If you're tired of using web and app based social media schedulers, you might be tempted to use one that is custom designed for Joomla.  Thaankfully, there are quite a few available that are written for the content managment system.  Unfortunately, none of them are free.  However, the pricing varies quite a bit.  These are listed from least expensive to most expensive.


1. CMSocialPost

CMSocialPost is another peice of software that was designed to help Joomla webdesigners schedule social media posts.  It works with Facebook and Twitter.  However, the last update for this application was April 28, 2016.  I know Joomla has undergone numerous upgrades since 2016, and I know Facebook recently upgraded their API.  This peice of software may be out-of-date to the point that it may not function.

What CMSocialPost Does

It allows for the immediate or scheduled posting of Facebook and Twitter posts.  However, the user of this application must have the APIs for Facebook and Twitter in order to post, and in order to schedule posts, your hosting company must have ChronJobs available.  What this means is that it is going to be a tedious install.  That's not to say the rest of these applications don't need these items.  This application just happens to list what you need in order to make this software work as expected.

CMSocialPost Pricing

CMSocialPost requires the purchase of a $10 subscription to the site in order to see and download the file for installation.  The good news is that the subscription is good for as long as the site exists, and this may be the cheapest way to get an autoscheduler on the backend of your Joomla site.


2. JVPostMaster

JVPostMaster allows scheduled posts to Facebook and Twitter.  It also lists LinkedIn.  However, LinkedIn just updated their API as of March 1, 2019, so there are no automated scheduling services that work with LinkedIn as of this moment.  Some schedulers are working on updates.  Others have abandonned LinkedIn support.  It remains to be seen if JVPostMaster will upgrade their software.

What JV PostMaster Does

JV Postmaster allows for the immediate or delayed social media posting to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

JV PostMaster Pricing

JV PostMaster is a one time $35 fee to purchase the software, which may make it the most affordable social media posting solution for Joomla.  It's certainly the second least expensive option.


3. OBSocial Submit

OBSocialSubmit was designed by Foobla.  They've been developing Joomla software for many years, and they are considered reliable by many Joomla webmasters.  This particular social media scheduler was recommended to me by another Joomla user.  However, I could not determine if the software only allowed for Twitter posts or if it included Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks.  When I contacted the help desk, they did not respond.  I would say exercise caution if you choose to buy and download this software.  There may not be any customer support.

What OBSocial Submit Does

OBSocial Submit allows you to publish social media posts from the backend of Joomla instead of using a social media scheduling website or application, like WoopSocial and HootSuite.  It has feature that handle new content as well as past content so that you can keep your social media feeds active.

OBSocial Submit Pricing

The OBSocial Submit pricing is extremely weird.  Prices range from $25 to $110, but it isn't clear what you get at each price point.  It looks like you may simple be purchasing the ability to download it and support for a certain number of months.  The only content add-on listed for each plan is Twitter.  There's also another $35 extension that adds all social media connections, but it doesn't specifically say which connections, and obviously contacting support doesn't provide any clarity as they do not answer.


4. AutoTweetNG

AUtoTweetNG has a free and pro version.  I cannot recommend the AutoTweetNG free version at all.  It is so limited that it is useless.  If you'd like my ful experience when I downloaded the free version, you can read it here, but the bottom line is that it's like installing an RSS feeder that automatically posts new posts to your social media accounts.  Unless you plan on writing 10 to 20 new posts every day, you'll never get your social media feeds active with the free version.

What AutoTweetNG Is Supposed to Do

In theory, AutoTweetNG allows you to automatically post new content and schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (nothing works with LinkedIn right now).  LinkedIn just updated their API.  

AutoTweetNG Pricing

AutoTweetNG pro is a subscription service.  The pricing is $39 for six months or $72 for one year.  This means that once you pay, you will have to pay again and again if you wnat to keep using this peice of software.  In other words, the longer you have it, the most expensive it gets.  This is one of the most expensive options for getting a social media scheduler on the back end of Joomla.


The downside to all of these is that they are paid.  This means you will be unable to install the software prior to paying to see if it works as you expect it to once you get it installed in your Joomla website.  And judging by what I've done so far for social media integration, you can expect a lengthy install process, even if it says that it works right out of the box.


If you know of another social media scheduling software solution for Joomla, feel free to post about it in the comments, and if you have personally used any of these, feel free to tell us about it in the comments.






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