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This is my current book review list.  If you submitted your book for review a while ago, and don't see it listed, please check here.  It's likely that your book review is done.  If you just requested a book review, it may take up to 48 hours to add you to this list.  If it's been longer than 48 hours and you still do not see your book on the list, please email your book review request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Something may have gone wrong with the form.  If you need a book review, please feel free to request one via this form.


Keep in mind that all my book reviews are extremely honest, and I provide book reviews for everything I recieve.  Some book reviewers won't write book reviews for books they hated.  I will.  I just won't give it a star rating.  I also won't totally trash a book I hated.  This is because I am not the be-all-end-all decider of your book's popularity or readership, and someone else may love it.

 Current Book Review List

  1. Rise of the GateBreakers
  2. Dead End
  3. Erotica
  4. You Wish
  5. Affinity's Window
  6. Glimpse, The Tender Killer.
  7. Sky of Embers
  8. Death Doll
  9. Chance
  10. Everi
  11. Loud Pipes Save Lives


Books Where the Reviews Could Not Be Completed Due to Physical Problems With the Book

  1. Among Us (Pending file)

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