Independent Author Book List

Need a new book but are tired of the same ole same ole?  Find a book from a new or established Indie Author. 

Romance Indie Author Books

Romance is a specific fiction genre in which the central conflict revolves around the love story between a man and a woman. The settings are often exotic. The characters are regal and glamorous. And the ensuing story is inevitably dramatic with various types of personal and business drama to be overcome.

Erotica Indie Author Books 

Steamy books that focus on sexual exploits with or without a plot. These may also be romances, but they do not have to be. These books are meant for the over 18 crowd.

Drama and Family LIfe Indie Author Books

Stories about family drama and life drama as they occur in the characters' everyday lives.

Thriller and Horror Books

Designed to scare or chill readers.  may or may not contain horrific monsters, plaques and other types of creatures and events that most people would find terrifying.

Suspense Books

Less dramatic than horror.  These books are designed ot keep readers on thier toes and guessing as to the outcome.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Science fiction incorporates various types of science into its story, settings, characters and the challenges that they must overcome. The technology used in the books may be real or imaginary. 

Fantasy uses imaginary worlds and mystical creatures within its storyline. Familiar characters of fables and mythology such as princes and princesses, knights, dragons, giants, faeries, goblins, gnomes, wizards, and witches often show up in this genre. Magic, spells, swords and sorcery, supernatural powers, talking animals, and fanciful kingdoms are welcomed stereotypes. 

War and Action

Often bloody and violent.  Can focus on a quest, task or duty.

Poetry and Short Stories

Smaller delights for indivdiuals who love various types of poetry and shorter stories.

Comedy Humor and Satire 

Designed to provoke laughs and amuse and relax readers.

NonFiction Self-Help Memoir Biography and AutoBiography

Books that are truthful or factual.


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