Book Edits and Critiques List


  1. Non-standard Romance book - Overview, plotcheck, Go-NoGo recommendation - Completed



Editiing Services Available

Extreme Manuscript Editing - the shred your book edit that's brutally honest. $40 per 1000 words

LIne Editing - Fixes minor to major mistakes per line.  Also offers some comments $35 per 1000 words

Skip a Draft - Just let me do that for you. Skip your next draft. $12.50 per 1000 words

Book Critique - Like a combo book review and dev edit.  Helps determine the viability of your new fiction manuscript. You can also think of it like a drafting or pre-publication book review. $5 per 1000 words


Where's the proofreading!?

I do not offer proofreading.  I'm much better at big picture that includes your major and minor plots, character development and overall book flow and readibility than I am at finding missing commas.  Also, because I've been writing for the Internet for the last 10 years, my punctuation may not match yours.  For example, I don't use Oxford commas. I also capitalize, according to Internet requirements, and use a modified APA style. This means I may catch your 'Jones street' capitalization error, but I'm not going to catch it if you wanted north, south, east and west capitalized. For these reasons, you'd be better off going with a different editor for proofreading.


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Line Editing

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