Terrible Fiction

(The following short story has not been edited or adjusted.  Typos, plot holes and any other errors are still within the text.  The goal is to show you that as authors and writer, we don't start off writing great fiction.  Nadine was kind enough to provide the first story in this series of Bad FIrst Fiction)  Although, to be quite honest, this is pretty good.


This is a short story that focuses on a man exploring the possiblity that he may be transexual


Short, slender, quiet Mark Edwards was leaving town. He had had a bellyful of all the narrowminded, bigoted people that lived there. He had just turned eighteen and had already graduated from high school so no one could say anything. He had never warmed to his foster parents, who had only seemed to care about the money that they received for him. So he packed his few things and started hitchiking.

By the time that he had reached the North Carolina border he was hot, tired, and sweaty. When a long , black Caddillac pulled over, he hurried to reach it. To his surprise, the rear passenger window had rolled down. "Hop in, we can talk after we get moving !", the tall, beautiful, blond woman commanded. He quickly took off his backpack, put it on the floor, and climbed in. "Okay, Richard, lets get moving again." the woman said.

"So, where are you heading?" she asked.

"I don't really know." Mark replied. "I guess that I'll head for California. I need a complete change from the way things were back where I used to live."

By the time that they had reached Knoxville, she had extracted his life story from him. She knew just how little money that he had with him and how badly he needed a job and a place to stay. "Well",she sighed, "I guess that I'll just have to take care of you. I just can't see having a lovely boy like you sleeping on a park bench until you find a place to stay and a job. How would you like to be my personal servant?"

Mark was stunned. "Wow, madam, I just figured on hitching a ride with you. I didn't expect to get a job."

"Well, there are a few conditions attached, you understand?" she said. "First off, you must obey me completely. I will not tolerate disobedience. Second, you must trust me. I will always have very specific reasons for what I tell you to do, and you do not always need to know what they are. Quite often, I won't have the time to tell you why I need you to do it, I just need to know that you will obey me implicitly!

"Well, do we have a deal?"

"Yes, of course." Mark stammered.

"Excellent" she purred. "Richard, take us to a hotel, please."

Once they were in the hotel suite she commanded him: "Mark, please take off your clothes and hop into the shower. I have to go down to the hotel shops for a few things. When I get back, we'll have dinner." He swiftly complied with her order. When he got out of the shower , she had not yet returned and his clothes and backpack were gone. The only item of clothing left in the suite was a thin silk dressing gown. He put it on and waited for her return.

Her arrival barely preceded the arrival of their dinner. It was the best meal that Mark had ever eaten. After the dishes had been taken away, and they were on their second bottle of wine, she produced a large joint.

"Mark, have you ever smoked grass before?"

"No,madam, not yet."

"Well, you're about to.", she said. She lit the joint and took a huge toke. She leaned forwards and kissed him. As his lips opened automatically, she blew the smoke straight down his throat. "Now, hold it in as long as you can, then exhale and have a drink of wine." They smoked the whole joint that way.

Mark was feeling very buzzed and very aroused by the time that they finished the joint. His cock was rock hard and poking out of the dressing gown long before they finished smoking. "Now, Mark, I need you to take off your dressing gown, go into the bathroom, adjust the shower to your liking, and wait for me outside the shower." He immediately did just that, smiling in anticipation.

When she entered the bathroom, she was gloriously naked and holding something in her hands. Her breasts were entrancingly lovely, large and firm with huge nipples. Her waist flared into the most incredible ass that he had ever seen. At that point, his cock was harder than it had ever been in his life.

"Mark, I need you to turn around and close your eyes." He swiftly complied with her demand. He felt something being placed over his eyes and secured in place. "Now I need you to stand still and only move when and how I tell you to. Keep your mouth firmly shut." He felt a cool liquid being spread over him swiftly. Occasionally, she ordered him to move to a new position until his body was completely covered with the liquid. Then she led him into the shower and rinsed him off. His cock was still incredibly hard.

She led him out of the shower and lovingly dried him off. The towel felt so warm and soft on his bare skin as she caressed him with it. Then she handed him a towel and ordered him to dry her off. Still blindfolded, he willingly did so. Her skin felt so soft as he caressed her with the towel. He lovingly caressed her with the towel, rejoicing that she allowed him to do so. Her breasts felt so firm and soft at the same time that he ached to caress them with his tongue. The curve of her hips drove him wild with desire. His cock was throbbing with the urge to enter her pussy.

After he was done drying her, she grasped him firmly by his cock and led him out of the bathroom. She placed him in the middle of the room and directed him to stay right there. She left him there and swiftly returned. He felt something being placed tightly around his cock and his balls. "Mark, I do not want you to come until I am ready for you to, so I am putting a restraint on you. Now lift your arms until they are even with your shoulders." He obediently did so and felt a type of wide leather belt being placed around his waist. "I also don't want you to use your hands in what we are about to do, so I am securing them as well. Lower your arms down now, please." He did so and felt some type of wide band placed around each of his wrists. He then heard a couple of clicks like locks snapping shut and felt his wrists being secured to the belt on his waist. A shiver of fear ran down his spine. Then he felt her hands on his waist drawing him back and urging him to sit down.

"Would you like some more wine?" she asked.

"Yes, please madam." he said.

She gently held the glass to his lips for him to drink. "You should call me: "Mistress", from now on, my dear. I have a lot to teach you, and you have a very short time in which to learn everything that you will need to know."

"Yes, Mistress" he replied.

Her lips caressed his. Then he heard the sound of a cigarette being lit and the smell of grass filled the room once more. She sat on his lap, with her pussy just grazing his upright and rigid cock, her proud breasts just inches away from his chest, and kissed him, filling his lungs with smoke once again.

After they finished the joint, she remained on his lap, kissing him and caressing his chest with her breasts. Soon she raised up and placed one of her breasts in his mouth, ordering him to kiss it and caress it with his tongue. Then, she moved it and placed her other breast in his mouth. He lovelingly caressed them both, feeling her huge nipples grow even larger and firmer as he did so. Then, she slowly raised up, making sure that his lips trailed down her body as she did so.

She straddled his face with her pussy right next to his lips. He drank in her feminine oder hungrily. She firmly placed his mouth directly on her pussy and he started kissing and caressing her lips with his tongue. He entered her with his tongue, wanting to enjoy her tasty juices. She moaned with lust and pressed his head even closer to her pussy. He hungrily drank in her love juices and then slowly his tongue travelled up towards her clit. As his tongue reached her clit she came, spasming her pussy against his face, and drenching him with her love juices.

After she finished coming, he started circling the area around her clit with his tongue, just barely touching her skin. She moaned with lust and put her hands on his head, urging him to continue. It felt so strange and sexy to have her hands on the newly bared and sensitive skin of his head. He curled his tongue and placed it around her clit, just barely touching it. He slowly started rocking his head, causing his tongue to move lightly back and forth on her clit. She moaned with pleasure and started rocking her hips in rythm with his tongue. Back and forth and faster and faster they went. She screamed with joy as she came again and again..

After his tongue was to tired to move anymore she slowly sank down to his lap. His cock was still rock hard and aching with the need for some release. Her hairless pussy was so close to his cock that her outer lips were brushing against it. She sagged against his chest, with her rock hard nipples brushing his lower ribs. He trembled with the desire to have his cock inside her.

As she recovered, she started moving her pussy up and down, rubbing his cock with it. He moaned with pleasure and frustration, begging her to put his cock inside her tight, wet slit. She raised up off of him and urged him to stand up. She spread his legs widely apart and moved him backwards so that he straddled the chair. She left him there for a moment and soon returned.

"Now I want you to slowly sit back down onto the chair, stopping when I tell you to." She slowly urged him downwards and stopped him when his ass was just inches away from the seat. He could feel something nudging the rim of his anus. Then she climbed onto the chair and straddled him. He could feel her pussy just barely touching his cock. He longed to be inside her. "Just relax." she said and then she kissed him. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock, pressing him downwards. He felt something invading his ass. It was a strange sensation, but not unwelcome. "Relax!", she commanded. He did so and she continued to lower herself onto his cock, driving him further down onto the chair and the dildo.

Finally, his whole bottom rested on the chair and his ass had completely enveloped the dildo. Her cunt had completely entrapped his cock and it felt so good that he moaned with pleasure. She smiled at him and began to nibble at his neck and playing with his nipples. This really turned him on and he started moving his hips up and down, fucking her pussy and himself at the same time. She soon responded, riding his cock, going with his rythm. They started going faster and faster, lost in passion. She reached down and released the restraint on his cock, and they came together, crying out in passion.

There on the chair they rested, sated from their pleasures. After she recovered, she gently urged him out of the chair and towards the bed. As she let him towards the bed with one hand on his elbow, the other hand gently played with his ass. She laid him down on his side and laid on the bed next to him, with her crotch resting against his ass. She put her arm around his chest and laid her fingers against his nipple. They fell asleep that way, with the dildo still firmly lodged in his ass.


Chapter 2


Mark woke up in the morning with his blindfold gone, but with his arms still bound to his sides. His ass felt strangely empty. His Mistress was sitting in a chair watching a movie. He clumsily levered himself up to a sitting position on the bed.

"I see that you are finally awake." she said. "Would you like some help going to the bathroom?"

He nodded assent and she gracefully arose from her chair and came to him. She helped him up and led him towards the bathroom with one hand on his elbow. She lifted the lid for him and helped him to sit down on the toilet. "I want you to start sitting down to go to the toilet from now on. You are going to be my personal maid and you need to dress and act accordingly. By the time we reach my home, there must be no doubts in anyone's mind that you are a female. I have very good reasons for this and I am not going to tell you why. You are just going to have to trust me on this. "

"But I don't want to dress like that!" he whined.

"You are going to do this! You have already committed yourself and I am not going to let you back out of this! Stand up!"she commanded. Mark clumsily complied with her demand. Her hand swiftly shot out and grasped his balls. "Obiviously, I am going to have to explain the facts of life to you. I have you by the balls, both literally and figuratively." She squeezed them firmly and did not release the pressure. A gasp of pain escaped his lips.

"You have absolutely no clothes, except what I choose to give you. By now, my chauffeur will have burned your clothes. You have no money, no job, and no place to stay except what I give you. If you left this room right now, I can guarantee that you would be arrested within an hour. I will personally make sure that you spend a very long time in prison. You will be very easy for the police to spot as you are completely hairless except for your eyebrows and eyelashes. Do you understand me?" She squeezed even tighter on his helpless balls.

By now tears were running out of his eyes. "Yesss, Mistress." his quivering voice replied.

"Excellent," she replied. "You are going to obey me implicitly from now on, aren't you?" She squeezed still tighter yet on his balls and then abruptly released most of her pressure. A moan of pain escaped his lips. "Yes, Mistress."

"I really think that you need some time to think about this. Therefore, I am going to give you that time." She tugged on his balls and went into the main room with him at her heels. She sat down on the chair and tugged on his balls, forcing him to his knees in front of her. "Close yours eyes." she told him. He felt the blindfold being secured over his eyes again. "Since I don't want to hear your whining, I am going to take away your ability to talk. Open your mouth!" He resisted momentarily, but a warning squeeze on his balls convinced him to comply. "Wider" she commanded and squeezed his balls again. He immediately complied, opening his mouth as wide as it could go. He felt a big rubber ball with straps on either side of it being placed as far back as it could go into his mouth. Then she leaned over him and tightened and buckled the straps together. "Now, I think that I'll make sure that you remember what you are supposed to be thinking about." He then felt a cord being wrapped tightly around his cock and then around his balls,separating them from each other and making his whole genitals extremely sensitive. Then he felt a heavy weight be clipped onto one side of his separated sack. Then the same thing happened to the other side. This was extremely painful and focused his attention, especially when she tugged on each weight.

"Now,I think that I have your attention. I wish to put my feet up and watch a movie. Since this room does not have a foot rest, you are going to serve as my foot rest. Turn around. I want the soles of your feet touching this chair." From his kneeling position, he awkwardly complied.."Now bend over until your forehead touches the carpet." He did so. "Now spread your knees as far apart as you can. I want to be able to look at and play with your balls any time that I want to. Oh, by the way, if you move at all before I tell you to, I will whip your bare ass!" She then put her feet up on his ass and starting watching her movie.

As the first commercial came on, she leaned over and started playing with his cock from behind. It was already extremely sensitive from being so tightly bound, and her light touch really drove him wild. It felt sooo good. He moaned with pleasure from behind his gag. He just couldn't help himself, he raised up his ass so that she could reach his cock easier. Instantly, she released her hold on his cock and grabbed one of the weights and tugged downwards powerfully. A muffled scream escaped his gag. A whip lashed across his ass once, twice, a third time. "I warned you.", she told him. "Now behave yourself, or it will be much worse next time!" She removed her hand from the weight and started playing with his cock again. She kept playing with it all through the commercial and he could barely restrain himself from moving.

When the movie came back on again, she stopped suddenly, leaned back, and put her feet back up on his ass. He wanted to scream with frustration because she had made him so horny and then stopped so suddenly. All during the movie she acted like that. After the first couple of times she started playing with his ass too. She could tell that what she was doing was really getting him hotter and hotter.

After her show was over, she turned the TV off, got up, sat on his ass, and leaned down and unfastened his gag. Her erect nipples touched his bare back and ignited a fire of passion within him. "After I have finished talking, you may reply to me. Do you think that you have learned your lesson about disobeying me? I did warn you that I would not tolerate disobedience."

"Yes, Mistress.", he humbly replied.

"Very good." Her hands started stroking his ass. "By the way, I enjoy playing with your little ass, which is now completely mine, isn't it?

Her hands left fiery trails of passion all around his bottom. "In fact, I am going to prove to you that your ass is mine." He felt something enter his asshole. His ass, which had felt strangely empty since this morning, was wonderfully being filled again. He instinctively pushed backwards to fill his whole ass with that wonderful feeling. Her hands reached out to grasp his hips and guide his responces to the slow movements of her dildo in his ass.

"Ohh, that feels so good!" he moaned.

"I'm glad that you like it, because I enjoy fucking you." She started picking up the pace of their rythm together. "Now where am I fucking you?" she asked.

"In my ass, Mistress."

"And you spread your legs wide open for me, too, didn't you? Now what do you want me to do?" She abruptly stopped the movement of her hips, leaving his ass nearly empty of her dildo.

"Fuck me Mistress, please fuck me!", he screamed in frustration. His ass strained backwards to be filled again. Her crotch swiftly slammed onto his ass, filling him again. She slowly withdrew and violently returned, continuing in that fashion for some time.

"OHHH, you are fucking me so good! GODS! FUCK ME!" he screamed.

She stopped, and swiftly flipped him over onto his back, shoving his legs back and up over his head. She grasped the base of her strapon and guided it into his exposed asshole, impaling him with her thrust. He moaned with lust, and grasped the dildo firmly with his ass muscles,wriggling with lust. She started riding his ass, rolling around and making it her own. He moaned with pleasure, enjoying the sensations she produced. She started unwinding the wrapping on his genitals.The instant she finished, he came massively, shooting up into the air, and landing on his face and chest.

She started fucking him gently, lightly playing with his cock. Soon it was hard again, and she was fucking him faster and faster. He responded, moving his body in response to hers. They came together in an explosion of passion and she collapsed over him, totally exhausted.

When she could move again, she laid him down, and laid next to him, cradling his head on her shoulder. She bent down and gently kissed him. He kissed back with sleepy enthusiam as she gently released his restraints and his blindfold. He reached up with his freed hand and she guided it to her breast. They fell asleep that way, cradled together.


Chapter 3


When they awoke, they had a leisurely brunch together. "The rest of the day is going to be extremely busy.", she told him. I will not tolerate you embarassing me by disobeying me, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress.", he obediently replied.

"Excellent, because otherwise my punishment will be instant and extremely painful for you. Now go take a shower."

When he returned, she had several items laid out on the bed. "Turn around and face away from me.", she commanded. "I want your legs spread wide and your hands laced together on the back of your neck!" He obediently complied with her orders. He felt a thin leather strap being secured to the top of each thigh. Then he felt her reaching between his legs and firmly grasping his cock. He felt her bringing his cock over his ball sack,between his balls, and up into the crack of his ass. Then, he felt a collar of some sort being put on his cock, just below the head of it. When she let go of his cock, he could feel it, still firmly lodged in the crack of his ass.

"There,"she proclaimed, "that should keep you from standing up when you pee. Now turn around." She reached out and patted the front of his hairless balls. "Now that makes you look like you have a cunt instead of the puny cock that you do have. Now put your panties and bra on, dear, and lets get you dressed." He put his thin lace panties on and she helped him with the bra. The cups of the bra hung loosely on his chest. "Don't worry, my dear, we will soon have those filled.",she said, fondling his nipples through the bra. Then, she had him put on a pale, pink jogging outfit complete with ankle socks and tennis shoes. "One more thing," she said and fastened a leather collar with a ring in the front around his neck. "Now, you are ready to go out."

The first place that she took him to was a doctor's office. No one was there except for a doctor and two nurses. A nurse escorted him to an examining room and stood by while he disrobed except for the collars around his neck and cock. She then took him to the bathroom for a urine sample. She stayed in the bathroom with him while he produced it and then gave him an enema. When he was completely drained of all bodily wastes, she took him back to the examining room. Then she took a blood sample from him.

The other nurse came into the room and collected the samples. He was not allowed to get dressed, but was told to sit on the examining table and given a women's magazine to read. Then, the doctor came in and he was given a through examination, however he was not given any of the results. Shortly after the doctor left, his Mistress walked in, followed closely by the doctor and other nurse. She sat down silently while the doctor took charge.

Mark was told to lie down on the table where he was given a anesthetic. He started to feel very sleepy and soon fell asleep. When he awoke, his Mistress and a nurse were in the room with him. The nurse took his vital signs, made sure that he was ok, and then left the room. Soon the doctor came in. "Well, you seem to be doing ok. Since your friend has assured me that she will look after you while you recover, I'll let you go home now. I will come to check on you in a few days."

Mark was feeling very tired and somewhat detached from reality at this point. His Mistress helped him to get dressed. As he was dressing, he was vaguely aware that his weight distribution had somehow changed and that his balance was off, but it really didn't matter at that point. All that he wanted to do was to get to a bed and go back to sleep. As soon as they reached the hotel suite, he collapsed onto the nearest bed and fell sound asleep.

When he woke up, he found that he had been blindfolded and his hands bound to his sides again. For some reason his chest felt sore, tender, and swollen. His rear felt the same way. His Mistress helped him to the bathroom, and then fed him. Then she led him back to the bed where he soon fell back asleep. It went on like that for about three days, but each day he felt a little less sore.

The fourth day, the doctor came and examined him. Mark could feel the bandages being taken off from him. His whole body felt more sensitive and different somehow and he was not sure why. The bandages were not replaced and the doctor and his Mistress went out of the room. He heard the outer door close and then his Mistress came back into the room. He smelled a joint being lit and then she kissed him and blew the smoke into his lungs. They smoked two joints that way and then she took his arm and led him to another spot in the room. She turned him around and then took his blindfold off when he was in front of the mirror.

What he saw bewildered him. He now had breasts. They jutted proudly and firmly from his chest with large nipples protruding from them. His ass had somehow changed too. It was much more pronounced and womanly. He now had a woman's figure, it seemed, and a good one to, he noticed. She reached around from behind him and held his breasts, supporting them.

"Do you like them? I do, very much. I did warn you that there must be no doubt in anyone's mind when we reach home that you are a female. This will help convince them of that. You may rest assured, though, that there are advantages to having such nice breasts as yours." She started gently playing with his nipples and a wave of pleasure rushed through his body.

"You will find that your body has grown much more sensitive to touch and you will derive great pleasure in touching and being touched." Her hands started roaming all over his body and he moaned with pleasure. She turned him around and kissed him. He kissed back with mounting passion. Her hands roamed over his back and fondled his ass. "I love playing with that hot ass of yours and I want it right now." She pushed him backwards until he landed on the bed. She kneeled astride him and slowly kissed her way down to his breasts. She circled the base of a breast with her tongue and kept circling until she reached his nipple. She opened her lips and lightly kissed his nipple. He moaned with pleasure and desire. Then she repeated the process with his other breast and started lightly sucking on his nipples. By this time both of his nipples were fully erect and extremely sensitive.

"Ooohhh, that feels soo fucking good!", he said.

"I told you that there was advantages to having breasts", she said, smiling. "And now I am going to have that hot ass of yours!" She spread his legs and lifted one over each of her shoulders. Then she slipped a pillow under his ass to elevate it still further and entered him with her strapon.

"Oh gods, yes, that feels so fucking good. Fuck me, Mistress, fuck me good!"

When she had the dildo fully inside him, she leaned over and kissed him. Then she started fucking him slowly and gently. Her rythm slowly started to pick up speed. He moaned with pleasure. She reached out and held onto his breasts while she fucked him. Soon she pulled out of him, let his legs down, and helped him to turn over onto his stomach. He raised his ass up to help her put it back in him. "Ohh, this feels so good!" she cried out. "I love fucking your hot little ass!" He responded by fucking her back faster and faster until they both came.

After they had rested for a bit, she took him into the shower. He washed her all over. He squatted down to wash her lower legs and feet. Just after he had finished her feet, she grasped his ears and guided his face to her hairless crotch. His tongue dived in immediately, eager to taste her savory juices again. He spread her lips apart and lightly licked every last morsel of them before circling her clit with his tongue. Then his tongue dived back inside her cunt, striving to caress every portion that he could possibly reach. She moaned with pleasure, and shoved her hips forwards, grinding his face into her pussy. She eventually relented, and he started sucking on her hot clit, playing with it with his tongue.


A flood of her hot juices filled his mouth and overflowed over him as she came. He swallowed greedily, trying to drink every last drop of her tasty love juices. He could feel her shuddering against him, her body overcome by passion. His hands on her ass held her tightly to his face as he drank in her hot juices.


Chapter 4


After they had finished the shower and gotten dressed she took him to a wig store. She took the saleslady aside and consulted with her. When they returned, they had Mark try on several wigs. His Mistress settled on one and paid for it. The saleslady had Mark sit down, put something moist on his head, and put the wig on him. "There, that should keep your wig on for you.", said the saleslady. "Now you won't have to worry about it falling off or moving on you, my dear. That wig will stay in place until you decide to take it off."

Richards next took them to an old, but apparently well-maintained warehouse. She snapped a leash onto his collar and said: "I will not tolerate any disobedience whatsoever in here! Keep quiet and only speak when you are asked a question. Do you understand me?"

Mark felt extremely humiliated with that leash on his collar, but quietly replied: "Yes, Mistress". As he followed her into the warehouse he was aware of the chauffeur admiring his new womanly figure. He felt a bit uneasy under Richard's gaze as he walked into the building.

At first glance, the inside of the building appeared to look like any women's clothing store that he had ever seen. Then he began to notice the differences. There seemed to be a wider variety of clothing than was commen to most stores. He could see a large assortment of shoes and boots, lingerie, formal outfits, casual clothing, and what was weirdest of all, stacks of diapers. Everything, including the diapers, seemed to be in adult sizes. Through an open doorway he could see what appeared to be a lot of leather skirts and dresses.

A salesclerk came to them. "Welcome to the "Fetish One-Stop Shop", she said. "How may we help you today?"

"I have just acquired a new maid.", Mistress Lisa replied. "She has only the clothes she stands up in and needs a complete wardrobe, including uniforms, jewelry, a complete makeup kit, makeup lessons, and a makeover including a complete manicure. I wish a manicure, a massage, and to speak to the manager privately. I may purchase some new toys as well. If she behaves herself, I may treat her to a massage as well. We will start with the manicure, if you please."

"Yes, madam, right this way, please.", replied the clerk, as she led them to their manicurist.

At the manicurist's booth, Mistress Lisa turned to Mark and said: "Take off all your clothes!" Mark cringed with embarrassment, but the warning glint in her eye and painful memory of his last punishment convinced him to comply. He took off all of his clothes except the straps holding his cock in place and folded them neatly. Mistress Lisa handed them to the salesclerk and asked her to set them aside to be wrapped up with their other purchases.

After their manicures, Mistress Lisa handcuffed his hands behind his back and then led him over to a pillar by the booth. He noticed that there were rings scattered at various heights on the pillar. He wondered what those were used for. He soon found out as she attached a short length of chain to his collar and then attached the chain to a ring that forced him to a kneeling position facing the manicurist's booth. She then blindfolded him and said: "Now remember what I told you and behave yourself. If you do not, the store personnel have my full permission to dicipline you as they see fit. I shouldn't be to long, so just wait patiently." He heard the clicking of her heels as she left.

When she returned, she reattached the leash to his collar and then took off the chain. He continued kneeling patiently, awaiting her command to rise. "Stand up!", she commanded, pulling on his leash to reinforce her command. He scrambled awkwardly to his feet, somewhat handicapped because his hands were still cuffed behind his back.

The next thing that he heard was a man's voice. "Well, her body certainly seems pretty enough, though I can't say anything about her face yet. Are you going to have her ears pierced or will you have her wear clipon earrings for now?"

"I think that I'll have them pierced today.", he heard Mistress Lisa reply. "She would look rather incomplete without earrings, and there is a much better variety of earrings to choose from for pierced ears. Besides, a young woman like her should have pierced ears. I'll consider other piercings later on."

Mark felt a quiver of fear at her last statement. Where could she possibly think of piercing him besides his ears? Then he thought of how his cock was secured and shivered at the thought of having his cock pierced. He felt his nipples being caressed lightly, sensually. He could feel them grow erect at the sensual touch and a stirring of desire began within him.

"Well, her nipples are small, but they do grow nicely.", he heard the man say. Then he felt strong, masculine hands lightly caressing the cheeks of his ass. "Her ass is a bit small, but nicely shaped." He thrilled to the sensual touch and the small flame of desire grew hotter.

"Everything except her cock is due to get a bit bigger.", Mistress Lisa replied. "While the implant surgury was being done, I had the doctor implant a devise that will release the proper dosage of female hormones daily and capture the male hormones that her body would normally secrete. It does have to be recharged every six months, though. In addition to that, we washed her blood free of male hormones. Then we gave her a massive dose of female hormones to jumpstart her metabolism. Everything seems to be working out quite nicely. The doctor and I are very pleased with the results."

Mark's brain reeled with the realization of everything that had been done to him. He hardly noticed when the blindfold was removed from his eyes.

"Yes, her face is quite lovely. We should be able to do quite a bit with it. She will look quite stunning when we are done with her. Have you chosen a new name for her, yet? Hmm, it appears that your news has come as quite a shock to her. Perhaps we should take her to my private office for a bit until she regains her composure?"

Once in the office, his Mistress whipped out a joint and fired it up. Once she inhaled the smoke she passed the joint to the manager and kissed Mark, blowing the smoke down his lungs. The manager considerately did the same, grasping Mark's face in his hands as he did so. The new female hormones in Mark's body exerted their influence as Mark leaned into the manager's embrace, kissing him back unabashedly. Suddenly, his hands were freed from the handcuffs and he brought his arms around the man's neck, embracing him and moving his body next to the manager's.

The man responded by moving hands down to Mark's ass and picking him up. This display of masculine strength really excited Mark's new, hormone induced feminity. Mark wrapped his legs around him as they moved to a comfortable armchair. As they sat down Mark straightened his legs out so that they were sticking past the back of the chair as they sat down. He could feel the man's hard cock through the fabric of the trousers against his bare ass. The small, hot flame of his desire was becoming a fire of passion.

Mark moaned with lust as hot eager lips found his nipples, caressing and teasing them. He arched his back to bring his new breasts yet closer to those lips. "Oh God, that feels so fucking good." He could feel his sphincter

muscles quivering in anticipation. The strong, muscular hands caressing his bare back and ass drove him wild with desire. Soon he felt himself being lifted up a little ways into the air by those strong hands. He heard a zipper being unzipped.

He felt his ass cheeks being spread apart as he was slowly lowered onto the hard cock. He reached down and grasped it, guiding it into his hungry asshole. It felt so good to his new female body to have a hard cock in his hand. He could feel the veins and the large bulbous head just waiting to fill his hot ass with cum. He moaned with pleasure as the cock entered him. When he was lowered all the way down onto the man's lap the hands shifted, moving to his slender waist, holding him firmly down. Then he felt the cock retreat part way out of his ass as he was lifted up and then slowly lowered back down onto the waiting cock. The rythm slowly increased in speed as Mark squirmed with delight.

Conscious of the man's great strength, but considerate of his stamina, Mark abruptly folded his legs under him at the peak of the lift and raised himself up off of his lover. He swiftly reversed his position so that he was kneeling on the cushion, astride his lover but facing away from him. Then he reached under and grasped the hard cock, guiding it into his lowering ass. Then he started fucking that long hard cock, loving the sensations that he felt. He could feel the man's hands roaming all over him, caressing him, playing with him, and bringing him closer and closer to climax.

They moved together swifter and swifter until finally they came together in what seemed to Mark to be a thunderclap of passion. He felt like he was floating,ecstatically enjoying each spurt of hot cum shooting up into his hot ass.

As Mark slowly came down from his plateau of ecstacy he could still feel the slowly softening cock in his horny ass. Then he became aware of a juicy pussy just in front of his face. He looked up and saw his mistress standing in front of him, smiling down at him. She reached down, lightly grasping his head, and moved her body closer to him, putting her pussy directly in front of his mouth. He started kissing and licking her hairless muff enjoying the taste of her hot juices.

He felt his lover's hands grasp his breasts and start playing with his nipples. He felt the softening cock, still in his ass, slowly start to regain its former glory. He started lightly squeezing and releasing his ass muscles, teasing that hot cock that had been so expertly wielded. He reached down and started caressing his lover's hairy testicles, enjoying the feel of them and aware of how his lover enjoyed it.

He could feel his nipples becoming erect with his lover's attentions and cast his eyes upwards to see Mistress Lisa's nipples fully erect and standing out. Her clit was becoming erect as well. He dived his tongue deep into her pussy and worked his way up to her clit. He started circling her clit with his tongue, teasing it as his lover slowly started pumping his cock up and down in his hot, horny ass. His ass started moving in rythm with the hard cock.

Soon he started sucking her erect clit, moving his head back and forth as though her clit was a miniture penis, lightly flicking the tip of it with his tongue each time that he moved his head backwards. She moaned with pleasure and began cumming. He dove into her hot pussy, trying not to miss a single drop of her tasty love juices. Just then he and his lover started climaxing and he could feel every drop of the hot sperm shooting into his anal canal.


Chapter 5


After Mistress Lisa recovered, she came over to Mark, still sitting on the manager's lap and relaxing in his embrace. She started stroking his long black hair in affectionate ownership and attached the leash to his collar again. "You are looking much more like a woman now and are starting to act like one. The name Mark no longer suits you. I have decided that your new name will be Suzanne. From now on, you will only answer to that name. If you do not, you will be diciplined severely.", she announced. "Right now, you are going to clean Max up so that he is fit to appear in public and then you are going to clean yourself up. I will not allow you to try on new clothes in the state that you are in!"

She led him by the leash to the manager's private bathroom, where he cleaned both Max and his new feminine body up. Then she cuffed his hands behind his back again, rendering him completely defenceless yet again. She turned towards the manager. "Thank you for your time and the use of your office, Max. Please, come have dinner with us tomorrow night? I'm sure that Suzanne would love to model some of her new clothes for you; and we shall see what she has learned so far."

"I would be delighted to, madam."

The first place that she took Mark to was to have his ears pierced. Next, they went to the shoe department and purchased stockings and a pair of shoes with six inch heels. Mark found it extremely difficult to walk with those shoes on and had to be shown how.

Next, they went to the lingerie department. Mark was astonished to learn that he now posessed size 36C breasts. He was even more astonished to learn that his new proportions were now 36-32-34. Remembering what his mistress had said about her plans for him to the manager, he wondered uneasily just how much more that she had planned for him to grow.

After they had obtained all his new clothes, including several uniforms, Mark was led to his makeup lessons. These were very difficult for him, especially as he had to cope with his new, feminine, long fingernails as well. At the end of his lesson he dressed in the sexy outfit that his mistress selected and was given his makeover.

As his mistress was leading him out of the store he happened to glance into a full length mirror that he passed by. What he saw took his breath away. Instead of a small slight young man, he saw a beautiful, sexy young woman. He even smelled feminine, thanks to the perfume that his mistress had ordered him to put on.

When they walked out to the car, Mark was aware of Richard's admiring gaze. It felt good to be looked at with desire rather than the indifference that he was used to getting back where he used to live. As Richard closed the car door, Mark noticed Richard's lustful gaze on his newly exposed breasts.

Once they were back in the hotel, Richard started bringing up their purchases. Mistress Lisa ordered Mark to change into one of her new sexy nightgowns and to stay in the bathroom until she was called. Soon he heard Richard report that this was the last of the packages.

"Please stay for a few minutes, Richard.", he heard Mistress Lisa respond. "Suzanne, please come here now."

"Yes, Mistress Lisa", Mark replied, coming out of the bathroom.

"Richard, I would like to introduce you to my new maid. This is Suzanne. Suzanne, this is Richard, my chauffeur. Suzanne, this is the time for you to curtsy like I have taught you."

"Yes, Mistress Lisa." Mark clumsily curtsied to him.

"Excellent! Richard, why don't you greet her properly?"

Richard stepped up to Mark, put his arms around her new feminine waist and pulled her close to him. Mark could feel his new breasts pressed up against Richard's masculine chest. His new female hormones started working overtime in response. He could smell Richard's strong masculine scent as Richard bent his head down to Mark's waiting lips. A wave of feminine passion swept over Mark as he wrapped his arms around Richard's neck. Their tongues intertwined in a passionate kiss. Mark could feel his new nipples swelling as Richard fondled his feminine ass.

"I see that you two like each other.", Mistress Lisa commented. "Suzanne, why don't you get down on your knees and suck his cock. It is about time that you add that to your feminine accomplishments and Richard has been wanting a good blowjob ever since I added him to my household."

Mark slowly dropped to his knees as Richard released his hold on his feminine ass. His new, long, lacquered fingernails trembled as they undid Richard's trousers. His painted eyes widened as they beheld the chain on Richard's waist and saw that his cock was tucked between his legs. Slowly his fingers followed the chain around the waist and down the crack of Richards ass until they felt a padlock attached to both the chain and a ring in the head of his cock.

"As you can see, Suzanne, Richard is mine too; and I never let his cock loose unless I want to play!" As she spoke, Mistress Lisa reached down and released Richard's cock from the lock. Mark gently pulled Richard's hairless cock from between his legs and brought it out towards his waiting mouth.

Richard's cock was huge to Mark's inexperienced eyes. It was just as long soft as his was hard. Not only that, but it was much bigger around than Mark's cock was. He pulled his head back so that he could reach the head and delicately flicked under and around the ring in Richard's cock with his tongue. A groan of pleasure answered him, encouraging him to continue. His fingers started gently playing with Richard's huge ballsack, careful that his long, painted fingernails did not harm that sensitive area. He could see the cock getting larger and harder as he continued playing with it with his mouth and fingers. He opened his lipsticked mouth as wide as it would go and gently closed it around the head of the huge cock.

Mark started slowly to move his head back and forth, sucking on Richard's huge cock, as though he was fucking it with his mouth. One hand continued to caress Richard's huge hairless balls, while the other crept up to grasp the base of his huge cock and started stroking it back and forth in rythm with Mark's mouth.

"Oh, that feels so fucking good!", moaned Richard. His strong hands moved down to Mark's long feminine hair and grasped her head. His hands moved Mark's head back and forth, encouraging Mark to increase the speed of his rythm. Mark willingly did so, reveling in the feel of the strong hands on his head and the hard cock in his mouth and hands. Slowly, the rythm increased in speed and Richard's moans of pleasure became more and more frequent.

"I'm cumming!" Richard shouted.

"Swallow it!", snapped Mistress Lisa. Her hands pushed on Mark's head, making sure that Richard's cock was still engulfed in Mark's mouth. Hot cum exploded into Mark's mouth, filling and overfilling it so that driblets of cum trickled down from the corners of his painted lips. He found the taste delicious and swallowed immediately, only to have his mouth filled again with that delicious hot cum. After he had finished swallowing all that delicious cum that came out of that hot cock, he cast his tongue over and around his lips seeking any of that tasty juice that had escaped out of his mouth.

"Obiviously, you both enjoyed that.", commented Mistress Lisa. She snapped the leash back onto Mark's collar and urged him upwards with the leash. "How do you like Suzanne's new look, Richard?"

"She looks beautiful and very sexy, Mistress.", replied Richard."

"Thank you, I'm glad that you agree with me", she replied. "I think that she is going to fit in very well in my household. Right now though, I think that I'm going to play some more with both of you. Lift your arms up until they are level with your shoulders, Suzanne!"

Mark obediently did so, feeling the soft, lacy fabric of his nightgown move against his engorged nipples. They pointed directly at Richard, who stared at them lustfully. Mark felt a wide leather belt being fastened around his waist under his nightgown and then his hands being brought down and secured to the belt again. Then he saw Mistress Lisa fasten a similar belt onto Richard after having him remove the rest of his clothing. Mark's eyes widened as he noticed the rings piercing Richard's nipples and the collar around his neck which had been hidden by his clothes.

"You are both here to serve and please me.", stated Mistress Lisa. "You will obey my every whim. When you disobey me, I will punish you mercilessly." As she spoke she produced a riding crop from behind her back. "Just as a reminder in case you forget the penalties of disobedience and because I enjoy it, I am going to give you both a small taste of what will happen if you disobey me." CRACK! The crop landed on Mark's new feminine behind. He started in suprise and gasped with the sudden pain. "Stand still!", she commanded and lashed his ass with it again and again. He stood still, but gasped with pain each time the crop landed.

Shortly she stopped and started working on Richard's masculine ass. Mark could still feel the sting of each spot where the crop had landed on his sensitive ass. Each spot felt like it was on fire. His entire ass burned with the heat of her blows.

"Now that I have finished with you, Richard, why don't you get down on your knees and go kiss Suzanne's ass and make her feel better!", Mistress Lisa commanded.

Mark saw Richard clumsily get down onto his knees and slowly start to crawl over to him. Mistress Lisa lashed Richard yet again with her crop. "I know that you can go faster than that, slave! A one-year old goes faster than that." Mark watched Richard crawl over to him, encouraged by the occasional lash of the riding crop.

Soon after Richard passed out of his view, Mark felt Richard's masculine lips and tongue caressing his behind, soothing the burning pain and transforming it into a fire of passion. Mark had never had his ass kissed before this and having someone make love to it with their lips and tongue felt exquisitely pleasurable. He moaned with pleasure as he spread his legs as wide as they would go. Slowly the tongue crept down his crack towards his bunghole.

"GOD,THAT FEELS SO GOOD", Mark loudly moaned as Richard's talented mouth and tongue caressed the rim of his asshole. He almost fainted with the force of his orgasm as Richard's talented tongue started exploring his insides. As Richard continued eating him out Mark enjoyed almost a continuous series of orgasms. His new female hormones were really taking him over and Mark loved it.

After one particularly prolonged orgasm Richard's mouth and tongue abruptly pulled away in mid-lick. Mark's legs were already feeling rubbery and deprived of the support of Richard's head, refused to support him any longer. He fell facedown onto the bed, limp with exhaustion. He felt himself being rolled over and shoved to the side of the bed.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Richard standing at the other side of the bed with Mistress Lisa playing with his huge cock and balls. It was just as big as he remembered and hard as a rock. Mistress Lisa noticed him watching and smiled.

"I see that you are back with us, Suzanne," she commented, "and becoming much more feminine. Men do not have mutiple orgasms, but you did, didn't you? I also noticed that you enjoyed sucking his cock. You are not very good at it yet, but I'll teach you to be a good little cocksucker. In fact, I'll teach you a new position right now. Get on your knees!"

While Mark struggled to his knees, he watched Mistress Lisa help Richard onto the bed and into the position that she wanted. She then positioned Mark where she wanted him, kneeling between Richard's legs. "Now bend down and start sucking!", she commanded.

As Mark's painted lips engulfed the head of Richard's huge cock, he felt his hungry sphincter being invaded by her strapon. Her hands were on his ass, pulling it onto the waiting dildo. He happily accepted it, pushing his ass back further, impaling himself onto her strapon cock. She slowly started to fuck him with his ass moving in rythm with her with his mouth attempting to follow the same rythm going up and down on Richard's huge tool.

After his mouth had adjusted to the rythm, she slowly picked up the pace. Mark found that he enjoyed being fucked and sucking on a hard cock at the same time. Her strapon kept gliding in and out of his willing ass, slowly increasing in tempo. "You love getting fucked like this, don't you, Suzanne?", she said. "I can tell that you do by the way you move that hot little ass of yours. And I love fucking you, and making you into my hotass little slavebitch."

Mark's passion was rising higher and higher and as he started to orgasm yet again his mouth was flooded with hot tasty cum. He swallowed again and again as he barely heard both Richard's and Mistress Lisa's orgasmic cries through his own powerful orgasm.


Chapter Six


After Mistress Lisa had released Richard and sent him back to his own quarters, she turned to Mark and said: "Let's have a bottle of wine and talk for a while, Suzanne." After they were seated with the wine before them, she produced a joint and fired it up, passing it to Mark after she had taken a toke. "You liked the way Richard looked at you in that nightgown, didn't you?"

Mark blushed and replied, "Yes, Mistress".

"You liked the way he kissed you, too, I see. In fact, you just plain like being kissed, don't you?

"Yes, Mistress."

"I've noticed that you like getting fucked too. Did you like sucking Richard's cock tonight?"

"Oh yes, Mistress. I loved it. I loved getting his cock so hard that it was ready to burst; and I loved the taste of his cum."

"You liked the way that he looked at you today and tonight, didn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"How do you like the feel of your new clothes? I know that they are going to take some getting used to."

"Everything feels so soft on my skin, I love it. You know, I've never really had new clothes before except underwear and socks. My foster parents always bought used clothes for me to save money."

"So, basically you like your new life a whole lot better than your old one, don't you?"

"Oh yes, Mistress, much better."

"Excellent. You are doing very well, Suzanne, but you still have a lot more to learn. I have been concentrating on making you into a woman up until this point as it is absolutely vital that no one ever even suspects that you are a male. That training will continue until it is absolutely clear to me that you will instinctively act as a woman under any and all circumstances. Your makeup lessons will continue and you will be learning how to take care of both yours and other womem's hair.

I am now going to start training you to be a proper maid. I am sure that you will learn swiftly. Pain is a very good teacher, and I will make absolutely certain that you remember every mistake that you make. You do remember my little reminder that I gave you today, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress.", he replied.

"Good, I'm glad to hear it. You also remember the first time that I disciplined you, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You don't want that to happen again, do you?"

"No, Mistress."

"Very good. Just bear in mind that I own you now, and don't even think about running away from me! Do you have any idea what would happen to you if you were stupid enough to try that?"

"No, Mistress."

"Let me explain it, then. You have absolutely no money and no place to stay. If you run away, I will track you down. The punishment that I give you then will make what I did with you the first time seem like a love tap. You have no idea who the doctor is, nor where he can be found. He is the only one who can drain that little implant that we gave you. If it is not drained every six months, all of the male hormones that are stored in it will be released at one time. If that happens, you will suffer a massive heart attack and die.

"Even if you happen to find that doctor, he will not help you without my OK. I have to be there in person to authorize it. I own that doctor, dear, and he is the only one that can do it. If someone else tries to drain it, the implant will release all the hormones that it has in storage, both male and female. In addition, another implant that I had placed in you will release a poison into your system. You will not survive, I guarantee it.

"So you see, it would be very wise of you not to run away from me and to please me in every way that you possibly can. As you can see, I have you by the balls yet again. I will always have you by the balls, so get used to it."

Mark trembled with fear at her words. He could tell that she had meant every single word of it. He vividly remembered what she had done the first time and how much it had hurt. He had absolutely no desire for a repetition of that event, let alone a punishment that made that seem mild.

"Now you understand your position. You are completely and totally, my slave. You will do whatever I want, whenever I want you to, and wherever I want you to do it! You will learn to enjoy pleasing me, no matter what I demand that you do. Now tell me, what are you to me?"

Trembling with fear, Mark quietly replied, "Your slave, Mistress."

"Louder!", she commanded, and reached over to painfully squeeze his feminine nipples.

Mark gasped with pain and, much louder this time, replied, "Your slave, Mistress."

"Much better," she said and released his nipples. "Now get on your knees, slave, and show me how devoted you are to my pleasure."

Mark quickly got his knees on the couch and bent over to kiss her crotch. His feminine ass stuck high in the air for all the world to see as he hastily started sucking her strapon dildo, treating it as though it was her cock. She smiled at the sight and put her hands on either side of his head, forcing his mouth further down on it.

"Swallow it", she commanded and thrust her hips upwards, forcing her dildo into his throat. He gagged as the tip touched the back of his throat and hastily corrected the angle of his head, allowing her full access to his throat. As his lips touched the base of her strapon, she slowly moved her hips backwards, withdrawing her cock from his throat. When the tip of her dildo reached the inside of her lips, she started moving her hips forward again, fucking his willing mouth.

"Ah, that feels so good.", she moaned. "I think that I"m going to love fucking that hot little mouth of yours, just like I love fucking your ass." Slowly, she started to increase the speed of her rythm, moving faster and faster as her climax approached. As she came, she screamed with pleasure and arched her back, driving the dildo ever further down his throat.

After she finished cumming, she got up and went behind him. He could feel her strapon sliding into his hot, willing ass. He thrust his ass backwards to meet her and moaned with pleasure. He could feel her hands on his waist, urging him to respond to her rythm.

"You like me to fuck you, don't you, Suzanne?"

"Oh yes, Mistress.", he moaned as he continued riding her strapon, meeting her thrust for thrust. The heat of passion continued to rise in him, threatening to overwhelm his senses.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me, fuck me good. Oh God, it feels so fucking good!", he screamed. His feminine hormones were in complete control of his sex drive, urging him on towards yet another orgasm. As she kept fucking him faster and faster, he kept up with her pace, fucking her back hard and furiously. Soon, they came yet again and collapsed on the couch. He could feel her strapon still in his ass, with her hard nipples pressed against his back and her hair falling around his face.


Chapter Seven


When he awoke, he was alone in the suite. He shed his clothes and went into the shower. As he started washing his new womanly body, he thought of how dull and unhappy his previous life had been. He had never really had any friends and no one had paid any attention to him except to tease and torment him.

Now he had brand new clothes for the first time in his life. He caressed his new breasts and thought about the way Richard had lustfully gazed at them and at him. His feminine nipples started rising as he remembered the way people, especially men, had been looking at his new body. Smiling, Suzanne stepped out of the shower and into her new life.


The End


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