Because there were two ways to do it. I could put in a Part 1 and Part 2 in a single book, or I could split them. They were initially a single book, but there’s an extreme perspective switch from Shadow’s to an Elder Guard between what I believe would have been chapters 13 and 14. I may be wrong on the chapters, but you get the point.


From my perspective as a reader, it’s more annoying to hit an extreme perspective switch in the middle of a book or encounter a PART 1/ PART 2 scenario in a single book than it is to just split them. I chose to split them. To me, it made more sense to split them out into 2 books than try and create some sort of cohesiveness in a single book.


Oh, and since they were written as a single book and split, they were both out within a month of each other. Of course, as you all have figured out by now, I try to have a new Little Bitey out every month.


This is the most common question I get about the series, so here it is answered. There was no other way to do it. The alternative was worse. The fun part is that everyone who has complained about that did so after there were literally 3 to 4 books in the series available! It’s not like they had to wait for the next installment! *flabberghasted*  Because that's typically what I look for when I hit a cliffhanger ending.  Is the next part available?  If it is, I have no cause for complaint.  I just move to the second part.


The other thing is that both of these books are rather intense. I just got done doing both the audios for these, and what I thought was a relaxing set of books....  was more intense than I intended.  LOL  the characters really do go through a lot of hell, so perhaps a break between the two is needed. I'm even dealing with some of the trauma in later books.  Like Marcus is still very upset at the loss of his first childe.  The one they didn't know about. So you see that in like book 5 or 6 where Marcus is talking to Oliver about it, and Oliver is like . . . It's okay, buddy.  There was nothing you could have done.


regrettably, I am still working on audio books, so please be patient.  There is a Little Bitey 7 in the works and probably more after that.  My apologies for the delay.  I did not know doing audio books would take so long! I am finishing the audio for Little Bitey 5 tonight.