11/24/2021 Thank you so much for your patience while I manually reload everything on the website. I am about halfway done. Articles are somewhat getting a revamp. Typos are getting fixed (Thank you for never mentioning those. LOL) My books are edited way better than my articles. I promise! However, if you find a broken image or a broken link, please let me know. I am uploading code rather quickly, and some things may still point to the old site.Obviously, those links won't work cause the site exploded, and the articles aren't being loaded in the same order, and some of them have revamped titles. So, if you find a busted link, you can email me leave me a message in Twitter @ https://twitter.com/shadowconn. Thank you!. The homepage should work fine in Firefox and Chrome. It is still jacked up in Chromium, and I do not know why yet. Eventually, I'll figure it out, but the majority of browsers should render the site correctly. I have looked at the site on my cell phone. It's ok, not perfect. I have not yet tested it on a tablet, so if you've done that, let me know how it looks. If you've noticed, there's no cart on the website yet. I just have a link to my Facebook store. I didn't like the last shopping cart, and aparently neither did you guys, so I'm doing facebook right now until I have time to vet other shopping cart options. If you wish to donate to the site, please use paypal.me/staceylcarroll. It goes to a good cause, like food, this site's hosting fees and rent. Of course, I do recommend that you get something for your hard-earned money, so I'd prefer you buy a book or a piece of jewelry, just so you're not handing me money for nothing. As a last resort, everything I have is under kindle unlimited, so flip a few pages. Even .0045 cents helps. Again, thank you so much for your patience.