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Self-publishing is a superb strategy to expose your name or brand within the world. Keep in mind, when you use this method to create a novel you are responsible for the groundwork in getting the story advertised. This may consist of paid reviews, marketing and various useful concepts to enhance your book brand. One important thing to consider prior to your books completion is where do you find reviews for your novel? Here are a few companies that you can look into for reviews for your book:


LibraryThing offers an astonishing outlet for individuals who chat about books, reviews etc.; It also hosts a social platform web site that is an extraordinary atmosphere for writers to associate with possible insiders. This leaves many ideas to get your novel out there and pull in interested readers. LibraryThing also features participant sweepstakes which allows authors to render books to readers. Authors can customize the number of novels specifically for giveaways and individuals will register for the sweepstakes for a chance to win these books.


Goodreads is another great resource that offers a broader widespread of tools for writers. However, authors do not have selling capabilities or do not have to pay for reviews from this site to sell their books; they must be offered to readers for free. This can benefit most authors, as this can bring a host of input from readers who have read your novel. Keep in mind; if you are knowledgeable, you can advertise your novels on your primary site and other sites to make up for the budget of the free novels rendered on sites like Goodreads.

Social Platforms

Social websites can also be a benefit to your novel if you know how to work your magic where you can get free reviews for your novel. The good thing about social sites is they have a large widespread of users who enjoy reading and rendering book reviews. You can browse for people to review your novel on well-known sites like FacebooktwitterInstagram and many other social platforms that will get your novel out there.

Any Subject Books

Pays their readers cash for reading novels and rendering honest book reviews. This is also a great resource, since users are familiar with what this site requires. Users must first register as a reviewer and Any Subject Books will ship books to these prospects to read and provide an honest review.

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus is another great resource that works in the industry of book reviews that authors will have to pay to obtain, however, in the end it could be worth the while to get insiders familiar with your novel. They are not specific on the various packages they offer, however they generally require reviews of a 350-word novel or more and writers can obtain a bundle for no more than $500 to obtain reviews for their book.