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Captive of the Dark Elves: Reverse Harem Dark Romance FantasyKindle Edition

No cliffhanger, Dark Romance, HEA

Talia: Only a fool would agree to parlay with dark elves on false pretenses. Still, my father’s men had struck first, and now Adan, the dark elf captain, had me on my knees after the short and regrettable battle. He glowered at me with such rage that, at first, I feared he would strike me. Yet, he only clasped my chin and stroked my lips with his thick thumb. My mouth parted of its own accord. As much as I feared his power, I also knew that I wanted him and would do anything to prove it. 

Adan: The treachery of Talia's father fills me with rage. Still, Talia smells so ripe and ready that I know she’ll make a fine thrall. Still, an imprudent elf is a dead elf. Before I can fully claim her, she needs discipline. Ah, I can barely wait to return to Stone City to begin her training. Of course, I will certainly allow my two bond brothers to share in the responsibility and the fun. 

Trigger warning: Captive of the Dark Elves is a steamy dark romance with reverse harem, bondage, and domination themes. Yes, there will be spankings. 



Imprisoned Online: Gaming the System (A LitRPG Adventure Book 1) Kindle Edition






Among Us: A normal child Kindle Edition

AmongUsBy Brett Woodridge

A seemingly gifted child, Allen had it all, loving parents, good grades, and an uncanny understanding of nature. Polite and respectful, he eludes all as he pursues his increasingly twisted interests, until the girl got too curious. How will he solve his dilemma? Is a solution even possible for the hole he dug for himself?








The Raspite Prince (The Laoonica Chronicles Book 1)Kindle Edition


raspiteprinceThey’re all dead because of me. 
Nothing but burnt corpses melted into
the floors and walls. 
They never saw it coming.

In a moment of peril, Princess Laoonica’s innate powers, those of creation and chaos, ignite in a fiery inferno, killing everyone onboard the passenger ship that’s transporting her to safety—into hiding from the Raspites. Laoonica is the only survivor, and she knows someone has betrayed her.

Among those who rescue Laoonica from her blackened ship is Lieutenant Patrick Wolf. His attentions spark new emotions in Laoonica, flaring her unstable powers and endangering the lives of her rescuer’s crew. Laoonica demands to be sent to an isolated planet so she can’t harm anyone else, so the Raspites can’t use her as a weapon—because it’s better to be alone than owned. 

But an argumentative council isn’t convinced.

Laoonica knows one sure way to control her powers and take fate into her own hands, by giving herself to Patrick—mind, body, and soul. Her sacrifice comes with a horrible price, but she doesn’t trust the council to do as she asks. She only hopes she can trust Lieutenant Wolf.

Love, lies, and family ties are all broken in this science fiction tale of romance. 

Author Note: Cute, yet suspicious, story. 
This is a sci-fi novel with a fun premise. Laoonica doesn't know whether to trust the handsome lieutenant who came to her rescue. Her temper flares often, making her powers unstable. I like her as the main character. But I liked Patrick more. He kept me wondering the whole time, because something was not quite right about her whole recuse situation. I was quite surprised by the twist at the ending. 

Reader Rated for ages 16+ for one non-detailed on page sex scene and mild kissing.


Angel of Mercy (WWI Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition - AMAZON

Hettie Steward is feisty, educated, ambitious and stubborn. Hettie marries the love of her life, Geoffrey Bartlette, in spring 1914, but has difficulty accepting that marriage means sacrificing her beloved nursing career. When the Great War begins, Geoffrey enlists and Hettie eagerly accepts an opportunity to join the Canadian Army Nursing Service. Although she’s nervous about the war, returning to work was exactly what she had been craving.

The old adage “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” proves true. Soon tragedy strikes, and Hettie’s life is steered onto a new path. 

Will Hettie return home or stay in Europe and continue nursing? Will she discover the person she is meant to be?






Rise of the Gatebreakers : (The Gatekeepers Fantasy Adventure Volume I): Gatekeepers I - AMAZON

by M.L Katz

Gatekeeper1They say that the Goddess hates a gatebreaker, but Rabin Grandtree and Marli Lavare seem born to test that theory and test each other. Born near each other in the mysterious and fabulous White City where Rabin’s mother, Morgana Grandtree, spends time as the prince’s consort, the children soon separate. Their early betrothal gets mostly forgotten or dismissed as nothing more than a casual joke. 

Rabin, the hybrid boy, gets tested early as one of a few children who hides to survive the Farpoint Massacre -- an event that sparks the dread Rehan Wars that consume the Known Lands for over a decade. Living under the prophecy that he is the Second Son, born to die by pride, Rabin learns that proud or humble, everybody dies. 

Hundreds of miles south, Marli Lavare fought different battles as she grew up to become the only woman to graduate from the Macan Academy in Del Sur City. Her work with the Del Sur Military-- as she strives to complete an apprenticeship that will earn her the rare and coveted title of medical doctora -- throws her into direct conflict with Rabin, now a feared martial master with the nickname of the Red Jaguar of the North. To Marli, her once betrothed seems a deadly agent of chaos. 

As Marli struggles for control, she begins to understand what Rabin learned early -- some gates need breaking. Rabin recognizes her as his betrothed and perhaps, an even bigger agent of chaos than he is. If the Goddess loves or hates a gatebreaker, both Marli and Rabin first need to learn to love themselves. 

Welcome to the Known Lands!



Tapestry of Family - AMAZON

Tapestry of Familyby Sylvie D. Davis

Hired to care for her elderly Great-Aunt Rosalyn, newly graduated nursing student, Danielle Petit, moves to Western North Carolina. There she finds herself intertwined in the life of a woman whose life and influence is much more expansive than expected and who has been underestimated by her son. Danielle finds help from friends, family and a handsome family attorney as tensions grow between mother and son, made worse by the unearthing of a long-hidden painting, and the son’s political ambitions.








The Gift-Knight's Quest (The Gift-Knight Trilogy Book 1) - AMAZON

Gift Knights Questby Dylan Madeley

"Chandra had yet to fathom why Jonnecht could not have lived and ruled for many long years, or why it was so urgent that she ascend immediately." 

Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatised by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire. In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in power, Chandra risks putting the lives of many in mortal danger, as well as her own. 

Derek is an aimless wanderer - the youngest in a lineage that has long fallen from nobility. He finds himself summoned by tradition to serve a family historically considered his bitter enemy. As he journeys down the same path a fateful ancestor once travelled, he struggles with personal demons and begins to reconsider his loyalty to the mission. 

Duke Lenn found one true cause in love and it cost him everything. His legacy shaped the present in which Chandra and Derek find themselves. Now their choice will shape the future of Kensrik... 

The Gift-Knight's Quest is set in a new and vividly imagined world, written with delicate prose that will allow the reader to explore with their imagination. The author was inspired during the composition of this novel by the likes of Michael Moorcock, J. G. Ballard and Roger Zelazny, but doesn't claim to be any of them; he hoped to imagine something different. This book may appeal to fans of fantasy and historical fiction.

This is the first book of The Gift-Knight Trilogy, and continues with The Crown Princess' Voyage.

Hunky Dory: Tristan & Joyce

HunkydoryBy Tess Humphrey

These days when I think of my brother, all the faces I ever knew him to have are blended together: a small boy turns a perplexed gaze to me in a burning field at the same as a zealot of uncertain religion declaims from a pulpit, high on LSD. He stands in amber, preserved for the ages.

Tristan Starbuck is not a man you are likely to have heard of (unless your interests are very obscure), nor is he a man who by most metrics would be considered good or important. But he is my brother, and I believe him to be the best and most extraordinary person I ever came across. I have decided to tell his story - as difficult as it may be to put much of it into words - because after all, I believe that it is emblematic, of something.






On Fractured Ground: Book 1 of the Shattered Lives Chronicles - AMAZON

fracturedgroundby Subject BGD

As a child, Tylar Daislea was abandoned at Cellar Institute. A despicable fortress with just one directive: to brainwash, train, and traffic women. Introduced to her first trainer at sixteen, she excelled through the initial two years of skills. Until one fateful afternoon, when it all fell apart.

When Tylar leads a second skill trainer to ruin, Corbin Manning receives the call. His father’s unsolved murder left him in charge of the illicit facility his family established decades ago. Forced to return to an underground world he always loathed, Tylar’s behavior threatens to drive him past the brink of his tolerance.

Thrust into the middle is Corbin’s most trusted employee, Chase Tiburon. Faced with a distasteful decision, Chase must return to his former life as a skill trainer or take on a task that will haunt him for the rest of his life.


Welcome to the universe of Shattered Lives. Dare to take a glimpse into the dark world of the Manning Bloodline. A patriarchal extremist family known for being reclusive in life and ruthless in business. Raised with disregard for everything except bloodline reputation, preservation of genes and success, their heirs are shrewd and without remorse. Over the past three hundred years, all marriages have been arranged and only men have been sired. The leading cause of death is each other.

​This series is not for the weak of stomach or the soft of heart. It will challenge the crux of nature versus nurture, as it explores the extremes the mind will go to ensure survival and quality of life.

On Fractured Ground is just the beginning…

If you are interested in becoming a beta reader for the Shattered Lives Chronicles, please contact me through my website at

*** THIS SERIES IS DARK. IT CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT AND POTENTIAL EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS *** It is unsuitable for readers under the age of 18. Sexual content is frequent, but the story is not formulated erotica and should not be considered romance.


Dead Mall (Hidden Reaper Book 1) - AMAZON

DeadMallby April Lynn Davis-Pugh

Zac seems like a normal college student, but in reality, he is Zachariah the Clanless, elf and exile. He is one of the Hidden. He lives among humans, but he is not human.
Now someone has learned his secret, and he has been captured and swept into a cold war he never knew was being waged. He must escape before he becomes a casualty.








Random Cosmos - Amazon

RandomCosmosby Rajesh

This book is a whimsical take on the puzzle and purpose of existence. It employs a casually structured conversation-style narrative to discuss a wide range of topics that include the randomness involved in all creation, mysteries of the human mind and consciousness, the miracle of evolution and resulting nature, the reality of moral values and fallacies of our society, perplexing supernatural myths of possessed humans, and the like. The author sheds light on his views about the true purpose of existence and the right methods that lead to attainment of wisdom and contemplation of the absolute cosmic truth. There are a good number of theories, principles, concepts, philosophical arguments, laws and true stories that have been presented. The overall writing style is engaging, with a lot of questions thrown in to stimulate your thoughts. Some interesting and imaginary fictional conversations have found a place in many places. You will observe that the author digresses randomly on some occasions with peculiar, yet relevant, references to corporate HR. All in all, reading this book should be time well spent. After all, it does make sense, from time to time, to think about how and why we are here.





Gary Fenton's Second Chance: Amazon

GaryFentonsSecondChanceBy Mark Eldish

Literature and Fiction


When lifelong loser and die-hard atheist Gary Fenton jumps from Brighton Pier, he fully expects to put a deliberate end to his tedious and boring existence. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that his irresponsible leap has also put the entire future of mankind in jeopardy.

God isn’t at all impressed with Fenton’s behaviour, but she sees no alternative to giving him a chance to put things right—and quick.

Gary Fenton now has seventy-two hours to save the world. His mission? To win the heart of his destined soul mate, who he hasn’t even met yet.With both time and the devil against him, his odds of success aren’t good...

Mark Eldish makes a hilariously irreverent splash with this fast-paced comedy novel debut.





A Soldier Far Away: A Historical Novel of the Swedish Campaign of the Thirty Years War - AMAZON

ASoldierFarAwayBy Robert T. Hunting

War Fiction

Ainslie Souter, a Scottish highwayman, couldn’t care less whether Protestants or Catholics rule the world. He’s barely escaped an English noose. Now he fights as a mercenary for the Royal House of Sweden. When things settle down at home he’ll return.

Hippolito Costello, a fiery Spanish priest, accompanies Catholic forces. He has no hesitation in using his Inquisition training to help his side. Torture and death can easily be justified against Protestant apostates.

Parallel lives, yet each man is changed in his own way by the war in this literary tale, A Soldier Far Away.

The story takes readers into the last great religious war on the European continent, the 17th century. Meticulously researched, A Soldier Far Away offers a grand sweep of the Swedish campaign in northern Europe, where Catholic forces seek to roll back history.

A Soldier Far Away offers timely motifs of all wars–heroism, cowardice, incredible vanities, and idiocy of leadership. Friendships and self-interests, morality and endurance rub shoulders on a daily basis. A collection of striking men and women, from the high to the low march through the pages, but the war is primarily seen through Ainslie and Hippolito’s eyes. Scarred by what they’ve become, both find themselves in an epic battle whose outcome determines their fate.



Roommates (Rivertown) - AMAZON

RoommatesBy Aiden Summers

LGTB Fiction

Ryder is a bad boy, or at least that's what he wants everyone to think. He tries to act like a bully, edgy, and cruel, and it works for the most part.Spencer doesn't like to be called a nerd but deep down he knows he is to a certain extent. He is bored of everything and he sees the good in people, but will he find any good in Ryder?When destiny brings these two boys together in the form of roommates, they refuse it. What they didn't know is that destiny is stronger than both of their opinions. The bitter, the sweet, the beautiful, and the traumatizing: They go through it all. Sometimes alone, and sometimes together. However, destiny's games are endless, and no matter how close they'll get, there's always something to tear them apart.







Cold Dark Lies - AMAZON

ColdDarkLiesby Donald Levin

Private Investigator Mystery


COLD DARK LIES is the sixth explosive entry in the riveting Martin Preuss Mystery series.When distraught Carrie Morrison hires Martin Preuss to find out how her younger brother wound up clinging to life in a disreputable Ferndale motel, the private detective thinks the story will be a familiar one—a young man takes a walk on the wild side and pays a terrible price. But the deeper Preuss digs, the more he realizes that nothing is as it seems in the brother’s world of secrets and lies. How is the young man involved with a missing prostitute? What’s the link to a local rap mogul who moonlights as the city’s main drug supplier? Why is a stone-cold killer out for revenge with Preuss in his cross-hairs? And—most upsetting of all—why is a local crime boss threatening Preuss’s beloved handicapped son Toby?






Your Turn to Die (A Jefferson Chene Mystery) - AMAZON

YourturnBy Mark Love

Crime Thriller


It was supposed to be a friendly round of paintball. But blood, not paint, covers Kyle Morrissey's body. Though admired by the public for his charity, the businessman was no choirboy. Could it be that more than one person wants him dead?

Sergeant Jefferson Chene and his detective squad catch the case. With two new faces on the team, he finds himself in the unfamiliar role as mentor. He is also cautiously beginning a relationship with Simone Bettencourt, the beautiful woman he met while pursuing a serial murderer.
Complicating the case are two retired gangsters, a fortune in jewels, and Detroit's history of organized crime. But the squad must utilize every resource available to catch a killer.






The Girl Behind the Magic - AMAZON 

ThegirlbehindthemagicBy Margery Williams

Children's Book

Treasured for generations, this classic and beloved children's story is reworked with native fairies, scary zombies and transforming magic. The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams (1922) is seamlessly retold by A.R. Jung in this enchanting tale about blossoming self esteem. A toy rabbit comes to life through the love of a child.In addition to her stylistic adaptations, Jung's story line loosly follows the animated film-The First Easter Rabbit (1976) narrated by Burl Ives, which explains the Easter Bunny’s origin.This is the story of the Easter Bunny's childhood."Nursery magic is very strange and wonderful, and only those playthings that are old, wise and experienced like the Unicorn Rocking Horse understand all about it." Like the Unicorn, Jung understands how toys-and people-become real through the wisdom and experience of both giving and receiving love. A modern classic written to inspire even the most reluctant readers- both boys and girls alike!






Werewolf Nights - AMAZON

WerewolfNightsBy Mari Hamill

Horror (werewolf)

Threatened by financial ruin, widowed bakery owner Catherine Mercy leads a solitary life with more interest in reading about werewolf lore than in finding a man. Her one true love disappeared after high school and her now deceased husband kept her trapped in the house claiming that a werewolf might hunt her down one day, just as her grandmother repeatedly warned her. When Hollywood interrupts the town's monotony by shooting a werewolf movie on location, Catherine's best friend Anne pushes her to audition. Already in her thirties, Catherine feels ridiculous trying to become an actress, but lands the leading role. 
Catherine's daily routine turns into a hair-raising adventure as fame begins to surveil her wanderings and she falls for her sexy costar Greg Byron despite this actor's neon warning sign that flashes conceited womanizer. He's also smitten by her, but just when they are about to find happiness, a wolf bites him. 
While Greg's features turn lupine, Catherine discovers a resemblance between the movie script and her family's history. Frightened, Catherine recruits werewolf expert Steve to figure out if the movie's werewolf legend is real and if Wolfern, the werewolf her grandmother dreaded, has finally come for her. If so, Greg will turn into a werewolf. Only undoing Greg's curse and destroying Wolfern before the next full moon can save their love and their lives.
Mari Hamill blends fantasy, intrigue, and passion to create a chilling, unique story.




SeraphinBy Leslie Swartz

Occult Fiction

 Wyatt is a schizophrenic firefighter from New Jersey. Gabriel is the quick-witted, bisexual Messenger of God. Together with their siblings and Earth's first vampire, they must defeat the most twisted and depraved demon the world has ever known before she closes the gate between Heaven and Earth, enslaving humanity and slaughtering millions.










Fat Chance - AMAZON

TFatChancehriler - Psychological

by AB Morgan

A missing barrister, a severed thumb and fat chance of finding out the truth.

Ella Fitzwilliam’s world is about to spiral out of control. She’s not cut out to be a private investigator. With little or no aptitude for the job, she’s been sent undercover to expose the hidden lives of two men who meet nearly every week at Buxham’s - a private members’ club where portions are large and secrets are held in strictest confidence. 

One of those men is Harry Drysdale, a defence barrister, and the other is Marcus Carver, an eminent surgeon with a tarnished past and much to lose. Ella knows he has unhealthy appetites, she’s sure he’s feeding his perverted habits and putting his female patients at risk but she has to prove it. 

When Harry Drysdale goes missing, Konrad Neale TV journalist tries to reveal the truth behind the lies, but some of the secrets start to reveal themselves… and they are big.



Jacobites by Name: Third time lucky - AMAZON

jacobitesby Sean T. Rassleagh


Angered by Scottish Government plans to hold a second independence referendum the Tories in Westminster have appointed a Viceroy to run Scotland. Thousands of police from other parts of the UK are flown in to assert control and crush the nationalists.

Enraged by the economic damage to their city and research budgets caused by Brexit and Tory cuts a shadowy organisation of University scientists lend their support to the nationalist cause and collude with the Vatican in a complicated plot to stage a third Jacobite rebellion. Launching a fleet of nuclear powered narrowboats with advanced laser weaponry from a secret base on the Union Canal they bring London to its knees, crush the Viceroy's forces in the Battle of Edinburgh Castle and invoke the secret backstop to the Treaty of Union to make Scotland an independent country.

Science fiction mixes with political satire and heresy in a lighthearted romp which will leave no one unoffended.





Eclipse - AMAZON

Eclipseby Ophelia Rue

Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

On the distant planet Oasis the secrets lay behind the Porcelain Man’s dead eggshell eyes. The panicked riddles he spews between catatonic cycles drive agent Carver closer to the missing. The brilliant Ceren Dore lies frozen in her virtual snow globe world, watching perfect false birds glide across a perfect false sky. She shatters in his dreams as the disease inside her grows. A secret society of eight guardians, the super elite, live in the shadows, ever tinkering, their dark mechanisms making the world their own. Echoing moans call from the dystopian nightmare of East Banzen as the war torn buildings grow twisted, a physical representation of their inhabitants. Through the chaos, one step ahead of a deadly assassin, Carver must piece together the clues as they intertwine with the hope to cure Ceren.

The conspiracy he uncovers changes him, changes everything, and sets him on a collision course with an ancient evil, waiting, ever patient, ever present.





The Pyre Starter - AMAZON


by Jaimie N. Schock

Romance - LGBT

Exhausted with life, Dakota tries to end his—only to be saved at the last moment by his friend, Terrell, who then drags him into a world of magic and intrigue that's always been right there, hidden beneath the surface.

Powerful magic users are steadily dragging the planet into a violent war, and evil forces will stop at nothing to take the talismans possessed by Dakota and his newfound family. Dakota soon finds himself deeply in over his head—with love, with family, with fighting for all their lives.








Surviving the Nahanni - AMAZON

Nahanniby W. A. Welsh

Action and Adventure

Erik Keller has dreamed of an excursion to the Great White North ever since he was a young outdoorsman. Just when those dreams are about to become a reality, tragedy strikes and he finds himself stranded in the Canadian Nahanni National Park Reserve. Can he survive hungry predators, the ever-changing weather and the mountainous terrain? Does he have what it takes to survive and reunite with his family? Will the determination and devotion of his wife save him, or will it be the tenacity and experience of a weary Canadian Search and Rescue Officer that gets Erik home. Ultimately, it comes down to man against nature.









Apex Five (The Plane Book 1) - AMAZON

Apex5by Sarah Katz

Science Fiction - Genetic Engineering

On a barely recognizable future Earth called the Plane, humankind worships five global megastructures as relics of the mysterious Zaam.

When the dominant nation of Tabira uses remarkably advanced technology to colonize the planet, a doctor of unknown origin, military officer and tribal chief set out to restore balance.








Saving Sasquatch - AMAZON

Sasquatchby William Burnette

Science Fiction

Finding a Mythical Creature Is the Hardest Part of a Rescue… Eutimus is a Bigfoot. Normally, he keeps to himself and avoids people as much as he can. That is until his mate is killed. His anger gets the better of him and he gets his revenge. But his actions draw unwanted attention. To save him and protect his kind, Jack Cavendish is asked to get him out of danger. Without even understanding his mission, Dish is thrown into action. First he has to find a Sasquatch, which no one has ever done. Then he needs to lead it to safety. Through everything, Dish has to dodge his old friend as well as navigate the pitfalls with his new girlfriend Jessie. Leaving his Bigfoot friend would cost a lot. Hopefully helping him will not cost him love.








Essence: Septima (Essence Chronicles Book 1) - AMAZON

byEssence Nick Braker

Erotica - Science Fiction

roy, with his irrational fears, is the least likely person to lead a war. But that doesn't mean he can escape his destiny.

A trip to New Orleans turns into something much larger when aliens called the Pirans kidnap him and his friends. A perfect doppelganger for their dead general Tohmas, Troy is thrust into the front lines of battle against Reptauran invaders. Now, the Pirans must convince their people that Tohmas rose from the dead to lead them to victory.

As it turns out, the Pirans aren’t totally wrong. Tohmas isn't quite gone—and his lingering essence has found Troy a suitable host. Troy must fight with everything he's got to save both Pira and the Earth, the Reptaurans' next likely target. As he struggles to maintain control of his own destiny, Troy knows that no matter the outcome, his life will never be the same.

Explore the mind of this unlikely hero in Essence, the first book in a new sci-fi series by Nick Braker, a coming-of-age tale full of adventure and steamy encounters.



NNT-VISIONS The invisible enemy - AMAZON

NNTby Thiess Matt-Eron

Thriller and Suspense

Luc is a very successful policeman. After the birth of his children, his marriage is doomed to failure. The shared dream with his wife of having a loving family threatens to burst after becoming the leading investigator in the Berta case. After some promising traces, he made himself and his family the target of a powerful enemy with extraordinary tricks. The circumstances force Luc to neglect the ongoing investigation just to save his family.









Shadow of the Gods: The Chronicles of Biron - Book I - AMAZON

shadowofthegodsby Alain Van der Steen


Uxunrhad, the Supreme God of Evil and his mortal ally Kaos, an evil warlock and ruler of the Land of Fire, are intending to seize power over Everything. They have devised a simple but daring plan to achieve that. 

An unexpected event which was not included in The Script of The-Big-Book-of-Everything will be the cause that their malicious plan cannot be carried out as easily as they had anticipated. During a murderous raid at his village, the farmer’s son Biron ends up in the world of the Gods by mistake. There he learns that there is only one way back, but it is certainly not the way he had hoped for. 

Together with unusual and mysterious partners, and on behalf of Aarycia, the Supreme Goddess of Good, he is sent on a quest to protect Everything from total destruction by an unimaginable evil. 

Can he comply with his destiny and succeed in overcoming both himself and Evil?





The Balance Principle - AMAZON

balanceprincipleby Alain Van der Steen

Fantasy/Science Fiction

After having been abused for more than a century by man and his extravagantly increasing needs, Earth begins destroying herself and every life on her. Alan Stone commands a modern Noah's Ark and, together with a select company, is launched into space in an ultimate attempt to continue the human race elsewhere. After more than a year of traveling, they accidentally end up on a planet that looks very much like Earth. Human life appears to be possible, but they are confronted with unexpected opponents and supporters. Did they really land on this planet by coincidence?









To New York's Attorney (A To New York Novel) - WATTPAD

newyorkattby Nenny May


Fall in love with this hot and intriguing romantic suspense debut novel.

Ten years ago, the New York Times newspaper exclusively covered the most devastating news story the city of Manhattan could bother reading. The story of a father kidnapping and starving his only son to death in the city of Paris. The man had apparently fled the United States to a home in Paris with his thirteen-year-old son. According to eyewitnesses, the boy seemed inebriated during the flight with his nervous father. Upon further investigation, Terrence Gresham's marriage was scrutinized and nearly invalidated as he'd allegedly married an underaged immigrant.

Ten years later, that family is yet again susceptible to grace the headlines of the New York Times with the sighting of the body of an economic giant shot to death and left for dead, locked away in his office over the weekend.

For ten years, Manhattan's most underrated attorney Christina Gresham has spent her life shunning the scrutinizing gaze of the media. This would have worked out quite well to her own benefit had she managed to evade her latest family saga; Terrence Gresham charged and tried for the murder of Lawrence Harrington.

Devastated over the murder of his father, Detective Barron Harrington is determined to seek redress for his father. That is to say, he's bloodthirsty, willing to blur the lines of right and wrong to avenge Lawrence.

Christina hates losing. And in the time span of a year, she's on the verge of losing her career, her father and Barron to a case that should have been dismissed without merrit.

Framed - AMAZON

Framedby Nicci Marlyn Runkle

New Adult

Molli Douglas doesn’t believe in magic. She is a biology major who believes in the scientific method and the beauty inherent in deductive reasoning. Then she is required to take an art history class and finds herself drawn to the professor, and also to a mysterious painting that she discovers during a trip to a local art museum. 

Now, Molli is plagued by nightmares about a painting that she has just discovered for the first time. Can her sexy new professor help her? Or will she have to face this battle on her own?








Mini Tales Fairies A Western Rescue - SMASHWORDS

MiniTalesBy Havelah McLat

Join the fairies as they soar on an adventure in the west. When the humans capture a black stallion, the fairies launch a rescue to bring him home. But then their lives and the future of all fall into jeopardy as a wildfire spreads across the land. Will they be spared from the wildfire? Read it to find out!

Join Miranda and her friends as they soar on an adventure in the west. On their summer visit, two fairies come across mustangs and humans. When the humans capture the black stallion, the leader of the mustangs, the fairies launch a rescue to bring him home. While on their mission, Miranda develops a friendship with two human girls. But then their lives and the future of all fall into jeopardy as a wildfire spreads across the land. Will the lives of the girls and the mustangs be spared from the wildfire? Read it to find out!







The Van Helsing Paradox - AMAZON

vanhelsingby Evelyn Chartres

Dark Fantasy/ Paranormal

Clara Grey’s parents once said that the world was a dark and dangerous place. There was more truth than fiction to those words. There were things that lurked in the shadows which defied the laws of nature: perversions that fed on the dead, terrorised the living, or escaped the chill touch of the grave.

Clara is a member of the Tower, a religious order of hunters who work outside the confines of the Church. As keepers of the arcane, her order takes an active role to counter these threats. The life of a hunter can be short, and many disappear before their training is completed. So, what does it take to succeed against all odds?

Explore Clara’s origin, a child born before the dawn of the twentieth century. Witness her rigorous training, how she faces adversity, and fights in the Great War to become the derringer wielding flapper she is.

Throughout her tale, keep in mind that no matter the threat, a gal has to look out for herself after all.



Perfectly Imperfect: How to Be Imperfect and Remain Lovable- AMAZON


by Connie Howell

Health, Fitness and Dieting

For a variety of reasons, many of us fall victim to perfectionism. A perfectionist doesnt forgive his or her own mistakes. If you are a perfectionist, you cant look away from your perceived flaws. In Perfectly Imperfect, author Connie Howell offers suggestions on how to overcome the need to be perfect and how to accept yourself as being worthy of love just as you are.








Walking Between Two Worlds: From the known to the unknown- AMAZON

btwn2worldsby Connie Howell

Religion and Spirituality

The aim of this book is to get the reader to look beyond the physical aspects of life and to understand that there are in fact other dimensions that are not visible to most eyes. It introduces questions about Who we are, other than just human beings and explains that we all have an energy field surrounding the physical body and that this is intricate in our overall state of health and wellbeing. 

For the novice this work provides concepts to open the mind to other possibilities and for the seasoned spiritual traveller it may expand their knowledge and vision of the depth of consciousness that dwells within us all. 

There are visualisations included that are easy to follow with attainable results to help people with issues that may be troubling them and to generally open the mind to greater truths. It proposes that thoughts are things and that we can change our reality by changing the way we think and that far from being impotent we all have the capacity to create better and more enriched lives. 

Self-empowerment through healing the self is the paramount theme of this book and its objective is to inspire and engage the interest and willingness to grow and heal the self, which will be the result of reading this book. 

The style is easy to read and straight forward as there are no difficult concepts or ideas. It is likely that all who read it will find exactly what they need in order to move forward in a positive and energised way.


Lifting the Veil: Raising Consciousness- AMAZON 

liftingtheveilby Connie Howell


Lifting the Veil, Raising Consciousness poses questions that you may not ever have considered asking yourself, such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’. For some, these questions never get asked and so life is perceived from the physical and material aspects only.

Do you believe that your mind is in your head and its output is generated from your brain? Or do you have the wider perspective that ‘mind’ is a non-local consciousness that interacts with other minds on an invisible and energetic level?

This book endeavours to open you up to the possibility that we are all connected through an invisible field and that we are individual sparks of one consciousness known by many names but ultimately recognised as a higher or supreme power.

Most of us go through life disconnected from this source because we lack the understanding or belief that we are all children of the one source and worthy to be so. The premise of this book is that none of us are sinners but rather we are here to experience life in all its facets and for the one source to know itself through us. 

Each chapter offers a higher perspective than our ordinary mind can, for the everyday mind is filled with constant chatter from the ego which is not our true self. However, we believe wholeheartedly that it is telling us the truth and that it reflects who we are.

If this book can stimulate you to ask the right questions and open your mind to greater possibilities, then it has served its purpose and fulfilled its mission. 

Things He Hadn't Told Her - AMAZON

thingstoldherby Vicky Whedbee


Chad Edwards & Cole Rivers have been best friends since grade school. "Blood brothers forever" they declared after Chad saved Cole's life. Years later in college at the University of Tennessee, Chad is a student of Sports Medicine, and Cole is the Vol's star quarterback. That's where they meet Maggie Thompson. Ask either one of them and they would tell you, "Maggie is perfect". So, it's no surprise they both fall in love with her. As fate would have it, Maggie falls in love too, but only one of them is the recipient of her affections. It's what happens next that will surprise you.
They made a pact as boys. Can they keep that pact as men?







Sarah's Song - AMAZON

SSongby Vicky Whedbee

Christian Mystery

It’s the 1940’s in rural East Tennessee, Appalachian country. For most everyone there is only work, and possibly church, if there’s one nearby. People rise before the sun is up, work hard, go to bed early, and rest in church on Sunday. Little chance for much else to happen. Right?
So, why would keeping one little secret for over sixteen years be so important? What could possibly have happened that could change the lives of so many people, if the secret were to be revealed?
There are only three people alive that know the answer to that question. For now.





Sarah's Home - AMAZON

SShomeby Vicky Whedbee

Christian Mystery

The story of those you came to know and love in Sarah's Song continues in rural Appalachia, Hurricane Hollow, Tennessee, in 1956! 
After learning of the horrific abuse her adopted son endured during his childhood with nowhere to escape to, and then losing her best friend to more senseless violence, Millicent Thornton embarks on a journey to provide a safe haven for anyone that needs it. She builds Sarah's Home in honor of her late friend, bringing her dream to fruition, however, it isn't long before she realizes she has seriously underestimated the need of such a facility. Nor could she ever have imagined that her life and the lives of those closest to her would be turned upside down with the arrival of the first few occupants, and changed forevermore when the identity of another patient is learned!






Where There's a Will: Inspector Stone Mysteries #1 - AMAZON

wherethereswillby Alex R Carver

Thriller - Police Procedural

The kidnapping of a child is every parent's worst nightmare, for the Keatings though it isn't a nightmare, it's a reality.

Inspector Stone is tasked with finding Alice Keating and bringing her home safely. Hard enough under normal circumstances, but between investigating an unrelated armed robbery, family problems, and the machinations of an ambitious underling, it's almost impossible.

Unbeknown to either Stone or Alice's parents, the kidnappers have more in mind than collecting a ransom. And when it turns out that the Russian Mafia might be involved in the kidnapping, things begin to spiral out of Stone's control.

Can Stone find Alice before the kidnappers make good on their threats? If not it won't just be Alice that becomes a victim to their deadly plans...





The Monopoly - SMASHWORDS

themonopolyBy Benjamin Nengwani

Self-Improvement - Motivation

Out of all the roads you may travel, the road to discovering yourself is the most significant. It is where you will discover your true self, your vision, purpose and abilities, and in doing so, you will never live below your potential. In a world where there is always a crisis, which can leave you out of business, unemployed and unable to pay your bills, you have to focus on controlling your space and to do that, you must first discover who you are. We only hate our lives because of what we cannot control. 

Develop yourself. Temptation is a test of weakness and it will constantly be there in your life to test your character, which is only as strong as the temptations you overcome and difficulties you endure. Without character anything can destroy you. Be compassionate because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Learn to lead your own life, control what you must and manage what you cannot control. Life is not a race.

Focus on discovering what you were born to do and do it well. Focus on your gifts, ideas, dreams and goals and not on what others are doing. Do not work for reward but fulfilment otherwise your road to success will be short rather than satisfactory. If you do not have a plan to dominate in anything that you’re going to do, don’t get into it. Luck is a poor man’s deception and self-belief is a rich man’s salvation. A wise man fights to win, but he is twice a fool who has no plan for possible defeat!

This publication will teach you how to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and dominate your space through self-governing, love, compassion, leadership, control and management. If you cannot be successful where you are, find an environment in which you can establish yourself. 



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