If you’ve just contacted a freelancer about writing your article and you include links that aren’t your business website or documents that the writer needs to download, your writer may reject the opportunity. The best case scenario involves the writer asking you to put all the information as text in the body of the email or message. Why? Because your article probably doesn’t pay for a new computer.

Your Professional Freelancer Is Working on a High End Machine

Some freelancers do work on cheap laptops, tablets and cell phones. However, just because the device only cost a few hundred dollars doesn’t mean the writer can afford to replace it when your virus laden file corrupts their computer or portable device.


The other option is that your freelancer is working on a custom built business machine. Once a freelancer gets to a certain point, they usually invest the money to buy a high end custom business computer that can handle multitasking and the heavy demands of having multiple programs open. This can mean that they’ve saved for years in order to afford a high end custom built business machine that costs in excess of $2,000. These machines are designed for heavy multitasking. Usually, they are in-line with the specs for gaming machines or machines that are used for drafting, video creation and custom graphics design. The last thing your freelancer wants to do is purchase a second one of these machines because your virus laden file or link destroyed the first one and all the files they had on it.

What Your New Freelancer Won’t Open

Any link that isn’t from a reputable website and probably not that one either.

Google docs links (Sorry, folks, scammers have figured out how to fill those docs with trash that will damage your machine.)

Files that have to be downloaded

What Your Freelancer Will Do

Ask you to put all the relevant information into the body of a message or email.

Search for whatever those links referenced on the Internet.

In fact, the first thing we’ll do is try to find the information on the internet. If you’ve included your business name, we’ll put that into a search engine browser to see if your website pulls up. We’ll also search for those relevant articles that you listed as sources. If we find all that information, we’ll probably go ahead and agree to write your article. If we can’t find it, then we may not or we may ask you to include all that information as text in the body of an email.

When Do You Get to Send Files and Links

This is all about building trust. After several articles or blog posts, your freelance writer may be willing to look at those links and download documents, but it’s only after working with you for several months and building a good business relationship. Also, it means that if something is corrupted, your freelancer will understand that it was an accident and not a malicious attempt to ruin their career and business.

What You Should Send When You First Contact a New Freelance Writer

The first thing you should ask is if they’d be interested in writing an article, blog post or webpage on X topic. If your freelancer says yes, then send them the details. This includes any relevant directions, including any specific things you want mentioned as well as the name of your business and any relevant keywords. All of this should be in text. If you want to include a link, you can include your business website, but there’s a good chance your freelancer is just going to search your business name online.


Once your content is written, your freelancer will probably send it as an email with the content in the body of the email, unless you specify you’d like it sent a different way.


By following these guidelines, you’re much more likely to start the process of building a good writer/client relationship.