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blooddoll1An unemployed male nurse lands a job at a reproductive clinic only to learn the babies he is helping to create are being sold to the local vampire population.​

After being unemployed for a year, William finally receives a call to come into Elite Surrogates and Adoption (ESA) for an interview. The sterile white interior does nothing for his confidence as he’s led to Sadie Jones' (HR manager’s) office where she proceeds to question him about his job experience and reproductive knowledge.

It all goes well in this paranormal medical romance until William realizes that he’s going to have to “perform” for the job. Fifty dollars an hour would help him catch up on his mortgage and get his wife to stop nagging him about the bills. However, using his own semen to propagate the reproductive cycle is more than a little weird. After considering the job and the busty HR manager, he agrees to continue the interview.

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William Wilson walked through the glass and stainless steels doors of Elite Surrogates and Adoption (ESA) with his briefcase in hand. He spent the morning flipping through the suits in his closet to find the perfect interview attire. After 25 minutes and numerous warnings from his wife, he decided on a basic black off the rack jacket and pants with a white shirt and a red tie.

Now, his hard-soled shoes echoed across the white tile floors. The walls and ceiling were equally white, only broken apart by the steel of the wide chair railing. It reminded him of one of the clean rooms he’d been assigned to when he worked for Community Hospital, except the sterile interior design of ESA seemed to span the entire building.

One-hundred feet in front of him stood a black information desk with the front higher than the back. William ventured to guess, it was made out of marble. The contrast caused him to double-check his surroundings. The rest of the area was white. When the receptionist acknowledged him, he spoke. “I have an interview with Sadie Jones at ten.”

“Your name please?” she asked.

“William Wilson.” He watched as she stared at her computer monitor and hit a few keys on her keyboard.

“I see you here. I’ll let Sadie know. You can have a seat.” She motioned to the white and metal chairs located in a small seating area, which was defined by a white commercial rug with off-white edges.

“Thank you,” William said before turning and occupying one of the seats. It smelled like fresh plastic. William expected it. This was the new ESA clinic. They’d moved from a location across the street from Community Hospital to this new building in downtown Indianapolis shortly before William had been fired.

He checked his watch. It read five till ten. He was early and hoped they would see it as a positive.

His watch read ten after ten when he heard and elevator door open and watched a woman who appeared to be in her mid-30s exit. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, matte black belt, high heels and a white dress shirt with the top three buttons unbuttoned.

“Mr. Wilson.” She held out her hand. “I’m Sadie.”

William stood and shook her hand in greeting. “A pleasure, I’m William Wilson.”

“I’m so glad you could make it. Follow me. My office is upstairs.”

“Of course.” William said as he followed her into the elevator. He wasn’t surprised to find the interior steel of the elevator matched the wide chair railings that snaked their way through the corridors.

“Did you have trouble finding us? We recently moved.”

“No, not at all. Google Maps was quite the help.” He grinned when he heard her laugh.

“My office is this way,” Sadie said.

William followed her off the elevator and down to the end of the hall where there was a door instead of a window, indicating the end of the hall. He watched as she opened it and entered. William followed. “Did you want the door open or closed?”

“Closed please. You can be seated at your leisure,” Sadie said.

He closed the door then positioned himself in one of the large black leather seats in front of her desk. The chair was overkill for an office. It had to be either a La-Z-Boy or an Ashley, and he was further convinced when he looked down and saw a reclining lever.

His attention refocused on Sadie when he heard the rustling of paper. William assumed it was his resume.

“I see you have a bachelor’s of science in nursing and a computer science minor,” Sadie said.

“Yes, ma’am. I graduated in 1998,” William said.

“And you have almost 20 years of nursing experience. Most of it appears to be in the NICU,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am. Though, for the last five years I was with Community East, I took care of the elderly. Slip and fall. Dementia patients.”

“Perfect,” Sadie said. “Well, let me tell you a little bit about ESA and the position. ESA was founded in 1960 by Dr. Jacob Blackwell. Since then, we have birthed and/or adopted almost 60,000 children, and we continue to be one of the most successful surrogate and adoption clinics in the country. Your position as a fertility specialist would be to propagate the fertility treatments and do everything within your power to ensure they are a success.”

“Of course,” William said. “I would be honored to help in the process. I understand how difficult it can be to conceive.”

Sadie nodded once. “If you don’t mind me asking, do you have any children? You can decline to answer.”

“I don’t mind the question. I don’t have any children. My wife is not fertile,” William said.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” She paused. “Are you fertile?”

He glanced around the room. “I was not the problem. She has PCOS.”

“Good, because that is a qualification of this job,” Sadie said. “We like our fertility specialists to also be donors. Are you familiar with the standard donation practices?”

“I am.” William said after clearing his throat. Talking about his fertility and jacking off into a cup was the last thing he expected to be discussing during a job interview. “It’s...” He cleared his throat. “Fairly straight forward.”

“You would be required to donate nightly,” Sadie said.

“I see,” William said as he tried to keep his facial expressions neutral.

“Would you have a problem with that?” Sadie asked.

“No.” William shook his head. It was an unusual request, but one he could live with given the hourly pay.

“The job, as I am sure you are aware, pays $50 an hour. That’s significantly higher than most of the comparable positions,” Sadie said.

“I am aware,” William said.

“Can I assume that’s why you applied?” Sadie asked.

“You can,” William said and was certain he had just blown his opportunity for a job offer. There was no way in hell they were going to be turned-on by a job applicant who was solely interested in the money. Most interviewers wanted to hear about how the applicant was motivated by the cause or determined to learn and advance quickly. William was interested in none of it. At this point in time, he was motivated by money, and the potential for a sign-on advance. He had heard through the grapevine that ESA paid a $5,000 sign-on bonus, and that money would help him catch-up his mortgage payment and other mounting bills.

Sadie smiled. “Excellent.”

“Excuse me?” William asked. He adjusted his position in the chair.

“Whenever I ask that question, I receive a heartfelt, prepared speech about how much the individual loves babies and wants to help barren women conceive. Your honesty is refreshing.” Sadie said as she unbuttoned the fourth button of her shirt. “Since you were honest with me, I am going to be honest with you. The position doesn’t require a drug test, per say, but it does require a battery of medical tests. In order to be considered,” she stood and walked around to the front of her desk, “you have to be healthy and free from any sexually transmitted diseases. You cannot have diabetes, high blood pressure, tuberculosis or any other chronic or communicable disease. Do you have any of those diseases or any diseases that would fall into that category?”

“I do not. At least, not that I know of,” William said as he watched her unbutton a fifth button. He could now see more than the edges of her bra. To remain polite, he focused on her face. “I don’t take any medications other than an allergy medicine and Advil for the occasional headache.”

“Over the counter medications are fine. When was your last physical?” she asked.

“As a nurse, I am required to get them yearly. My last physical was 12 months ago.”

“And I assume there were no problems?”

“None. Said I was healthy as a horse,” William said.

“You wouldn’t tell me if you had erectile dysfunction would you?” She said as she stepped between his legs.

“There’s a pill for that.” He watched in confusion and horror as she moved deeper between his legs. It caused him to scoot further back into the chair.

“Well, we don’t want you to take a little blue pill every night. We don’t think it’s healthy, and we don’t want you to damage your equipment. It is, after all, what will be earning your $50 an hour,” Sadie said.

“I… Yeah, I kinda figured,” William said.

“So how comfortable are you with your sexuality and sex?” Sadie asked.

“Uh… comfortable enough.” He stammered as he watched her hands move towards his belt. It looked as though she was going to unfasten his pants!

“Scoot towards me,” Sadie said.

He did as she said before clearing his throat. “What is going on here?”

“Your first test,” Sadie said as she unbuckled his belt. “I wasn’t kidding when I said you needed to be able to get and maintain an erection without medication.” She paused and watched him. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“Yes,” William said.

Sadie leaned back a few inches before unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on her shirt. She removed it and laid it across her desk. “Do you know how many of these interviews I’ve done in the past three years?”

“No,” William said.

“Hundreds, but only 30 were successful. Most of the men scramble out of my office the minute I unfasten their belts,” Sadie said.

“So, I’m doing better than most,” William said.

“So far,” Sadie said.

William watched her remove her skirt. To his surprise, she was wearing a bra but no panties, and she was shaven. He couldn’t imagine this was interview was legal. Yet, he found himself remaining in his seat as she leaned close.

Sadie pulled his belt free and tossed it onto the top of her desk before unzipping his pants. “If any of this makes you uncomfortable, you need to tell me immediately.”

So you can stop and end the interview,” William said.

And not have to deal with a sexual harassment lawsuit,” Sadie said as she freed his penis from the confines of his boxers.

I’ll let you know if I find this intolerable,” William said. He was incredibly uncomfortable. He was letting a strange woman manhandle his manhood in a job interview. This was insane.