kelly expected a check of $8,000 or better for a few days work. She'd pay her rent for the next three months, buy food and bank at least half of that.

It was now after seven, and Kelly had another two hour drive to Goatshead. By the time she found a hotel, got some food and got settled for the night, it was likely to be midnight or later. Her meeting with Mr. Streaker was at ten in the morning. While it wasn't early by business hours, it was early to Kelly.

She dialed up the cruise control to 80. The speed limit was 75, but she wanted to arrive as soon as possible. Not to mention, increased speed didn't look to be an issue on this road. There'd barely been any traffic, and the weather was clear.

As the clock ticked closer to eight, Kelly found herself starving. She looked for the next exit. It was ten miles ahead in a town she'd didn't know existed. Sessu. It had a population of 5,000 and the tagline on the sign read - Most Satisfied Place on Earth.

Kelly didn't care how satisfied the residents were with their living arrangements.  All she cared about was what was on the menu. Luckily, there was a Wendy's at the off-ramp. She turned onto the exit and hit the brakes. As promised, the Wendy's was easily viewable from the ramp. Kelly turned left then took an immediate left into the parking lot. Her cracked window allowed the smell of deep fried, salty French fries into the car.

She pulled into the drive-through and waited. Surprisingly, there were two cars in front of her. She guessed she wasn't the only starving late evening driver on the road who'd had a minuscule lunch of granola bars and Diet Coke.

Once she arrived at the speaker and menu board, she ordered a spicy chicken sandwich, large fries and a large Diet Coke. The total came to a whopping nine dollars. Kelly pulled forward to the first window and paid the lady in cash. Then, she pulled forward to the second window to get her bag of food.

Kelly parked in the lot to eat, leaving the engine on. She ate the bag fries first. Those were always the best. Then, she ate her sandwich while watching the cars in the rearview mirror. It was a busy little Wendy's. It had to be traffic from the Interstate. She couldn't imagine a town of 5,000 giving a Wendy's enough business to justify staying open.

She was just finishing her massive box fries when she noticed a red neon sign behind her. It wasn't in the Wendy's parking lot, but it sure looked like it when she was looking in her mirror. The sign was for Goathead's one and only antique store and toy shop.

Kelly turned her head. The damned open sign was lit. She checked the clock. It was almost nine. "I bet they close at ten."

She tossed her trash in the bag and the bag on the floor. After putting the car in gear, she backed out of the parking space and starting looking for the parking lot exit that would lead to the antique store and toy shop. 

Kelly loved antiques and toys. After three years, she was still trying to design the guest bedroom in her house but never could find the right pieces. It was her hope that this out of the way place had the decor that she needed to finish the room so she could start having guests over for the weekends and on holidays.

Kelly parked next to the ramshackle wooden building and turned off the engine.  She stepped out of her car, closed the door and looked at the building. If it had been in the middle of a corn field, she would have thought it abandoned.  Goathead's one and only antique shop and toy store had to be at least 100 years old. The wood siding had long since lost its paint, and more than half of the exterior boards looked rotten and rotted, even in the darkness. Kelly wouldn't have been surprised to learn it was infested with termites and other nasty pests, like rats.

To spite the condition of the building, Kelly opened the old-style wooden door and walked inside. "Whoa..." She was surprised to find the inside well-lit and clean. The floors were wood, but they looked as though they'd been refinished in the last five years.  The shelves were modern. At least, the ones up-front looked like any shelving unit you'd see at a big box retailer.  The shelves in the back of the building looked older, and the ones along the back wall were definitely original with the building.

"Can I help you?" An old man asked as he approached her.

Kelly turned to see a man chewing on an unlit cigar. He was clean-shaven, but had long since gone bald, and whatever hair he had owned had been replaced with liver-spots. "I'm looking for a few pieces to finish off a guest bedroom."

"Are we talking shelving, paintings, knickknacks?" the man asked.

"All of the above," Kelly said. "And I wouldn't mind seeing your antique toys."

"Of course. This way," the man said.

Kelly followed him to the back of the store, watching as he frequently took the cigar out of his mouth then stuck it in the gap created by two missing teeth.

"Pictures are here. Most are more than 50 years old. A few are older than that." He walked down the aisle. "Haven't gotten many toys in recently.  What I have is here." He looked at the far end of the store. "And all the knickknacks are located at the far end. Last two aisles.  I'll be at the front counter if you need anything else."

"Thank you." Kelly started by browsing the paintings.  None were in good enough condition to hang. She thought she'd spend more in refurbishing them than they were worth. 

Kelly walked down to the toy section. As promised, there wasn't much available. A few old wooden board games, decayed teddy bears and broken dolls. However, one game did catcher attention, it was called Fortune and looked like an older Parker Brother's game. The box appeared to be in good condition, so Kelly set it on an empty section of shelf and pulled off the lid. The board and all the pieces appeared to be inside. She put the lid back on and carried it with her while she browsed the other toys, searching for something that looked like it didn't belong in a landfill.

Kelly carefully moved a few toys so she could see the ones in the back. After moving a moth-eaten stuffed bear, she spotted what looked like a child's doll dressed in a sailor's outfit. 

Kelly pulled it off the shelf and examined it. It was wearing pants and a shirt. It had short hair, but she couldn't tell if the doll was meant to be male or female, and she wasn't sure if these were the original clothes. Their condition was pristine, and if she had to guess, they were replicas of an old sailor uniform. She lifted up the doll's shirt to check the condition of the body. To her surprise, it wasn't stuffed. Instead, it was carved out of wood with carefully crafted joints that allowed the arms, legs, ankles and wrists to move. It surprised her because the head was so smooth, she thought it was porcelain instead of painted wood. Kelly decided to purchase the doll.  Being wood, it was unlikely to break if someone dropped it, and the clothes were in such good condition that she wasn't going to have to replace them with modern doll clothes or preemie baby clothes.

Kelly glanced at her watch and cursed. It was almost ten. She wasn't going to find a hotel until midnight. She hurried to the front of the store and placed the board game and doll on the counter.

"I see you found some items," the old man said.

"A couple. I'm sure I'll be back. There were lots of interesting things," Kelly said. "Unfortunately, I'm on a time crunch now."

"It is getting late." The old man rang up her purchase. "That'll be forty-five dollars even."

Kelly dug through her purse and found two twenties and five ones. She handed them to the man.

He put her money in the drawer and handed her the receipt.

"Oh, I don't need that," Kelly said. "Just throw it away."

"You'll want it," the old man said. "That doll has been returned five times this year."

Kelly looked at the doll. "Is it infested with bugs? Cause I don't need that. I just had the exterminator out at my house, and it wasn't cheap."

"Not that I know of. They just said it didn't work for them," the man said.

"That doesn't make any sense. How's it supposed to work? It just sits on a shelf?" she asked.

"They said it moved like Elf on a Shelf," he said.

"Well, they obviously have some prankster family members." Kelly put the receipt in her purse. "I think I'll be fine with it. It's going in my guest room."

"Good luck with it. Thirty-day no questions asked return policy," the old man said.

"Thanks." Kelly walked out of the building.  She put the board game in the trunk but set the doll in her passenger's seat.