Chapter 1 - May 18 - 4 Weeks Until Graduation


Monday Afternoon

Kelsey Arriving Home from School



Kelsey Smith stepped out of Carl’s car in front of 201 Church Street. As usual, Greg forgot to pick her up from school, and it was almost four in the afternoon. If Carl hadn’t stayed late to talk to the English teacher, Mr. Ingles, Kelsey would have been forced to walk home. While it was only about a mile, it was a mile farther than she wanted to walk after running up and down stairs all day.

Kelsey walked up the sidewalk and opened the faded black screen door. The brown-painted security door's handle didn't budge when she attempted to turn it. 

After pulling out her key, she unlocked the handle and the deadbolt before testing it again.  The lock had a habit of retracting the bolt ninety-nine percent of the way, leaving just enough bolt lip to make opening the door impossible without relocking it and unlocking it again. Today, it was working correctly.

Once the door was open, she waved to Carl to let him know she was fine and going inside. However, she paused with the screen door closed and watched until Carl's car completely disappeared from view.  He had asked if she wanted company until Greg arrived home. She had not, but Carl insisted that he stay since this was a less than stellar neighborhood.

Kelsey politely refused his offer, reminding him that she grew up homeless on the street and needed no additional protection. Now, she wanted to make sure he had taken her refusal seriously. It looked like he had.

Kelsey closed and dead-bolted the door before turning and looking over at the couch. Greg wasn't on the couch, and after listening for a moment, she realized the house was completely silent. Greg was not home, and Kelsey made a mental note to kick his ass.

To make sure he truly wasn't home and not masturbating in a different part of the house, Kelsey turned on the lights and walked through the downstairs before walking through the upstairs. She saw no indication that he was home or had been home since he dropped her off at school. 

This was weird. He was usually home by three. Greg just never bothered to stop by Grand Central high school on his way home to pick her up. It irked Kelsey. She’d lived with him for the last five years.

He’d picked her up off the street during the summer between her seventh and eighth-grade years, or at least, they would have been had she been attending school. He’d found her sitting in front of a 7-11 on a 100-degree day. He stopped and asked her what she was doing sitting outside. Kelsey told him she was sitting, hoping someone would drop some change so she could get an ice cream cone or something to drink.

He walked into the 7-11 and bought her ice cream and a Coke. Each day, he struck up a bit more of a conversation. The man was an investor. When she saw him, he was on his lunch break. He lived alone in a three-bedroom, two-bath, two-story house. Kelsey congratulated him on his success. He asked her what she wanted to do with her life. Kelsey’s answer was short – survive it. That was when Greg offered to let her stay at his house, if she promised to re-enroll in school.

Kelsey accepted the offer.

Now, she was in her final semester at Grand Central, and she needed straight A’s in order to qualify for a scholarship that would give her free room, board and tuition at any college in the state. If she didn’t, she’d find herself right back on the street eating shelter food and sleeping under cardboard boxes. 

Kelsey knew Greg wouldn’t tolerate a loiterer or a freeloader in his house. He barely gave her any money as it was. Kelsey was certain he expected her to get a real job as soon as she was old enough. Preferably at the gas station down the street so she could walk there.

Kelsey tried it when she was 16 and failed. The shift was so late that Kelsey kept falling asleep in class. She had enough trouble maintaining passing grades without falling asleep. She quit after a week and doubted Greg had even noticed she’d tried to work. She did collect the check and cashed it, but it wasn’t enough money to do anything with. She ended up buying lunches with it for a month. While she bought lunches and slowly ran out of money, she contemplated ways to make money that didn’t involve exhausting herself at a shift job. 

That was when she decided to offer services to the hornier of the boys at Grand Central, which was mostly the football team. Although, there were a few better-looking nerds that she did fuck for money on occasion. Her plan worked most of the time. She charged $40 per fuck. On a good week, she could make $200. The end of last week and today were hell. No one had wanted her since Thursday.

As a result, getting lunch money was ridiculous. She had to discreetly raid vending machines for forgotten change every time she passed them. By lunch, she had three dollars. It was enough to get a Coke and a hamburger. She was now starving. Greg wasn’t home, and she was getting pissed.

Kelsey walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. It contained beer and ketchup. “Fuck.” Kelsey pulled one of the beers out and opened it before taking a long drink. She should have redirected Carl's thoughts when he'd asked if he could stay for the afternoon and had him take her out to dinner, but she thought Greg would be home by now.

Kelsey walked upstairs and threw her shoes in her bedroom. As she walked out of her bedroom, she heard the front door open.

“Kelsey, you here?” Greg asked.

“Yeah,” she said as she walked down the stairs. “You have no food again.”

“Sorry. Forgot. Crappy day,” Greg said. “I’ll order a pizza.”

“And breadsticks and a brownie,” Kelsey said as she crossed her arms.

“And some Cokes.” Greg pulled out his phone. “Did you manage lunch money?”

“No, Coach was working the football players out all day,” Kelsey said.

“Figures.” Greg dialed Grand Central Pizza. He ordered one extra-large steak, bacon and ranch pizza with jalapeños, an order of cheese sticks and two two-liters of diet coke along with two brownies. He paid with his credit card then ended the call. “Forty-five minutes.”

“What about breakfast?” Kelsey asked.

“I’ll take you to school. We’ll get something on the way,” Greg said. He sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

Kelsey sat on the other side of the couch with her back propped against the armrest and her lower legs across Greg’s lap.

Greg grabbed one of her feet while he flipped channels. “Skinnomax?”

“That’s fine,” Kelsey said. It was better than the hard-core porn he usually watched, and Kelsey usually liked the plots as well as the overly-muscled men.

Greg rubbed her foot. “I guess you didn’t have a good day either.” He could feel the tension in her lower legs.

“Not really,” Kelsey said. “It was boring, and they finally gave us our midterms back.”

“How’d you do?” Greg asked.

“It’s going to be a crapshoot as to whether or not I get my A’s,” Kelsey said.

“Cause of that scholarship?” Greg asked.

“Without it, I can’t go to college,” Kelsey said.

“What’s your GPA?” Greg asked.

“It’s not a 4.0, and I’m not sure I’m even going to get a 4.0 this semester,” Kelsey said.

“Get creative,” Greg said as he massaged her calves.

“How?” Kelsey asked as she watched a naked man on the screen. “Holy hell. I didn’t think they were allowed to show full-frontal male nudity at this hour.”

“It’s paid channel,” Greg said. “You lived on the street. What’d you do when you wanted something?”

“I either begged or stole it,” Kelsey said. “I don’t think that applies to grades.”

“I’m sure it can,” Greg said. “You said your teachers like you.”

“They like to stare at my legs and down my shirt,” Kelsey said.

“You can work with that,” Greg said.

Kelsey laughed. “I’ll see what I can think of.”

“That’s the spirit,” Greg said.

“What kind of adult advice is that?” Kelsey asked as he massaged higher on her legs.

“Realistic,” Greg said. “Did you want the 'try real hard, and I’m sure it’ll work out' speech?”

“No. I wouldn’t have believed it.” Kelsey shifted when he started massaging her thighs.

“I didn’t think so,” Greg said. “You didn’t get any lunch money Friday either.”

“Nope,” Kelsey said. "Everyone has been MIA since Thursday."

“Where the hell’s Dean been?” Greg asked. “He’s usually good at finding you before lunch.”

“Usually, not lately,” Kelsey said. She inhaled when Greg worked his way up to her hips.

"It has been four days, hasn't it?" Greg asked as he massaged her upper thighs.

"I wasn't lying, and you weren't interested this weekend," Kelsey said.

***Cut Scene***

Greg turned his head when the doorbell rang. “Food’s here. I will think about it.” He moved off of her and walked over to the door. It was the pizza guy. He took the pizzas and handed them to Kelsey once she was decent and standing behind him. He grabbed the sides and Cokes and closed and butted the door closed. He’d have to lock it later.

Kelsey walked into the kitchen and sat the pizzas on the table. She grabbed a plate out of the cabinets while Greg sat the rest of the food and drinks on the table.

“Eat what you want,” Greg said. "If we run out, I’ll order more."

Kelsey filled her plate and sat down. She ate everything on it then grabbed two more brownies.

“I’ve got to remember to keep food in this house,” Greg said as he watched her eat. He knew she ate pizza all weekend because that’s what he ordered.

“After five years, I’m not hopeful,” Kelsey said.

“Neither am I,” Greg said. “But I’ll go to the store before I pick you up tomorrow.”

Kelsey ate her brownies and took a large drink directly out of her two-liter of Diet Coke. “I’ll text you and remind you.”

“Good idea,” Greg said. He ate his pizza. "So, are there any boys at school you're interested in aside from their cocks and money?"

"No," Kelsey said as she grabbed another brownie.

"Not Carl?" Greg asked between bites.

"Hell no. He's a friend and a geeky friend at that," Kelsey said.

"Dean? He seems more your style. Large. Muscular. Football player," Greg said.

"No, but I like his cock," Kelsey said.

Greg laughed. "I take it he feels good in that overactive pussy."

Kelsey laughed. "He feels better than most, and he tries, but I don't want to date him." She looked at him. "Why are you asking? You've never taken an interest in my dating life before."

"Cause your skirts are getting shorter. I figured you were trying to get someone's attention," Greg said.

Kelsey shook her head before taking a drink of her Coke.

*** Cut Scene***

Kelsey rinsed and stepped out of the shower before looking around for a towel. Only the hand towel was hanging on the towel bar. Kelsey grumbled as she walked over to the small linen closet and grabbed two towels. She wrapped one around her hair and the other around her body before walking across the hall to her bedroom where she finished drying and looked for something to wear for the evening.

Kelsey chose a large t-shirt that hung to her mid-thighs and slid it over her body. Grabbing her bookbag, she sprawled across the bed and opened her English book. She had an essay to write, and she had to write it on paper and turn it in by hand. Almost all of the other students would be doing it via the online class portal. Unfortunately, Greg’s computer was off-limits, and Kelsey had yet to be able to afford even the cheapest Android tablet.

She read the passages and picked up her pen. This was another boring, busy-work assignment. She didn’t feel like she was learning anything. Hours later, she was asleep on the textbook with half an essay written.

Greg walked into Kelsey’s room on his way to bed when he noticed her light was still on. He had a feeling, she desperately needed a tutor. Not that he thought she was stupid. He just thought she’d missed too many years of primary school. She was lucky Grand Central had agreed to take her, but they tended to take the tough cases as long as the students didn't have felonies. He knew Kelsey didn't have any felonies, but from some of the stories she'd told him, she did have misdemeanors for shoplifting and loitering. Greg suspected she had a couple simple assault charges too, but he'd never been able to get the details out of her.

Greg pulled the textbook, notebook and pen out from under Kelsey and set them on the nightstand. Then, he pulled her onto the pillows and covered her with the blankets. When she stayed asleep, he grabbed everything on the nightstand and walked downstairs to the kitchen table. She argued with him over school, studying and homework, saying it was all busy-work and useless in the real world. Then, he’d find her like she was – asleep on her books with her homework half done. Greg mentally kicked himself. He should have gotten her a tutor years ago when he'd first realized she was behind the other students.

Greg sat down at the table and opened her book to the page she had indicated in her class notes. He read the pages. “Oh fuck my life.” In this instance, he had to agree with Kelsey. This was busy-work and useless. Unfortunately, it still had to be done. Greg ripped out her page and sat it next to the notebook. He then turned to a clean page where he copied her half an essay and added to it until it met the 500-word requirement. If there was one thing all teachers noticed, it was a change in handwriting mid-essay. Greg signed Kelsey’s name, then closed all the books before heading upstairs to shower and go to bed.




 Chapter 2 - May 19 – Tuesday



 Morning at Grand Central High School



Kelsey Smith stepped out of Greg’s car at the front entrance of Grand Central High School. She was deep in thought as she walked through the glass and steel doors. Kelsey had found her books on the kitchen table. Upon opening her notebook, she noticed her essay was finished. She didn’t remember finishing it and didn’t remember walking downstairs. That probably meant that Greg had completed it. She’d need to read through it before class so she knew what was in it in case Mr. Ingles asked her questions.

“Hey there, Kelsey.”

She felt a hand slide around her waist. “Dean.”

“The one and only.” He kissed the side of her face. “How’s your lunch money situation this morning?”

“Terrible, as always,” Kelsey said. “You gonna do something about it or keep ignoring me?”

“I have not been ignoring you.” He pressed her against a row of lockers and kissed her while rubbing his erection against her hip. “Coach has been working us like hell for the last half a week.”

She slid her hand down to feel it bulging through his jeans. “We might be able to work something out.”

“Thirty?” Dean asked.

Kelsey sighed. “You know it’s forty.” She pushed him away. “Don’t tempt me with that if you don’t have it.”

“I had to buy some shit for football practice,” Dean said. “It cost more than I thought. Part of Coach’s crap.”

“When can you have the other ten?” Kelsey asked.

“Lunch.” He leaned his mouth against her ear. “I have to break a hundred. I have a twenty and a ten on me right now.” He slid his hand up to her breast and squeezed it gently before brushing a thumb against her nipple. “Come on, Kelsey. I bet you’re already wet, and we have 30 minutes until first period.”

“Yeah, it’s wet.” If there was one thing Kelsey wasn’t in the mood for, it was being aroused all day. She doubted Greg would fuck her again any time soon. He hadn’t seemed too pleased that she’d wanted his cock last night. “Follow me.”

She led the captain of the football team down to the end of the hall and turned right. She stopped at the third door and tested the handle. It was unlocked. It was always unlocked. Kelsey didn’t have the key. No one could seem to find it, but no one ever locked this door unless they were in the room, and as far as Kelsey knew, she was the only one who used this room. 

It was an old office, and Kelsey preferred it for conducting business. Almost no one entered the school through the side door. No teachers seemed to walk this far down the main hall, and she'd never seen anyone turn down the narrow side hall.

Kelsey opened the forgotten office door and walked through.

Dean followed her and closed the door behind them. He locked it, knowing full well that Kelsey didn’t want interruptions. Dean pulled out his wallet and opened it. He separated the twenty and ten from his one-hundred-dollar bill.

Kelsey took the money and laid it on the old executive desk.

“If you had money, would you still charge?” Dean asked as he walked over to her.

“I would,” Kelsey said.

He pulled off her shirt, revealing a basic white bra. “Why’s that?”

“Because I don’t want anyone thinking this is more than it is,” Kelsey said. She unfastened his pants and pushed them down. He was definitely hard. Kelsey wrapped her hand around his dick and stroked it from base to head.

Dean lifted her onto the desk and spread her legs as he slid his hands up her thighs. “No panties today?”

“Didn’t feel like wearing them,” Kelsey said.

*** Cut Scene***

Dean helped her off the desk. “You wouldn’t be interested in a party with the football players this weekend, would you?”

Kelsey shook her head. “No gang bangs.”

“I knew you’d say that, but they asked me to ask,” Dean said as he grabbed the paper towels off a chair and cleaned off his dick before pulling up his pants.

“If they want it, they have to come to me like everyone else,” Kelsey said.

“They don’t seem to get it. Then again, I often wonder about their IQs.” He kissed her again. “I need to run down to the gym before first period.”

“I’ll talk to you later,” Kelsey said. She locked the door behind Dean and finished undressing before walking to the back of the office and opened the bathroom door. Her favorite feature of this office was that it had a full bathroom with a shower. Kelsey kept it stocked with extra clothes, towels, soap and wash clothes.

She showered quickly and redressed before making sure she had everything she needed for class. She didn't, which meant she had to make a trip to her locker.

Kelsey slowly opened the office door and peered both ways down the hallway. She didn’t see anyone. Quietly, she closed the door and walked down the side hall. The first bell rung while she was getting dressed. The late bell was due to ring any second.

As she turned the corner into the main hall, she stepped into Principal Hattrick, forehead banging against his chest. She looked up surprised. She’d expected the halls to be empty.

Hattrick placed his hands on her shoulders. “Where’s the fire, Kelsey?”

“Late for class,” Kelsey said.

Hattrick chuckled and squeezed her shoulders, thumb accidentally brushing over the bra strap beneath her shirt. “Yes, you are. Did you get in late?”

“Yeah. Greg was running behind this morning,” Kelsey said as she looked up at him. He looked like he had skipped a day of shaving. “Going for the stubbly look this morning?” She brushed a finger across it.

“I was running late myself,” Hattrick said. He leaned down and rubbed it against her face.

Kelsey giggled. “Hattrick! That’s worse than a cat’s tongue.”

When their eyes locked, Hattrick felt himself moving his mouth toward hers. He covered her mouth with his hand. “Get to class, and watch what you’re putting on in the morning. That skirt’s too short.”

“I will,” Kelsey said. She backed away from him and turned, deciding to take the side stairs down to the lower level and her locker. “Fuck.” She inhaled as she approached her locker. Every encounter with Hattrick this year seemed to be slightly to moderately inappropriate.

Kelsey blamed it on her fascination with suits. Hattrick had switched from business casual to business professional this year, and this morning he was wearing an expensive dark gray suit that Kelsey wanted to rub against.

She unlocked her locker and grabbed her books for first period before slamming the door and walking down the hall toward the main staircase.

“There you are!”

Kelsey turned her head to view Carl. “You’re running as late as I am this morning.”

“Unfortunately,” Carl said. “Are you ready for this class?”

“I think so. I spent too much damned time on that essay last night, though,” Kelsey said.

“That was not fun,” Carl said. “I almost fell asleep while writing it.”

“You’re not the only one. Mr. Ingles really has a knack for making English boring,” Kelsey said.

“You are not kidding there,” Carl said. “I don’t think I’m doing very well at all. I just can’t get into it.”

“I may not be doing well either. Do you know what the average grade is in that class?” Kelsey asked.

“A ‘C’,” Carl said.

“Shit,” Kelsey said as they walked up the stairs to the main floor. “I got a B in my last English class. I can’t have a C in this one. I wish more teachers taught senior English.”

“He’s the only one,” Carl said. “Not many take it. It’s just needed for the damned elite colleges, so if you’re not going or you don’t care where you go, English 401 is not needed. You might consider dropping it. I don’t need it for anything, except the credits.”

“Well, I need it because I have to send all my transcripts to the scholarship committee at the end of this semester,” Kelsey said. “And this will look good on the transcript.”

“When do they announce the winners?” Carl asked.

“July first,” Kelsey said. “And my transcripts have to be mailed the last day of class.”

“With even one C on your record, you won’t have a 4.0,” Carl said.

“I know. I have to find a way to fix that,” Kelsey said.

“Maybe you can ask for extra credit after the fact. I think you qualify as extenuating circumstances. Doesn’t your dad kick you out the day we graduate?”

“My uncle but yes,” Kelsey said. “He’s been very generous. He didn’t have to take me in at all.”

“Still, that’s harsh,” Carl said.

“He wants his life back,” Kelsey said. “I can’t blame him for that."

“Maybe we can help each other. With four weeks left till graduation, we’ll need all the brain-power we can muster,” Carl said as they approached the classroom door. “Shit. Class has started.”

“Nothing we can do,” Kelsey said.

Carl walked with her to the back of the room where they chose two seats next to each other.

Kelsey put her books on the desk.

“So glad you could join us,” Mr. Ingles said.

“Apologies,” Carl said. “It won’t happen again.”

“I assume you all checked your email last night and saw that you needed to read Pilgrim’s Progress,” Mr. Ingles said. “My apologies for not mentioning it in class, but this is part of the reason you need to learn to stay on top of your emails. Your future employers will also email you after work hours and expect you to respond or get started on the project.”

“Did you know about it?” Kelsey asked Carl in a whisper.

“Yes, but it was late when I saw it,” Carl said. “I didn’t get past page five. It’s unreal boring.”

“Mr. Carl, did you have something to share with the class?” Mr. Ingles asked.

“Yeah, I tried to read it. Every time I read more than a page, I fell asleep. That book is boring,” Carl said.

“Does anyone else share Mr. Carl’s sentiments?” Mr. Ingles asked.

“It was hard to read,” another student said. “I almost didn’t get through it, and I had caffeine.”

“Well, I need a 500-word essay by tomorrow on the premise of the book,” Mr. Ingles said. “I suggest you all find a way to read it.”

The class groaned.

Kelsey leaned back in her chair and looked at the ceiling tiles. More than one of them had water spots.

“Come over tonight. We’ll do it together,” Carl said to Kelsey.

Kelsey nodded.

The rest of the class was spent talking about the great poets, of which Kelsey had no interest. When the bell rang, signaling the end of class, she was the first one out of her seat.

“Miss Kelsey,” Mr. Ingles said. “What did you think of Pilgrim’s Progress?”

“I liked what the author was trying to do, but there was no excitement in it anywhere,” Kelsey said.

Mr. Ingles nodded. “I look forward to reading your essay tomorrow.”

“I’m sure it will be one of the best.” She paused. “Oh here.” She pulled her notebook out and ripped out the page. “The other essay we had to do.”

“Good. Glad to see you got it done on time this time,” Mr. Ingles said.

“Thanks.” She walked out of the room with Carl.

“He was looking down your shirt,” Carl said.

“You’re kidding,” Kelsey said.

“Nope,” Carl said. “I can tell you with certainty that he was not looking at your face.”

“Ugh. Just what I need,” Kelsey said.

“What’s your next class?” Carl asked.

“I have statistics and economics then art,” Kelsey said.

“Art? Is that for college?” Carl asked.

“No, I needed a random credit,” Kelsey said.

“Right. That’s why I’m in weight lifting this semester,” Carl said.

“When do you have that?” Kelsey asked.

“Right before lunch,” Carl said.

“I guess that’s a good time for it,” Kelsey said.

“Better than last class,” Carl said. “Anyway, I’ll see you at lunch.”

Kelsey walked to her locker, put her English books away and picked up her statistic’s books. The statistics class was in room 201 on the main floor. She wished she would have taken her Statistics' books with her to English. After talking to Carl and having to retrieve her books from her locker, she was running late.

As she approached the classroom door, the late bell rang. She opted to sit in the back. In fact, she was so far back in the room, that the row was known as F row. It wasn’t because the rows were labeled. It was because everyone who sat in the very back row received F’s in this class due to not being able to read Mr. Scatterplot’s tiny writing on the whiteboard. While the whiteboard image was posted online in real-time, Kelsey didn’t have a tablet computer. If she had to have a computer to complete assignments, she had to go to Carl’s house. 

Once Mr. Scatterplot completed roll call, he asked every student to turn to Chapter 10 in their Statistics’ books. Kelsey rolled her eyes. The chapter was on the need for data. Kelsey read the first few sentences in Statistics for Beginners. It made sense to her, but she knew once they started solving math problems, she’d be lost. Kelsey always understood the theory but never the actual math.

She stared at the page while Mr. Scatterplot explained the material. It all sounded Greek to her. How she was going to get an ‘A’ in this class was beyond her. She should have dropped it after the first day. Unfortunately, since there were only four weeks left in the damned semester, she could no longer drop it. If she did, it would show up as an 'F' on her transcripts.

Kelsey was grateful when the bell sounded, signaling the end of statistics. Kelsey stood and walked to the front of the class. Due to the rush of other students trying to get out the door, she was forced to pause her escape in front of Mr. Scatterplot’s desk.

“Miss Kelsey,” Mr. Scatterplot said. “Knowing your circumstances this year, I don’t think your grade is where you need it to be”

Kelsey turned to face him. “It’s not, and I just saw my midterm grade the other day. I need an A in this class, and I’m not sure how to get it.”

“Well, I’d recommend tutoring from one of the students who understand the material, but I can’t say I have any of those this year,” Mr. Scatterplot said. “But, I can tutor you before or after school. Your choice. If you want.”

“That’s extremely generous. Can I let you know my decision tomorrow?” Kelsey asked.

“You can,” Mr. Scatterplot said.

“Thank you.” Kelsey walked out of the room and down the hall. She had two more classes until lunch, and she was tempted to skip them. Her first two classes had been stressful enough. Unfortunately, like she had told Carl, she couldn’t skip them. She needed all A’s this semester, and somehow, she needed to convince every other teacher she’d ever had to change her previous grades to A’s.”

“Miss Kelsey.”

Kelsey turned around to view, Principal Hattrick. “Yes, sir.” She looked over his suit. He looked a little more presentable than he had this morning. His face was now bristle-free.

“I have some paperwork for you in the office. Some stuff we forgot to give you,” Hattrick said.

“Of course, I’ll do it now,” Kelsey said. She walked down the hall and entered the main office. The secretary was sitting behind the desk.

She looked up. “Kelsey. Great. I have some paperwork that was forgotten.” She held up a stack of pages on a clipboard.

“I’ll do it now,” Kelsey said. She sat down in one of the blue plastic chairs and pulled out a pen. As she read the pages, she filled them out and signed them.

“Kelsey. My office,” Principal Hattrick said as he walked into the main office.

Kelsey stood and followed him into his office.

He closed the door. “Have a seat and hand me those papers.”

Kelsey sat in one of the large padded chairs in front of his desk. She handed him the paperwork. “Did you need to look it over?”

“I need to initial it. After almost four years, we know your Uncle Greg won’t sign these,” Hattrick said.

“Yeah. I was going to ask what to do about that. He doesn’t like putting his name on anything,” Kelsey said.

Hattrick started initialing the forms. “I also have some bad news.”

“Bad news?” She asked. Knowing how her life had gone so far, such a generic term could have been anything from her parents were back to she was going to juvy for past crimes and the cops were on their way.

“Have you seen the news this morning?” Hattrick asked.

“No. I’ve been in class. My phone is off,” Kelsey said.

“I saw a news report this morning about a man named Greg Black. Your uncle?”

"What?" Kelsey questioned.

“He’s in jail as of 45 minutes ago. I saw the arrest,” Hattrick said.

“You’ve got to be kidding," Kelsey said. "He dropped me off this morning."

“I called the police station to verify,” Hattrick said.

“Shit. Did you mention me?” Kelsey asked.

“No,” Hattrick said. “I just wanted to verify that they had Greg Black. I didn’t mention you specifically.”

Kelsey sighed. “Okay.” She looked at him. “What did he do?”

“Not entirely sure. Some type of fraud,” Hattrick said. “He was arrested at work.”

“Fuck.” Kelsey rubbed her temples. If Greg was in jail, it was unlikely she’d be able to go home after school. She leaned with her elbows on his desk, trying to figure out what she was going to do tonight. She knew there was a shelter a few blocks over. It was run by some religious order. Kelsey figured she could tolerate a few days of it, but she’d have to find a more permanent place by the weekend.

“Do you have someplace to go tonight? I don’t think you’ll be able to go to your house. It looked like a crime scene in the videos.” Hattrick said.

“Yeah. I’m going to Carl’s tonight,” Kelsey said. “He’s going to help me with homework. Maybe his mom will let me stay the night.” It was a very short term solution. She didn’t want to impose her crappy situation on Carl or his mom.

“I would suggest you do that,” Hattrick said as he turned his head back to the paperwork in front of him.

“I’ll work it out with Carl,” Kelsey said. She leaned over his desk to watch him read and initial the paperwork.

“How old are you? I know, but confirm it for me.” He glanced up and immediately averted his eyes.

“Eighteen as of Christmas,” Kelsey said then blinked. “Why did you just look away from me?”

“Look down at yourself,” Hattrick said. He reached across his desk and tugged on the neckline of her shirt.

Kelsey looked down and gasped. “Oh my god. I didn’t realize.”

“That’s really distracting, Kelsey,” Hattrick said as he drug his finger across the neckline until he could brush it across the top of her breast. “And you know we’ve increased the restrictions on the dress code due to certain problems we are having.”

“I heard some of the teachers can't keep their hands to themselves,” Kelsey said. "I guess I should be going home right now."

“Right this second, your home isn’t available,” Hattrick said. He slipped his finger lower, gently rubbing her nipple. He needed some self-control. Hattrick pulled his hand away from her and looked down at the paperwork. “It’s good that you’re eighteen. It makes things a little bit easier.” He looked up at her again. She had moved to sit in the chair and adjusted her shirt, but he could still see far too much of her chest. “Give me your phone.”

Kelsey leaned forward and handed Hattrick her phone. She watched as he pressed buttons.

“My number is now in your phone. If you need anything, do not hesitate to call,” he said.

“Of course. Thank you.” Kelsey stood and looked at him. “Are you going to tell the police he has a student living with him?” She asked as she admired his suit.

“I'm not,” Hattrick said. He stood and walked around his desk to her. “I don’t want to complicate your situation any more than it is.”

Kelsey nodded, barely stopping herself from reaching out and touching his suit as he stepped closer. “Can I say something maybe a little inappropriate?”

Hattrick chuckled. “I’m not feeling very appropriate right this second, so go ahead.”

“I really like that suit.” Kelsey touched the sleeve of his jacket.

Hattrick felt that slight touch to his clothes far more intensely than he should have. “It’s expensive, handwoven." He sighed. "Go ahead. I know you’re dying to touch it.” He clasped his hands behind his back so he wouldn’t be tempted to touch her. While he was certainly willing to touch her in the halls, those moments were limited. He could palm her ass. Kiss her if no one was in the area, but the time was short. Anyone could walk up at any moment. His office offered more privacy, and anyone who wished to enter would knock first. Hattrick had no idea how he would respond if he were to act on his impulses.

Kelsey slid her hands down the lapels of his jacket. “Damn, this is nice.” She brushed her fingers down his shirt.

“Stay above the belt. The pants are made out of the same material as the jacket,” Hattrick said. He knew more about her past than he cared to admit, and as her hands moved over his abs, he knew she wouldn’t give a second thought to unfastening his belt regardless of the fact that he was the principal. If she took a hold of his cock, it was unlikely he'd have the willpower or desire to stop her.

Kelsey couldn’t believe he was letting her touch him. She slid her hands from his abs to his chest. “This is amazing.” It felt better than most of her clothes, and she wondered what it would be like to wear his shirt.

“I’d say you like that material,” Hattrick said. He brought one hand around to his front and brushed it against her slightly protruding nipple. His office was chilly but not chilly enough to cause nippling, especially when he considered that his cock was getting hard.

“Just a little,” Kelsey said. “It’s really smooth.” And he had some amazing muscles under his shirt. He felt like he worked out with the football players.

He leaned his mouth down to her ear. “You’re breathing kinda heavy.”

“So are you,” Kelsey said as she slid her hands down his abs. She could only envision what they'd look like flexing as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. “Nothing below the belt?”

“Nothing below the belt,” Hattrick said. He turned her around and lifted her onto his desk before claiming her mouth in a kiss that was far too eager. It wasn’t the first time he’d kissed her. Though, normally, he chose the side of her face or the top of her head. It seemed to him, she needed the somewhat platonic affection. To know that someone cared she existed. This was far more passionate and inappropriate. He was already blaming it on his neglected cock and out-of-town wife.

Kelsey wrapped her arms around him as they kissed.

***Cut Scene*** 



Lunch Tuesday at Grand Central



Kelsey’s head was still reeling as she walked down to the cafeteria. Greg was in jail, and she all but fucked the principal. What was she supposed to think of that? She didn’t know. What she did know was that she was no longer incredibly aroused. It was kinda nice considering she’d had a serious case of ‘fuck my pussy’ lately. No matter what cock was put in it, it just didn’t work. At least, not for very long. And Hattrick had done it without even penetrating her.

She didn’t see Carl when she entered the cafeteria. Knowing he had weight lifting prior, she thought he might be showering. Rather than wait, she entered the cafeteria line and got a tray of food. Today’s lunch was a bacon cheeseburger, French fries and a brownie. Kelsey ordered double fries and walked to a table in the back where very few kids sat.

She was dipping her hamburger in a pile of ketchup and eating it when Carl sat down across from her.

“How were your last two classes?” Carl asked before eating a French fry.

“Boring,” Kelsey said. “But Mr. Scatterplot offered to tutor me before or after school.”

“That’s something. Maybe you can get an A in there,” Carl said between bites of hamburger.

“I hope. What are you doing this evening?” Kelsey asked.

“Not much. I thought you were coming over after school,” Carl said.

“I am, but some things have happened, and I’ve been advised not to go home tonight,” Kelsey said.

“Anything you can tell me here?” Carl asked.

“Nope,” Kelsey said. “Not here.”

“I’ll just tell my mom you’re staying the night,” Carl said.

“Thanks,” Kelsey said.

“And I’ve been thinking. You should get copies of all your grades up to this point so we can go through them," Carl said.

“How is that going to help?” Kelsey asked.

“Well, if we know what classes you took and the grades, maybe we can come up with a plan to get you that 4.0," Carl said.

“I’ll go to the office after lunch and ask,” Kelsey said. “They should be able to print them.”

“I would think so. If not, I might be able to pull them up online,” Carl said.

“That’s good too,” Kelsey said.

They both looked up when someone slammed their hands down on the table. “Well, if it isn’t Kelsey and Carl.”

“Brittany,” Carl said. “What brings you to the back of the cafeteria? I thought you were more of a front of the room girl.”

“I heard a nasty little rumor about a man named Greg Black. Isn’t your last name Black, Kelsey?” Brittany asked.

“If you don’t know my last name, there’s no point in my telling it to you,” Kelsey said. “Get lost with your gossip. I don’t want to hear it, and I don’t care about a man getting arrested. His dumb-ass luck.”

“All right, but I thought you might want to clarify it before it got all over the school,” Brittany said.

“You heard her. She’s not entertaining any rumors today,” Carl said. “Get lost.” He shook his head as she walked away. “Unbelievable.”

“They can gossip and rumor all day as far as I care,” Kelsey said.

“I can’t believe she doesn’t know your last name. She’s known you for three years,” Carl said.

“She wanted me to say it in order to confirm her bullshit rumor,” Kelsey said.

“You know how those girls are,” Carl said. He smirked. “In fact, did you know we’ve been fucking for the last six months?”

“I did not know that,” Kelsey said. “Are we using condoms, or did you knock me up?”

“Apparently, I’ve knocked you up, and you’re hiding the pregnancy with girdles,” Carl said.

Kelsey laughed. “I guess I haven’t told you yet because you’re still talking to me.”

“Yeah. I guess I don’t know yet,” Carl said. “Cause I’m pretty sure I’d run the other way and start dating a cheerleader or some shit.”

Kelsey laughed. “Then, you could knock her up.”

“Damn. You guessed my semester goal. Knock up as many girls as possible before I leave for college.”

They both dissolved into a fit of laughter just as the bell sounded.

“I’ll meet you at the back doors,” Carl said. “After school.”

“I’ll be there.” Kelsey stood and picked up her tray. She threw it away as she walked out of the cafeteria doors.

Her next class was history with Mr. Victor. Kelsey sighed. Mr. Victor was voted the most boring teacher for the last five years. He was even worse than Mr. Ingles.

Kelsey grabbed her books. The class was in the room across from the office, which made it convenient since she needed to speak with the secretary about getting some unofficial transcripts. She walked up the stairs, down the hall and into the front office.

“Kelsey, what can I do for you?” the secretary asked.

“I forgot that I needed a copy of my grades for the last four years. Unofficial,” Kelsey said.

“I’m very busy right now, but you can get copies after class,” she said.

“That’s fine,” Kelsey said. “Thank you.”

Turning, she walked out of the office and across the hall to Mr. Victor’s classroom. Once again, she chose a seat against the back wall. As the other students filed in, she could hear them talking about an arrest made this morning. She inwardly groaned. Damned gossiping sluts.

“Kelsey,” a voice whispered as someone sat down next to her.

“What?” Kelsey asked.

“Did your uncle get arrested this morning?” the boy asked.

“No, he did not,” Kelsey said. “If my uncle got arrested this morning, I’d be at the police station, not sitting here.”

“Good point,” the boy said.

Kelsey sat through the history class with the same enthusiasm she had for her other classes. She was tempted to find another way to pass these classes that didn’t involve doing the work, but damned if she knew an alternate solution that didn’t involve paying a nerd a lot of money. Still, the thought was tempting, if she could find some money.

“I want you all to read and outline chapters one through three tonight and turn in the pages tomorrow,” Mr. Victor said as the class time wound down.

Kelsey rolled her eyes. Just what she needed, more homework. She wrote the assignment down in her notebook.

When the bell rang, she remained sitting. This class was overfull with juniors and seniors. Kelsey waited until most of them had left before getting up and walking out of the classroom. Instead of heading to her next class, she walked across the hall to the office.

“I have your unofficial transcripts,” the secretary said. She put them on the counter.

Kelsey grabbed the documents. “Thanks.”

As she walked to her next class, she realized her GPA wasn’t as good as she thought. She only had a 3.2. She thought she had a 3.3 for the last three and a half years and closer to a 3.5 for this semester. She needed a 4.0 for her entire high school career. She’d have to talk to every teacher for every previous class and try to get some extra credit after the fact. Kelsey knew it was a losing proposition, but she had little choice. Her only hope of remaining housed after the end of the school year was to get that scholarship.

Kelsey stopped abruptly in the hall as she contemplated the problem. The school year ended the second week of June. College didn't start until the middle of August “Shit," she said just as she felt someone run into her and place their hands on her shoulders.

“Sorry, Kelsey. I wasn’t expecting you to stop.”

Kelsey turned her head to view Principal Hattrick. She inhaled. “It’s my fault. I got lost in thought."

“Headed to your last class of the day?” he asked as he took a step closer to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Yeah. Last one,” Kelsey said. She glanced around the hall. There were students and teachers everywhere. Kelsey inwardly cursed.

“Relax. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Hattrick removed his arms from her.

Kelsey watched as he continued his trek down the hall. She walked into room 210 for her last class. This one was a study hall. Since she had her history books with her, she decided to knock out the homework assignment before she met up with Carl.


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