A reader needs either a PDF copy of your book or a copy of one of your books that was purchased from a publisher, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Kobo. They do not need anything else.

What information does your book reviewer need to give you if they did not buy a copy of your book?

People who do a lot of book reviews don’t tend to buy the books that they review. Instead, they receive a free copy of the book. AKA: They get free entertainment in exchange for their review. When a book reviewer contacts you, they need to tell you which book they’d like to review and the email address of where they’d like the PDF copy of your book sent.


Let me reiterate. In order for your reviewer to do a review of your book, they need to tell you:


1. The title of the book they would like to review

2. The email address of where they would like the PDF copy sent


Those are the only two things they need. Nothing else.

Where can you expect pdf copy reviews?

Unfortunately, you won’t see a review on Amazon if you supplied the reviewer with a PDF copy. You can expect a review on the reviewer's blog or website, if they have one. They may also post the review to their social media accounts. You should also see the review on Goodreads. Most reviewers do post their reviews to Goodreads if they get a PDF copy. It’s more or less understood that that’s what’s expected.

How do you get amazon reviews?

Everyone wants those coveted Amazon reviews. Unfortunately, Amazon makes this extremely hard, especially for books. The reviewer must have purchased the book from Amazon, spent a specific amount of money on Amazon within the last X months and be in good standing with Amazon as far as reviews go. There’s a help FAQ on it somewhere. What I’ve just listed is what I remember. The reviewer that got your PDF copy won’t be able to do an Amazon review unless they also purchase the book from Amazon or you provide them with a prepaid link to the book.

Should you purchase prepaid links for book reviewers?

No, and I say this from personal experience. Most don’t collect the links even if you email them. Those that do collect the links may never do the review. In the worse case scenario, the book reviewer can’t even do a review on Amazon because they are banned from doing reviews, (I had this happen) so I do not recommend buying prepaid links for book reviews. Just hand out the PDF. Many times it’s just a waste of money to buy prepaid links for book reviews.

Should you ever buy prepaid links?

Absolutely. If you ever want to do an ebook giveaway, purchase a few prepaid links, just don’t expect a book review out of it.

How should I respond to this person that just contacted me about doing a book review of one of my books?

Ask them which of your books they would like to review and the email address where they would like the PDF copy sent. This should take three seconds. Then, all you have to do is send them an email thanking them for offering to review one of your books and attach the PDF. Sending the email should take longer than the conversation about the book review.

What happens if the person who contacted me refuses to provide the title of the book and their email address?

Then, they probably aren’t interested in doing a book review. Instead, they are trying to sell you book review services. If you’re not clear on my stance of paying for book reviews, take a gander at Should you pay for reviews of your self-published novel? I’ll tell you right now that the short answer is no. If you ever find yourself in a conversation with a book reviewer that is going something along the lines of:

You: Sure, I’m happy to provide PDF copies for book reviewers. I need the title of the book that you’d like to review and your email address.

Book Reviewer: Oh, well, um. First, I need you to click on this link and choose a package.

You: I just need you to tell me the title of the book and provide your email address where you would like the PDF copy sent.

Book Review: *typically providing that link you aren’t gonna click for a second time* Well, uh, I’m X with X review company, and to get started….

You: It’s obvious you are not interested in doing a book review. If you are ever interested in doing a book review, you need to message me with the title of the book you’d like to review and your email address!

The Bottom Line: Get out of this conversation as fast as possible. They do not want to do a book review. They want you to purchase a book review or maybe several book reviews from X website. Never. Never. Never. Never do this. This individual was unable to follow directions. You told them how they could get a review copy, and they ignored you. Don’t capitulate to this BS. Just get out of the conversation and forget about it. They were wasting your time. There was never going to be a review of your book, but they would have been more than happy to take your money.

A real book reviewer will never ask you to click on this website or pay money for a book review. They will tell you which book they’d like to review and provide you with an email address where you can send the PDF copy.


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