12/1/2021 I am still loading articles. Though, at a much slower rate. Right now, I am working on turning my massive list of books into audio books. If I come up with new information or articles pertaining to audiobooks, those articles will get written pretty quickly. The Tiny vampire from outer space that's bitey 7 is in progress, but it may not go out on time (Jan 1) due to the massive amount of time that it takes to record audiobooks. However, moving forward after that, all books will have an ebook and an audiobook. Longer books will get paperback and hardback books.


Writing should be a passion; a talent most say they wish they could do. The general perspective of an author is that they are extraordinary, making words come to life so easily. For the majority, this is not the same perspective a writer has about their work, their skill, their talent. Yes, they are passionate about their words, but most are not confident.

 There are several reasons why an author/writer has low self-esteem when it comes to putting fingers to keypad. 




 Looking at the success level of fellow authors whether it be books or articles, can be daunting. The competition is fierce, and if a writer is not a best-seller or as rated as high as others in the freelance world, it can cause them to question their talent. Comparing success levels of others instead of focusing on their own positives can lead to the “they must be a better writer” than me syndrome, a definite red flag of low esteem. A writer’s talent is their individual talent, never compare the uniqueness of your own work.



 A true writer instinctively knows whether their words will capture an audience and keep their attention. However, because a large audience may be reading their work, self-doubt may begin to enter the mind of the author. “Will they like it?” “Can they follow what I’m saying?” Thus, self-esteem begins to enter in if allowed. In most cases, going back to the first instinct will be the one correct path to take as we should always follow our knowledgeable instincts.





 Fear of failure will most definitely bring about the low self-esteem factor in writers. Rejection, low interest in one book or even one article can cause shame. If a writer has been rejected or criticized in some way, it can cause them to feel they are not worthy and will not try again. However, a writer should not over-analyze a piece of work that wasn’t accepted in a positive manner, a writer may choose not to explore that genre again, instead of using it as constructive criticism.



 Of course, an author sets out to write the top-selling book or write the perfect article. It is possible to set our expectations too high, and when if they are not met, self-doubt about whether they are a good writer or not will devour them. It is not that a writer should not strive to abduct a captive audience, that is expected. It is when the high expectation is lower than anticipated that an author begins to once again feel unworthy of their written word. Always strive to give the people what they want, and write from the heart, passion is the key. 

 There are several factors as to why writers may not feel good enough as they aim to entertain, give knowledge, tell a story. People are reading their work, and that is pressure. Confidence is a balance of acceptance, and the writer must continue to strive.