Advanced Reader Copy of Anything for an A


Request an advanced reader copy of Anything for an A when it's mostly ready minus a couple final edits.  This should be some time before the end of September.


Note: I'm not a fan of email lists.  Your email will only be used to provide you with a .pdf copy of Anything for an A.  Once the emails have been sent, your email address will be deleted.


With time running out, 18 year old senior Kelsey must get straight A’s in order to qualify for a scholarship to college. After living several years on the street with her poverty riddled parents, Kelsey was taken in by a man she calls Uncle Greg, but he only agreed to house her until she graduated from high school. With one semester left, Kelsey has to prove that she has a 4.0 graduating GPA in order to get a free ride to college via an exclusive scholarship, and that means getting straight A’s her final semester and somehow convincing the teachers to change her previous grades. If she can’t do it, she knows she’ll have to go back on the streets.


*** You must be 18 years or older to get an advanced reader copy of Anything for an A***

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