Conquered by Holly Merrigan has been waiting quite a while for a review for several reasons.  The biggest one was that I couldn't find the actual book link anywhere. I couldn't find where it was published. I eventually found the original email with the author's name. My review copy didn't contain the author's name or the book cover.  The latter, I'm used to.  The former, not so much. This book has a lot of things to like in it.  It starts off with vampires being tortured in and escaping from a concetration camp. That's enough to get my attention.  That's a really cool way to start off a story, especially a vampire story.  However, these are not traditional vampires. They have hearts that beat, and I'm not even sure if the word vampire is used in the book.  I don't remember.  The overview simply says they are cursed. The other big thing is that this book is written in third person present tense.  This is not my favorite style for a book, especially one that appears to, at least, take place partially in the past.  However, I understand why it's used.  It's meant to create a sense of urgency, but every time I read he/she says, I cringed, so I probably wasn't the best reviwer for this book. With that being said, someone else may love this.  The opening suquence and overall premise are extremely interesting.  It is officially a dark fantasy with 235 pages.

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