Romance and Erotica: How Do They Compare? 

The genres of Romance and erotica are similiar, but also very different.  Romance tends to hav ea plot that centers around a relationship.  Erotica may or may not have a plot, depending on the author.  There's a subgenre called romantic erotica, which cotnains the same plots as a traditional romance book but the sex scenes are explicit as if it were an erotica book.


Romance typically centers around a relationship.  The standard plot is char A meets char B.  They fall in love, but one of them can't have a relationship right now.  Then, later, they can have a relationship.  There may or may not be sex in a romance book.  However, if it does exist, it's usually at the end after the relationship has been fully developed and a formal comittment has been made by the characters.  Romance also has an incredible number of subgenres, including historical, western, fantasy, sci-fi, ect.  Romance books can even be subdivided by types of main characters, like bad boys, cowboys, doctors and billionaires. In short, there's nearly as many variations of these books as there are authors that write them.


Erotica is all about the sex.  These books can contain plots or no plots, meaning it's just a series of sex scenes.  Though, the longer books tend to have some sort of a plot to hold them together for 40,000 to 80,000 words.  Erotica books tend to have the same types of main characters as romance books, including bad boys, cowboys, billionaires, doctors and bankers.  They also tend ot feature BSDM, anal sex, fettish sex and same gender sex.  I"ve even seen erotica books that feature bear and dinosaur sex.  The big difference between erotica and romance is that erotica books don't need to develop any type of relationship between the characters.  They can meet and fuck and develop the relationship later or not at all.

Romance and Erotica Examples

Here are a few indie authors with romance and erotica books.



Peter Presley




Jill Monroe leads a seemingly ordinary life. No controversy. No drama. And definitely nothing kinky. But while out with her girlfriends at a local bar, no one is more surprised than she when Brian Thomas, a devastatingly handsome and uber confident tech billionaire, sets his sight on her.









Piper Presley

PiperpresleyBlazeJohn is a handsome, caring and respectful firefighter attracted to a beautiful redheaded lawyer named Carolyn, the woman of his dreams. He likes Patty, a cute and bubbly brunette, but just as friends. Even though Carolyn is gorgeous, are her looks deceiving? Is Patty better for John?



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