Book Formatting

Common price: $1.00 Our price: $0.50 each

Proper formats and margins for ebook and print book
Proper spacing between chapters
Ensure headers are proper size
Easy, Readable Fonts for print and ebook
Front content formatted and added if it's missing


Price is .50 per page.


For example: If you have a 150 page book, you would order 150 units for a total price of $75


Price includes ebook and print book. You will recieve a .docx and .pdf file.  The docx is used for the ebook.  The pdf is used for the print book.


Please email me your most recent .docx file at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your file should be finished and proofread.  While I will fix any glaring mistakes that I see in the text, like mispelled words, no proofreading is included.

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