By the Word Orders

By the word custom content orders allow you to choose your preferred wordcount rather than relying on our other article types, like long-form 800 - 1,500 articles and short-form 400-800 word articles.  By offering this option, we are giving you the option of saving money and ordering content that may need a shorter word count, like product descriptions, category descriptions and short blog posts.


1- 499 words = .35 cents per word or $140 for a 400 word article

500 - 1,499 words = .30 cents per word or $150 for a 500 word article
1,500 - 2,499 words = .25 per word 0r $375 for a 1,500 word article
2,500 - 4,999 words = .20 per word or $500 for a 2,500 word article
5,000+ Words = .15 cents per word or $750 for a 5,000 word article

You can also order multiple articles with this system.  For example, if you need 3 600 word articles, webpages or blog posts, you'd need a total of 1,800 words.  At 1,800 words, you'd pay .25 cents per word instead of .30 cents per word.  All you'd have to do is make sure you list all your topics in the accompanying form.



Ordering Instructions

Ordering Custom by the word orders is easy at SC Freelancing.  The first thing you want to do is fill out the form.  Thiss will contain details about the article or articles you want written.  Upon clicking submit, the form will be sent in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below the form is the product.  You'll see a black and white tag image, a quantity field and a green "add to cart button".  You'll want to input your word count into the quantity field.  You have the toption to click + or - or you can click on the quanty box and key in the number of words you need. 

Once you click "add to cart", you'll see a quick popup that says your order has been successfully added to the cart.  If you scroll to the top of the page, you'll see a "proceed to checkout" button.  If you want to move ahead with the order, click the button.  If you want to cancel, click the red x. 

The proceed to checkout button will take you to a registration window where you can login or register for an account.  Once you login, simply follow the prompts.  We accept Paypal.  Once your email is recieved and your payment has been verified, you will recieve a confirmation email.


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$0.25 per unit for buying at least 1500 By the Word Custom Articles
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