When writing a fiction novel, the author needs to be prepared to write several drafts. It will take at least five drafts before a person has a finished product and something that they can be proud of. There are some tips when working on the fourth draft of the novel. This is called the Analytical draft or the surgical draft. Each line of the writing is closely examined and picked apart until it flows properly. 

View Your Draft Objectively
When editing the paper at this stage the story needs to be looked at from an analytical point of view. There can be some things removed at this time. If something does not make sense or if there is something that is too wordy it needs to be removed. There also may need to be some things added to clarify the plot. Details and additional information should be added. This will help make the plot clear and easy for the reader to understand. This is the time to make sure that the plot is easy to follow and it makes sense to the reader. 

Fix Grammar, Flow, Punctuation and Spelling as You See it
After you've picked your story apart, check grammar, spelling, sentence structure and flow A lot of times, this can be done at the same time you read through your novel, so you can make this one continuous process, but if you need to separate tasks, that's okay too.

Consider a Second Set of Eyes
An author can edit their own paper but it does have to have another person look it over as well. A writer is very close to their work and they know what they are trying to express. At times, what is in their mind may not come across clearly on paper. Once they have picked apart their story and added or deleted items as needed, they should have someone else read it over. The reader can then tell the author if their ideas are coming through clearly and if their story makes sense. At this time any additional changes can be made to be sure that the story makes sense. Once the author has all of this information they can make additional changes and prepare to write the final draft. 

At this time the story s not complete but the author is one step closer to having their book done. When writing any book especially a fiction book it is going to take several drafts to have a final product. When the book is finished the author can share their work with others and be proud of what they have accomplished.