Are you looking for a fast way to schedule your social media posts so that you can keep your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts active? Over the last 8 months, I've either looked at or tried many different social media schedulers, including Woopsocial, Hootsuite, Twiffer and Tweetdeck. These are the pros, cons and information on the various social media schedulers that are available. 

1. Woopsocial

If you’re looking for a social media scheduler that offers plenty of features and a fully usable free plan, I urge you to checkout Woopsocial. Woopsocial allows you to schedule unlimited posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (if you can get the Instagram connection to work. I’ve never been able to.) The biggest benefit here is that their manual scheduler is incredibly easy to use, and it is relatively fast once you get the hang of it. I was able to autoschedule 200+ posts an hour using it, which means it doesn’t take a lot of time to get all your posts scheduled for the month. 


Woopsocial Pros

  • Schedules to facebook, twitter and instagram

  • Unlimited manually scheduled posts (even in the free account)

  • Manual scheduler is easy to use and fast

  • Customer service is excellent

  • No harassing spammy emails

  • Paid plans start at $10 a month

  • Paid plans offer pretty good analytics

  • Free plans offer 10 days of free analytics

  • Students, researchers and charities can use woopsocial for free

  • Write a review of woopsocial and they’ll give you 6 months paid for free (i have not taken advantage of this)

  • Doesn’t send annoying failed posts messages (also a con if you want to know what failed)

  • Allows for the addition of images per post

Woopsocial Cons

  • Instagram doesn’t always connect (I’ve never gotten woopsocial to connect to instagram)

  • There doesn’t appear to be any way to bulk upload posts via a spreadsheet

  • If you also used linkedin, pininterest and other social media sites, you won’t be able to autoschedule via woopsocial.

  • Doesn’t send failed post messages

2. Twuffer - Suspended by Twitter on Februrary 24, 2020. They were never able to get their privileges back and are now offline as of 2021

Twuffer is excellent for scheduling posts to Twitter. The manual scheduler is incredibly fast. The free plan offers the ability to connect one Twitter account, so if you have multiple Twitter accounts, you’ll need multiple Twuffer accounts unless you choose the paid plan, which is $5.99 a month. Officially, the free account offers up to 50 posts a month, but there doesn’t appear to be a hardcoded limit. Instead, what you’ll see is an occasional popup message reminding you that you’ve scheduled XXX number of posts and wouldn’t it be nice if you bought the paid plan. You can ignore it.

Twuffer Pros

  • Incredibly easy to use

  • Posts to twitter

  • Super fast manual scheduler

  • Allows unlimited scheduled posts (officially free account allows 50, I’ve never been limited)

  • Paid plans are $5.99

  • Tells you how many posts you have scheduled per day/month/all time

  • Images can be added to each post. (Can be time consuming)
  • Paid plan offers bulk upload (i have no idea if bulk upload is limited in the number of messages you can schedule per day/at once or per month)

Twuffer Cons

  • There is no calendar

  • There are no analytics

  • The posts are put in a straight line scroller (like twitter), which means if you have to edit a post, good luck finding it.

  • Only posts to twitter

  • Images cannot be added to the bulk upload spreadsheet.

3. Twittimer

Twittimer has made some significant upgrades recently. This social media scheduler used to be just for Twitter. It looks like you can now schedule to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which makes this autoscheduler much more useful. The free account offers the ability to link one account to facebook, twitter and linkedin, and you can link 1 RSS feed. I signed up for an account, but the free plan limits you to 10 scheduled posts, which would last me about 20 minutes.

Twittimer Pros

  • Now gives the ability to schedule to facebook and linkedin as well as twitter

  • Reasonably easy to use manual scheduler

  • Paid accounts start at $6.99

  • Images can be added to posts (Can be time consuming)

Twittimer Cons

  • Free account is severely limited

  • $6.99 account limits scheduled posts to 500

  • $19.99 account limits scheduled posts to 1,000

  • No weekend customer service 

4. HootSuite

There are lots and lots of businesses and individuals who swear by Hootsuite. If someone mentions social media autoschedulers, Hootsuite is probably the one that comes to mind. It’s the most recommended and probably the most popular. However, it has its limitations, and they are pretty severe if you run multiple social media accounts and schedule thousands of posts a month. I’m currently testing out their Professional Plan, which I think is $29.99 per month if you buy the year upfront and $45 a month if you pay monthly. It doesn’t meet my needs. From what I’ve seen of Hootsuite, it’s due for a major upgrade to streamline their scheduling processes and add more features, like the ability to create post queues for accounts, especially when it comes to Instagram, which is a nightmare to schedule due to the strict image requirements.

HootSuite Pros

  • Free plan allows for 30 scheduled posts at a time.

  • Connects easily to facebook, twitter, pininterest, instagram and linkedin

  • Paid plans start at $29.99 (paid upfront yearly) or $45 a month

  • Offers unlimited manually scheduled posts

  • The extra features, like streams and the ability to look at messages on the platform is extremely handy

HootSuite Cons

  • Customer service is incredibly slow. I put in a helpdesk ticket and heard back 3 weeks later.

  • Bulk upload only allows for 350 schedule posts at a time

  • No plan offers unlimited bulk scheduled posts

  • The analytics don't always work

  • Features are extended via third-party software (and a lot of it doesn’t look useful to me)

  • No ability to create post queues for automatic pulling of posts

  • Images cannot be added to the bulk upload spreadsheet.  They must be added seperately per post.
  • Manual scheduler is extremely slow. I timed it. To schedule 30 posts (same post, same time, diff days took 8 to 9 minutes. Doing the same thing with woopsocial took 3 minutes)

  • The posts fail a lot. I get anywhere from 3 to 20 failed posts a day. It was so many failed posts last week that I turned off the notifier. It was seriously spamming my inbox.

5. TweetDeck

Tweetdeck is fully integrated with Twitter. In fact, Twitter owns it. Like Twuffer, it only allows you to schedule and post tweets to Twitter, so if you have other social media accounts, you’ll need a different autoscheduler for those. Twettdeck excels in the fact that you can do anything on Tweetdeck that you can do in Twitter. You can also link multiple Twitter accounts, and it’s 100 percent free. The scheduler is a bit clunky though. It really takes a long time to get posts scheduled, and there’s no way to bulk upload a spreadsheet.

Tweetdeck Pros

  • It is fully integrated with Twitter

  • It is completely free

  • You can schedule as many posts as you like

  • You can link multiple twitter accounts

  • Images can be added to posts
  • You can create streams and view just about anything from your profile page to scheudled tweets to even hashtag threads.

Tweetdeck Cons

  • It only schedules to Twitter

  • There is no bulk upload using a spreadsheet

  • The manual scheduler is clunky and slow

  • There's no storage of posts for future use.

6. Social Oomph

I have nothing good to say about Social Oomph. It’s on this list because I’ve tried it, and it was completely useless. It doesn’t have a character counter for any post, and any post over 280 characters for Twitter doesn’t post. It doesn’t send out notifications for failed posts, so you don’t even know that it’s not working until you look at your social media feed and see that nothing has posted. It also doesn’t carry through the line breaks, so your Tweet, regardless of what it is, is going to be one solid paragraph of text. It also inserts crazy characters &*&^&%*. I did get it to work if I entered the post and clicked “SEND NOW”, but absolutely no scheduled posts went through. To say I didn’t like it is an understatement. I don’t recommend it, and the reviews I found for it aren’t all that great. Add to it the rude customer service, and well…. NO . . . JUST NO. If you want my full review on SocialOomph, it’s here.

7. MeetEdgar - Don't use these guys. I Never really signed up and 2 years later, they are still sending me spam.

MeetEdgar looks extremely interesting. I started to give this a try as they offer what I thought was a 30-day trial. Instead, it’s a 30-day moneyback guarantee, which means you are going to get charged immediately. That’s where I stopped. When it asked for a credit card, I ended the session right there. Unfortunately, they now spam the hell out of me. I get emails from these guys multiple times a day, and I don’t even use them! The good news is that it looks like they lowered their prices. The paid plan is now $49 a month. I seem to recall those paid plans being more than $100 a month (I could be confusing them with a different autoscheduler, so don’t hold me to that). They will autoschedule to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The additional features may make these guys extremely useful. They offer the ability to create an unlimited library of posts and the ability to organize content into categories. 

Since I didn’t fully test this, I can’t offer any pros or cons. I can tell you that I stopped the signup process when I saw the 30-day moneyback guarantee. I don’t trust those things as far as I can throw them, and it seems like I ran across some language that lead me to believe that they don’t issue refunds. So, in order to even test it out, you are going to pay them $50, and I doubt you are going to be able to get that back. If you hate it and forget to cancel, you’ll probably pay them another $50 that you won’t be able to get back, but that is my speculation.

8. EClincher

Eclincher is the social media scheduler I plan to try next. They do not offer any free plans, and their cheapest paid plan is $59 a month. However, I desperately need a social media schedule with unlimited bulk posting, and this may do it. The reason I’m going to test this one out is because they offer a free two week trial with no credit card needed. If I do like it, I can probably swing $60 a month. Actually, what’s going to happen is that I’m going to cancel my Amazon book ads and use that money to pay for this. 

Why This Social Media Scheduler Is Worth Trying

  • 1 user and up to 10 social media accounts. I have 7.

  • Unlimited bulk scheduling and manual scheduling

  • Allows for the creation of post queues

  • Monitors keywords and hashtags

  • Suggests hashtags

  • Offers curated content from three feeds

This may just be the all-in-one social media scheduler I’ve been looking for for the last 8 months. If this works how I expect it to work, you can expect a full review in a few weeks.

9. Buffer

Buffer is another incredibly popular social media scheduler. It allows posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pininterest. Unfortunately, this is another scheduler that I ruled out immediately. They do offer a severely limited free plan where you can schedule 10 posts. Paid plans start at $15 a month, and you can schedule up to 100 posts. That doesn’t even cover 1 day of 1 account for me. The next plan is $65 a month and it offers up to 2,000 posts per account. This would schedule most of a month but not an entire month. The most expensive plan is $99 a month and offers 2,000 posts. Buffer would just never work for me. My Twitter accounts gets anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 scheduled posts a month. Buffer just can’t handle that type of volume with any of their plans.

10. Later 

Later is a social media scheduler that was designed especially for use with Instagram, and it is Instagram authorized and approved.  I've used this scheduler a little bit for social media scheduling emergencies when all my other schedulers failed and for scheduling 1 post a day to Instagram.  This scheduler excels in the fact that you can upload images and store them on the site for use with your social media posts.  In addition to Instagram, it also allows posting on facebook, Pinintrest and Twitter.  The free account is limited by the month.  For each month, you can post 30 Facebook posts, 30 Instagram posts, 30  Pininterest posts and 50 Twitter posts on the free plan. Paid plans start at $9 a month.

Pros of Later

  • Reaonsably easy to use
  • Schedules posts to Facebook, Twitter, PinInterest and Instagram
  • Instagram authorized and approved
  • Allows for the upload of images to use later
  • Offers a calendar view

Cons of Later

  • Only the $49 a month plan allows for unlimited scheduling
  • Every post must have an image
  • There is no bulk upload
  • There is no cloud storage of posts or the ability to create positng queues


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